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  1. I am selling a rig and it's a C17. Someone is interested in buying it who is 6'1", muscular 230lbs. Would this fit them? I really don't know! *Hope* Living: The only thing worth dying for.
  2. I don't know where exactly to look this up so if someone could either help me or tell me where to look for it...But what are the parameters for height and weight for a C-17 harness? I would assume a fairly tall person but then again, I'm not certain. *Hope* Living: The only thing worth dying for.
  3. No... I just have landed horribly in the past and I think it might be my nerves or something. They had me on a radio but they consistently forget to help me thru the flare. So that's why I was wondering if the dytter is a feasible option. *Hope* Living: The only thing worth dying for.
  4. I need advice on something and I don't know where else to go. I have been having a horrible time flaring mostly because my depth perception is way off. I think I flaired at 10 feet and I was at 3. Another time, I thought I was at 10 feet, I was at 50... Surprisingly, I'm uninjured. But here's my question. I've heard that dytters can be set to go off at predetermined heights. Do you think it's accurate enough under 100 feet to buy one and set it for around 15 feet to begin my flair? I'm out of options and I'm afraid I'm going to seriously hurt myself. *Hope* Living: The only thing worth dying for.
  5. I have a great quote as to why things aren't forever...Women can fake orgasms...Men can fake whole relationships. *Hope* Living: The only thing worth dying for.
  6. I'm jumping a Sabre 190 Zp. *Hope* Living: The only thing worth dying for.
  7. My exit weight is about 200...So my wing loading is about 1.1:1 and I am having zippy openings and hard landings. Someone I know is selling a 230 canopy for 250 and one of the instructors told me it might be better but these were the same ones that told me that with 14 jumps I could jump a high performance one when I was standing landings on f11's. So what do you guys think? Think a 230 would be better and do you think it would fit? And how much does it cost to put on risers? As you can see, I'm totally new to this sport so thank you guys for helping! *Hope* Living: The only thing worth dying for.
  8. Hey folks. I just recently purchased a complete rig from one of the jumpers at my DZ. The harness is a C14 Javelin. There is a 190 ZP in there right now. My question is this... I'm still not at the level where I can be jumping a high performance canopy yet. One person has a F11 210 and a 230 that they said I could use. Now, will that fit in my container or did I basically screw myself with this entire purchase? *Hope* Living: The only thing worth dying for.
  9. Its a Javelin *Hope* Living: The only thing worth dying for.
  10. So could I buy just a new pad? If so, how much would that run me? *Hope* Living: The only thing worth dying for.
  11. That's what I thought...(thank god) I looked at the webbing and it looks fine but you know, of course I'll check. I just wanted to brace myself in case I was going to have to shell out massive amounts of money:) *Hope* Living: The only thing worth dying for.
  12. So I was at a new dropzone where there was a asphalt runway which I was not used to. Of course, I overshot the pea pit and hit the runway pretty hard. One of my leg strap protectors is scratched up quite badly. Do I need to replace this or what? *Hope* Living: The only thing worth dying for.
  13. I went up to MSPC and even though I don't yet have my license, they treated me with the utmost respect. They were very friendly and jumping out of a cessna was a great experience. If you are in the area and even if you aren't, swing by...:D
  14. I started skydiving here in March and went through my AFF. The people there actually want to see people do well and anyone is willing to help. The instructors are top notch and if you are scared, they know exactly what to say. Management keeps the place running smoothly..Oh yeah, and there's always a fun party on the weekends:)