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  1. At this rate, there's no way in hell we're getting 5000 in time for the deadline. Gravity Waits for No One.
  2. Still need 3,500 votes to get this off the ground!!! Please vote now! If you have trouble voting, you need to: 1) Register 2) Verify your email 3) Log-out 4) Log-In 5) Vote Gravity Waits for No One.
  3. You would have to aim...none of this trajectory stuff! Aim for the eyes boys! Again... Gravity Waits for No One.
  4. Wait, porn can be 'used up'? Well, how long before Earth supplies start to run out? And to think we're wasting our time worrying about oil! Shit, better question: Can you imagine the money shot possibilities in zero-G? Like this?! Gravity Waits for No One.
  5. The big question is, what's up with the reporter? Drunk, mentally retarded, having a stroke? Gravity Waits for No One.
  6. There's absolutely nothing wrong with speculation in the incidents forum. I have operated a product development firm for over 15 years, and my speculation along the lines of how things might have gone down are definitely relevant. If you actually read all of my posts, you'd realize that I've defended the possibility of the suspect's relative innocence. If you have a problem with the information I've posted, then cry to a moderator. Gravity Waits for No One.
  7. SSK is not the mfr of the CYPRES devices. They are the US/North America/Western hemisphere ( pick one ) Service Center for the units. Just to make no one misunderstands. JerryBaumchen Sorry, my mistake. Gravity Waits for No One.
  8. If the "labels were removed" and "the units were reprogrammed" as per the various news articles (not to mention that Pioneer Aero doesn't develop equipment for skydivers) would indicate knowledge that these were not standard CYPRES units. These units also have a different color/labeled power button. I could be wrong here, but my understanding of the situation was that SSK (The manufacture of the Cypress AAD) reprogrammed these devices and delivered them to another company to use for testing in some non-"recreational skydiving" application. Then he stole them from that company, removed the labels to conceal the fact that they were not supposed to be resold, and sold them, possibly not knowing that they were any different than a typical Cypress... However, without knowing what the label said, it's difficult to know how much he knew... It's possible they just said something like "Not for resale"... Or the label could have actually stated the activation and firing altitudes... Without knowing what they really said, it's hard to know what was going through his head... Obviously, selling stolen AADs that were slated for testing is pretty fucking stupid regardless of whether you know if they're standard or not. He may have been stupid enough to not consider that fact. Gravity Waits for No One.
  9. That was my first "knee jerk" reaction to it as well. For me, I'd have to know what those labels said in order to try him for attempted murder... In his defense, he may have really thought they were the standard Cypress unit... Then, in my mind, he'd be guilty of selling stolen property and being a complete idiot... I'm definitely interested to see how things pan out in the trial. Gravity Waits for No One.
  10. Sounds like it might be one of the many incidents that never get posted. Gravity Waits for No One.
  11. To give this guy the benefit of the doubt... I'm guessing the most likely problem here is that he's an idiot, and a whole lot less likely that he ever intended to put anyone at risk. I can only hope that he didn't know that these had been reprogrammed, and that he thought he was just selling standard Cypress units that were to be used for testing. It would be interesting to see what information the warning labels contained. Gravity Waits for No One.
  12. As stated in the news article, these were custom devices that were not intended to be used for recreational skydiving. Apparently there was a warning label on each device stating that fact... That warning label was removed, presumably to conceal the fact that these were not appropriate for recreational skydivers to use and were for testing only. Gravity Waits for No One.
  13. Police Make Arrest In Theft Of Skydiving Safety Devices Police say an Ohio skydiver had a close call when a re-programmed safety device stolen from a South Windsor company caused his reserve parachute to open and become entangled in his main chute. The small computers are used to deploy a reserve parachute at a specific height, if the main chute does not open. The safety devices which were taken had been re-programmed for product testing to open at a higher-than standard altitude, and had a warning label – but police believe the label was removed before the device, known as a Cypress, was sold. A three-month investigation led police to 30-year-old Justin Shorb [User name: PhoenixRising], now of Derry, New Hampshire. He’s charged with larceny and reckless endangerment. Police say he has helped them track the buyers. They he sold each Cypress — which retails for $1,200 to $1,800 over the internet for $400 to $800. Blue Skies Mag: CBS: Derry Police Log: Gravity Waits for No One.
  14. Counting from when the aircraft looked like it began to lose altitude, it looks like he only had 3, or at the very most, 4 seconds to eject... Not a whole lot of time. Gravity Waits for No One.
  15. lol, if I did that, I do believe I would get banned... Not to say that I haven't "contributed" that thread recently. Gravity Waits for No One.
  16. Successfully did a helicopter night jump with absolutely no moonlight. All I can say is "Efing Awesome!"
  17. The Foxhole Aviation FX-950 uses the N8779T airframe, but due to over 40 major modifications, including changes to the aerodynamics, engine, airframe, etc, the FAA considers it another type of aircraft. Gravity Waits for No One.
  18. Thanks for the advice... We're taking 3 jumpers per load, so that shouldn't be too much of an issue hopefully. Gravity Waits for No One.
  19. Yup... Gonna post it up here for sure! Gravity Waits for No One.
  20. So, sue me for being a thread bump whore... Gravity Waits for No One.
  21. Well, as of tomorrow night I'm gonna have a night helicopter jump on my logbook!