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  1. kcogletree

    vegas in april

    Skydive Mesquite...tandems and fun jumper friendly! One hour north of Vegas, best DZ in Nevada.
  2. kcogletree


  3. kcogletree

    Skydive Mesquite

  4. kcogletree

    Skydiving in Hawaii

    Aloha Brudda, I just had a great time recently in Oahu, jumped both DZ centers, cause they were there...plenty of fun-jumpers to play with, took my gear, had a ball, great vibes from everyone. one center has to king air and the other a caravan and a couple of cessna's. Skydive Hawaii charges by altitude, Pacific was 23 to 14 grand. Hope this helps you and have the best skydives ever! BSBD!
  5. kcogletree

    Skydive Elsinore

    DZO Carl has made me feel at home every time I've been here, as well as the rest of the staff. There's something here for everyone, no matter the number of jumps, style or disipline. Plenty of covered areas to pack and people to meet. Bunk it, tent it or passed out in the field, plan a few days to hang around. The casino gives skydivers'rates and is only a mile away. The parties are legendary and always fun at this DZ. Someone from the staff is always around to help anyone in need. Thanks for being here Elsinore, U Rock!
  6. kcogletree

    Madera Parachute Center

    Since I'm a sticker freak, I was disappointed they had none, nor any patches or t-shirts. Basic no-frills DZ with a great vibe. Everyone we met was very nice and helpful. The 182 was ok by me and the pilot is great. Landing area is right next to the hanger with plenty of alternative outs. I'm surprised more people don't jump here, being so close to Fresno. Well that ok, I guess, since they only have the one plane. BSBD! C-ya!
  7. kcogletree

    Sky Dive Taft's 13th Anniversery Party

    Congrats on 13 years @ Taft DZ. Wish I could be there, but Peckerhead meat is at the same time. Have fun and be safe, everyone! BSBD
  8. kcogletree

    Peckerhead Meat -- Cal City, 3/30 - 4/1/07

    Bring It!! This is my favorite annual event, I've met some of the best people ever and a lot of bad-ass flyers from all over the country at this function. Leave your attitudes at home, come join us at altitude and have a weekend of fun. C-ya there... BSBD
  9. kcogletree

    first week in april?

    March 30-31, April 1st at California City for the Peckerhead meat (meet). Fun for all! C-ya BSBD
  10. kcogletree

    Skydive Mesquite

    I imagined myself ascending Mt.Olympic as I drove up the mesa to the top on which the airport sits looking over the small town of Mesquite. Here the children of the sky would play and dance thousands of feet above the ground together during the Blue Sky Boogie. Following the directions to the dropzone had been easy and now I was here, welcomed with open arms, big smiles and warm hearts. The plan was to get here early on the first day to get a feel for the vibe, to get my waiver and gear check and meet the local jumpers. They couldn't have made it any easier, everyone was so nice and helpful. I was orientated on DZ policies and procedures, which made me feel good that safety is a priority and everyone is encouraged to keep it that way. With a large aerial of the area, landing zones and a number of outs I was confident and ready to get some altitude. First day, first load til the last day, last load, I jumped with some of the finest folks assembled anywhere on earth. Packing was a little tight considering the amount of people there, but the extra carpets were rolled outside each day to give us plenty of room. After jumping the green light came on and the party shifted gears toward the birthday celebration and film festival. Food was provided for the first day and beer all weekend (I even threw in a case of green bottles for landing over the beer line), bringing a lunch any other time would be a good idea. The Virgin River Hotel gives skydiver rates, has nice facilities and is no more that a mile away. After days of play, as I drove away, I glanced in the rearview, smiling, knowing I'd be back someday. BSBD! C-ya!!
  11. kcogletree

    malibu res./ PCH travelers

    I'd say the two you mentioned are the closest DZ to you to the east. Taft and California City are north and not that much further, definitely worth checking out. Johnnyboy goes to Pepperdine and jumps at Taft and Perris. I'll call him today, for you, welcome to L.A. C-ya
  12. kcogletree

    Skydive Taft

    So many good things about this dropzone that people can enjoy just for the day or hanging for a weekend. For example, everyone is treated with compassion and kindness, even those that show up with a bad case of ego-I-tistism, leave with better attitude after altitude here at Taft. The twin otter is turning loads and a lot more people get to play all day even though it's hard to get a load up before 8 a.m.; carpe diem. The staff here couldn't be any better, totally top shelf, all of them knowledgeable with no "know it all's" attitudes that seem to scare away the beginners, student and vistors. Everyone is treated with the respect that she/he brings with them. No one is exclude and everyone is encouraged to particapate... on loads big or small ways, ground support or whatever, there's always something to do and someone to do it with...Blue Skies!!! C-ya soon