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  1. Can you use an exerimental aircraft for a jump ship?
  2. Has anyone ever used an Embrear 110 twin turboprop as a jump ship? It would hold about 19 jumpers. Just curious if any feedback at all.
  3. Has anyone jumped out of a Piper Lance? Any thoughts, good or bad. I have seen one once a long time ago. Thank you in advance.
  4. I do live in Illinois, I have lived in San Diego, Eureka, CA, Grand Canyon AZ, Glendale CA, Bishop CA and now I will be moving to Lake Havasu City AZ. Every place I have lived has it's good points and bad points. You must capitalize on the good part. Yep it's 125 in summer but 9 months of the year it is perfect. Summer you got to jump in the AM and drink heavily on the river during the day. It is still party central for anyone who has been there. Let's face it if you like to sky dive, you like to party. I just wanted to get a feel for how successful a jump zone in Havasu would be. Keep the comments coming. I appreciate it. By the way, Bullhead doesn't have the crowds that Havasu has and it is far more windy. It necks down in that valley toward the north, a venturi effect. I guess a pro pilot understands that far better than most. What ever!
  5. Yes I will, I just need to get a feel to see if there would be enough demand before I commit money to this project, also need someone to run the place, I'm just a dumb pilot/ mechanic . What a blast Havasu would be. The vision of bikinis floating down to the sand bar. That would open a few eyes and get a few beads.
  6. That depends upon level of interest. I am capable of providing anything from a C-182 on up to a King Air. I've flow jumpers in C-182, C-206 and Twin Otter. I just don't know what to get because I don't know how many will want to sky dive in Havasu. I have many hours of flying and maintenance experience with an A & P. I'm moving to Havasu in June and wanted to get something going out there. Let's get something going out at the lake!!!!
  7. Hey, is anyone interested in a Drop Zone in Lake Havasu City AZ. I want to start one, I can provide the airplane if enough sky divers. Chime in if you want to party on the river and skydive in the same place. I would need someone who could run the jump zone, I can fly and maintain the airplane. Let me know!!!!