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  1. MrHankey


    Diablo 150 loaded at 1.33 - I must've rented/demo gear enough to buy a rig. I tried Spectres, Sabres, Saphires, and any mid-performance canopy they would lend me on my search for my first canopy. I bought my D150 after appx. 40 jumps on a D170 making the next downsize step as to not get bored with my 1st purchase. Since then I have put at least 150 jumps on it and I still love it. This canopy is as fast and fun as you want to make it, yet puts you down safely on the spot. Turns - VERY quick. You will notice it doesn't stop turning without a little opposite input - unlike typical 7 cells. You get used to it right away though - It spins so quick! Riser turns are hard to hold past 360, create good altitude loss, but recover to level flying very quickly. Flares - Super Strong! I have found more flare power than on anything I jumped prior. It will dead stop 0-step land in mild winds. In no wind situations at 1.33 this canopy is fast but all that extra flare room slows it down just fine. I have a flawless landing record with it (knock on wood) despite some last minute course corrections, crosswind landings, off DZ, etc. Love that forgiving range - It's still VERY safe. Openings - mine are slow...I might get a slightly smaller slider for that, and I quit rolling the nose. Otherwise, great, soft, and on heading unless the pack job sucks. Easy to steer the opening. Overall - fun, agressive, and zippy, yet still very safe and reliable. Look for a good deal! I got mine brand new in stock red. slv. blk. (I don't like the std. stock colors) for $900. Don't turn low and have fun.
  2. MrHankey

    Mirage G3

    After demo/renting gear for way too long, the research began on purchasing. I looked at every type of rig I could find with a solid eye. If there was someone packing a rig I hadn't seen, I would look at: pin protection, riser coverings, handle placement, strap configs., etc. I recommend admiring the following features on a Mirage: Pin Protection - flawless, solid. Riser protection - inside and out. Nobody has had to re-stow my risers, or tuck in my brake handles on the plane EVER. The bridle stays in it's channel always, the hard cutaway housings are complete, the chest strap is thick, the harness rings are padded, and my rigger said Mirage has the fastest pilot chute ejection speed he is aware of - he jumps Javelin and says he is impressed by my rig. The backpad, the custom fit, and the harness points are super comfortable. The rig is SOLID. I jump at a DZ where the pros tell you to buy Javelin because they are sponsored by Sun Path. I bought the Mirage despite the resistance due to the research I conducted on my own. I still got a great deal and the cost was only slightly higher than other rigs I was interested in. And Skydiving is not a sport where you go cheap on equipment!!! The G4 looks to be even more comfortable, if I was buying right now, I would get a G3 for the remarkable deals going on. Have fun, fly fast, and enjoy.
  3. MrHankey

    Bomber FreeFly Gills

    I LOVE my FS Bomber pants with the gills. They create plenty of drag and actually do inflate the lower leg quite well. Great for headdown jumps. Awesome stability. The gills have no effect on sitfly jumps as the opening is only affected in one direction. Note: If you leave goodies in the gill pockets from the bar the night before, don't be surprised to see them fly up in front of you during a sitfly. My friends didn't enjoy the 1/2 second they thought "pilot chute?" Awesome pants. I get lots of compliments on them. I will buy them again when they wear out.