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  1. Congrats and way to toot your own horn. This forum has just become a Tony Suit Advertisement by anyone who is building, designing on the payroll and or getting free suits from Tony and Jeff. I am glad there are few on here that are not afraid and willing to call the company out the evil and hated Yuri. You guys are right I guess all the other manufacturers should shut down Tony Suits are the best why would anyone jump anything else. We really need some moderation instead of a rah rah Tonysuit forum.
  2. Stane rules!!! I hope to grow up to be just like him.
  3. Glad to see everyone at Z Hills is still drinking the Tony Suit Kool Aid.
  4. I may be wrong but to me when Robi the technical mind behind birdman left to go out on his own it was the beginning of the end for BM. Now they are selling blue jeans to skydivers that spend every nickel they have on jumping and GEAR to jump. This might be the nail in the coffin. Hell we skydivers bitch about paying for fee's for boogies when we get t shirts, coolies etc. Now buy some jeans for $XXX good luck. Board shorts, a case of beer, my friends, and blue skies!!!! Give me some wranglers!!!
  5. I would say its not because Robi's suit last year was a prototype he had been jumping for possible future production. Not some suit that was kept hidden and worked on late at night under the cloak of darkness just to win the race. Maybe thats symantics maybe its not but to me thats apples vs oranges. Funny how there was bitching about it not being one of Robi's stock suits last year and now we find out it was not one of Jeff's either.
  6. Go easy now. Robi's suit last year wasn't available to the general public either. I hope the judging is better then last years comp as well. No it was a prototype he had been jumping. However, not made specifically for the contest. Not sure Robi even knew about it. Its not apples to apples.
  7. So now instead of a fun competition we are going to cheating and creating suits just for the comp. Hhmmmmm smells of Barry Bonds, Floyd Landis, Marion Jones etc etc etc. You guys should just give it to Jeff and then have a real race with the rest of the fun flockers.
  8. Since we accounting for lack of jumps on a specific suit. I recall Robi had made more long distance jumps that morning before that HUGE distance victory. So how do account for fatigue of having more jumps. Also I think someone had more "ENERGY drinks" in them. Just stirring the shit a bit.
  9. Vector give up. The wingsuit forum has become the Tony Suits and Advertising Forum and if you have anything to say negative or concerns about his suits your going to get told you don't know what your talking about and your wrong. So right or wrong what you need to do is say these suits are the best and the new designs are great we love them and then take another drink of your kool aid that has been made for you. While its awesome that Tony himself is reinvigorated about skydiving which is awesome to see, his minions, dealers and people who get free suits or discounted suits need to relax. No one is out to get Tony he is a nice guy.
  10. Then why not do a low one and have Heffro jump the apache since it is a BASE suit. Then you can have all the oversized floaty suits do one from Max altitude. I think the interesting thing is to see who has the fastest forward speed and can travel the furthest distance, not who works out the most or who the skinniest or who has the best body habitus for wingsuit flying. Take big Ry Ry for instance. The next question is then is it a manufacturers challenge or a competitors challenge??? Sounds alot like swooping is that canopy actually a faster canopy or is the Pilot that much better and could he or she kick everyones ass under any manufacturer.
  11. Justin I am just as god made me and hopefully you took it as joke. Was just curious your relationship with Tony because all your posts on this board are "buy Tony Suits" In fact we might need tor rename the wingsuit forum to the wingsuit and tony suit advertising forum. Sounds like the new leg wing might need to be called Jedei leg wing being that it is airlocked. BTW loved all of my Jedei's!!!
  12. phoenix rising I hope to gawd your on the payroll or getting free suits. If not it seems you might have an unatural feeling for Tony or Jeff or maybe both. I guess Robi should stop building his piece of crap suits that flap.
  13. WHAT????? So Robi could care less about wing inflation when he and a majority of the proximity flyers are doing wingsuit BASE??? That is ridiculous. Lets see which environment is more important to get your wing inflated and flying hhmmmmmmmmm. All that being said Robi has been building commercial wingsuits long enough (longer than anyone alive quite possibly) that there is always room for enhancements. I guess this has become another who's suit is better than another. Oh well. Funny how the companies change. Gotta give Tony credit he knows how to Market oh and it helps to have been building jump suits and having a name in the skydiving industry.
  14. Ok Tony not 45 maybe 44 and yes I was exaggerating and I did know you had made BASE jumps. Was referring to more recent days. So the super mach one is that a new version of the Mach one. Just so you know I like Tony I have two freefly suits, pair of shorts and pants from Tony and owned two Jedei's.
  15. Is it me or in the last year or so that Tony has been building suits and selling them he has put out 45 different suits? The next question when did Tony and or Jeff start BASE? Seems like a good time to slow down and perfect your line before you create something for such an intense and demanding environment.