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  1. Out of respect for the DZO, plane owner and the other people in the video, it is not yet uploaded for public view. Once all parties have had a chance to review it, I plan to post it, for the the good of all jumpers as a educational viewpoint of of how s%!t happens. Meanwhile, anyone can check out my other videos by going to youtube and typing in treefly2...BSBD O-kcsmm-aka-'tree American Warchild
  2. Yo Bro, you know I don't blame you or anyone else and I hope you don't blame yourself. You and me talked about this and I still say it was just one of those freak accidents. Though after hearing from a couple others here, that have seen the door come down, tells me that we (up-jumpers, pilots, dzo's) need to do something to get this problem resolved before someone else gets hurt or worse. O-kcsmm-aka-'tree American Warchild
  3. Cool thanks Scott, fractured the #3,4,& 5th metatarsals near the toes, xrays show real clean break and the doc said it should recovery rather nicely. I'm thankful that things didn't turn out worse. Thank you all for the input, I'll surely be extra cautious on the next skyvan Blue Skyz!!! O-kcsmm-aka-'tree American Warchild
  4. True that...I'm a believer O-kcsmm-aka-'tree American Warchild
  5. Didn't appear that anyone hit it going out but a couple guys said they felt the plane lunge between groups. It would seem to me that as long as it was latched properly it shouldn't come down no matter what, right? O-kcsmm-aka-'tree American Warchild
  6. After talking with others on my load and review of my video, I'm still looking for some answers. Ok, here's the scenario...1st group opens & secures door, they're a 8 way r/w group followed by another 6way r/w group then our five way (running from mid-ship). Everyone exits with no problem then as the last one diving out suddenly I'm knocked down to the floor by the door, WTF!?!? It happened so quickly I'm still trying to put things together since the video shows to door appears secure up til this point, next thing it shows is me on the floor with the door open only about two or three feet. Since my upper body is mostly outside, I just continued to roll out and away from the plane. Has anyone had this happen or seen anything like this? O-kcsmm-aka-'tree American Warchild
  7. Skydive Elsinore...jump all day, hang out with cool people, close to touristy spots, Lake Elsinore Casino/Hotel have skydiver rates...20 minutes to Perris, jump both DZ's in one day, EPIC! O-kcsmm-aka-'tree American Warchild
  8. Just so you know, Skydive Elsinore isn't that much further, plus the following event will be happening during your visit... February 29th only comes once every four years. On Wednesday, February 29th, licensed skydivers can jump three times and your fourth leap from the airplane is on us! Come out and play hooky and celebrate this random day with us! The Fine Print: Discounted jumps or block rates do not apply, this special applies to the purchase of full-price, full-altitude lift tickets for licensed skydivers. Must purchase in the office at Skydive Elsinore by 11:00 AM on Wednesday to take advantage of the special. O-kcsmm-aka-'tree American Warchild
  9. Missed meeting you there, we had lots of fun loads with the caravan and the PAC... Get Lucky and Sweetheart boogie, coming up soon, C-ya! O-kcsmm-aka-'tree American Warchild
  10. Feeling your loss, as one who's lost, may peace surround you and yours. O-kcsmm-aka-'tree American Warchild
  11. Skydive Mesquite...tandems and fun jumper friendly! One hour north of Vegas, best DZ in Nevada. O-kcsmm-aka-'tree American Warchild
  12. The Blue Skies Boogie January 13th, 14th, & 15th Here it comes! This year promises to be bigger than ever. This year we will have all the normal stuff: - We will announce the Fun Jumper of the year. - We will host the Skyphoria Film Festival - Jumps will be 21.00 with a $20.00 boogie fee. - Beverages will be provided all nights - Food will be provided Saturday Night - We will have 2 aircraft available to keep the jumping going
  13. I was there a couple years ago, showed up by myself got a jumper i.d. card and had no problem finding folks to fly with...staff was cool and i was happy to bust out a case of beer at the end of the day. O-kcsmm-aka-'tree American Warchild
  14. In case you didn't get the memo, grab your gear and get to SKYDIVE MESQUITE, Feb. 25-27th. You can also check in @ fb/sweetheart boogie. O-kcsmm-aka-'tree American Warchild