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  1. KUDOS to Tim! He just went up a whole notch on the meter. As for all us Perris jumpers, you're not going to get any other response than ultimate appreciation for his efforts at the DZ. It's the landings at the post office, denny's, train tracks etc. that we all appreciate his "eye on the sky" the most. He's even more valuable now that we lost Jack. He's made a cool six pack off of me with many more to come. Most of those dirt bike guys are pretty cool; surprised to see such a lack of respect. Don't know what the hell he was thinking - trying to "represent" in a whole sea of skydivers. Perhaps he had a hit off our new crack-pipe. P.S. There on Sun. look forward to FJC DP! Howdy Hoooo!
  2. 1. Whats your name? Jon 2. How old are you? 28 3. Why did you decide to start jumping out of airplanes? Fathers day bonding idea for my adrenaline junkie Dad 4. Are you single or taken? Married? single 5. Do you have kids? No 6. What do you drive? Acura Integra 7. Have you ever done a kisspass? Yes 8. Where do you live? Huntington Beach, CA 9. Do you have any pets? Need a Bengal kitten 10. How many jumps do you have? appx. 350 11. What color eyes do you have? Blue 12. What is your nationality? Irish/Scottish 13. Have you ever dated someone you met off the internet? No 14. Favorite Movie? Depends on my mood 15. What do you do when you arent skydiving? Graphic Design and PARTY!!! 16. Have you ever BASE jumped? No 17. If not... do you want to? NEED to 18. Do you have siblings? 2 sisters and a pile of half siblings 19. Where do you want to travel to the most? Tahiti 20. What's your favorite color? Blue 21. Where was the last place you flew to ( not skydiving )? Vegas -------------------- Howdy Hoooo!
  3. or maybe some GOOD mushrooms. Goin' to the store with munchies now Late Howdy Hoooo!
  4. or perhaps use the bong water as gravy? Howdy Hoooo!
  5. I am starving to death, goin' to the store, and want to put something new in my bag n' season pot roast. Let me know if you use anything other than: Meat, spice packet, onions, potatoes, carrots, green beans, sliced bell peppers... Howdy Hoooo!
  6. If you find Norton, that would be great. Most likely fix disk related problem. Bad MDB can make life hell. Didn't work means wouldn't run - or worked, made new system folder and still freezing? Are all files backed up? If so, low level format should restore HD back to functional. Don't give up. Howdy Hoooo!
  7. Yeah. Your computer should be fine now. You can boot, see your hard drive, etc. Just freezing a lot. No Norton I assume. Using the OS9 disk re-install the system software. During installation setup there will be an option to "clean install" or "install a clean system folder" - let me know if you can't find it. Select it. This will NOT mess with your other files which you have most likely backed up already, and will give you a like new OS but still have your work files. Once completed you can update to 9.?.? if you want. Installing the printer drivers, setting up the net connections, bla bla bla should all be done over. If you don't have/downloaded the software, you can find the extensions, control panels, etc. in an "old system folder" file on the HD. If you had Norton or similar, you'd run it before doing this "clean install". But your problems are most likely software related, not hardware related. If you've sucessfully backed up all your files you might consider low level formatting the HD with the disk tools before starting all this. Macs rule Howdy Hoooo!
  8. Missed this post on break. What is your computer doing on startup? Howdy Hoooo!
  9. There's probably nothing wrong with your physical hard drive. This is most likely a problem you can fix yourself. Try these things and start a new post if you have questions. Don't let these PC users who know nothing about macs, and appear to dislike anything they can't understand- get you frustrated. I have worked with macs for 10+ years and have never had to send one in for data recovery. If CD is still stuck: Boot Mac holding c key down. After booting go to apple menu - control panels - startup disk. Make sure your HD is selected as startup volume - close. When back to the startup icon of cd - go to special menu - eject disk. If it will work (depends on OS version), it will tell you you have to restart immediately. Do so and grab CD while she is out. Problem may fix itself, or we will be closer to helping your HD get back into healthy shape. If CD is NOT still stuck: Start a new post - I'll respond then. Do you have/can you get Norton Utilities on CD? Disk first aid has never fixed anything for me in my experience. Howdy Hoooo!
  10. MrHankey


    Diablo 150 loaded at 1.33 - I must've rented/demo gear enough to buy a rig. I tried Spectres, Sabres, Saphires, and any mid-performance canopy they would lend me on my search for my first canopy. I bought my D150 after appx. 40 jumps on a D170 making the next downsize step as to not get bored with my 1st purchase. Since then I have put at least 150 jumps on it and I still love it. This canopy is as fast and fun as you want to make it, yet puts you down safely on the spot. Turns - VERY quick. You will notice it doesn't stop turning without a little opposite input - unlike typical 7 cells. You get used to it right away though - It spins so quick! Riser turns are hard to hold past 360, create good altitude loss, but recover to level flying very quickly. Flares - Super Strong! I have found more flare power than on anything I jumped prior. It will dead stop 0-step land in mild winds. In no wind situations at 1.33 this canopy is fast but all that extra flare room slows it down just fine. I have a flawless landing record with it (knock on wood) despite some last minute course corrections, crosswind landings, off DZ, etc. Love that forgiving range - It's still VERY safe. Openings - mine are slow...I might get a slightly smaller slider for that, and I quit rolling the nose. Otherwise, great, soft, and on heading unless the pack job sucks. Easy to steer the opening. Overall - fun, agressive, and zippy, yet still very safe and reliable. Look for a good deal! I got mine brand new in stock red. slv. blk. (I don't like the std. stock colors) for $900. Don't turn low and have fun.
  11. MrHankey

    Mirage G3

    After demo/renting gear for way too long, the research began on purchasing. I looked at every type of rig I could find with a solid eye. If there was someone packing a rig I hadn't seen, I would look at: pin protection, riser coverings, handle placement, strap configs., etc. I recommend admiring the following features on a Mirage: Pin Protection - flawless, solid. Riser protection - inside and out. Nobody has had to re-stow my risers, or tuck in my brake handles on the plane EVER. The bridle stays in it's channel always, the hard cutaway housings are complete, the chest strap is thick, the harness rings are padded, and my rigger said Mirage has the fastest pilot chute ejection speed he is aware of - he jumps Javelin and says he is impressed by my rig. The backpad, the custom fit, and the harness points are super comfortable. The rig is SOLID. I jump at a DZ where the pros tell you to buy Javelin because they are sponsored by Sun Path. I bought the Mirage despite the resistance due to the research I conducted on my own. I still got a great deal and the cost was only slightly higher than other rigs I was interested in. And Skydiving is not a sport where you go cheap on equipment!!! The G4 looks to be even more comfortable, if I was buying right now, I would get a G3 for the remarkable deals going on. Have fun, fly fast, and enjoy.
  12. I LOVE my FS Bomber pants with the gills. They create plenty of drag and actually do inflate the lower leg quite well. Great for headdown jumps. Awesome stability. The gills have no effect on sitfly jumps as the opening is only affected in one direction. Note: If you leave goodies in the gill pockets from the bar the night before, don't be surprised to see them fly up in front of you during a sitfly. My friends didn't enjoy the 1/2 second they thought "pilot chute?" Awesome pants. I get lots of compliments on them. I will buy them again when they wear out.
  13. Perhaps I can lend you some advice on this subject - question the advice given to you. I had 2 canopies out (cypress fire on rented gear), landed both of them without a scratch, and heard all kinds of "advice" from the rookie to the pro on how they would've handled it. NONE of these people had 2 canopies out before and therefore could only speculate. Feeling like I didn't know what I was doing (and told so), I asked the DZ safety manager and the most safety oriented instructor I knew and they both said this: "screw what everyone told you, you had a serious problem, you did what you felt was necessary to LIVE, and therefore handled the situation perfect" Had I listened to all the "advice" given to me, it may not have turned out as well. Flying a Diablo 150 with a raven 170r I stuggled with a stuffed handle after going too low in the first place, deployed at about 1200 (should've went to my reserve IMMEDIATELY, learned my lesson) the main sniveled and the cypres blew at about 700. The main just finished inflating when the reserve came in behind it. I released nothing. The canopies then flew to a side by side and the main started to try to get away from the reserve. I thought - you're not going anywhere!!! - I immediately grabbed the INSIDE rear riser from the "wanting to downplane" main and GENTLY steered the main into the stable side by side I landed. I was at 300 ft. any move to force a downplane would've been BAD. I ever so gently steered the new buddies using the back risers for approach, and landed like a kitten under all that material. Don't let the 2 canopies out situation is all the advice I can give, and trust your instincts. Having a "feel" of the trouble I was in saved me. Now I pull on time, every time. Howdy Hoooo!
  14. Looks like you've got good solid advice here, and the right frame of mind when it comes to altitude awareness. I love my pro-track. The freefall computer feature is a great bonus - good for when there's a question of fall rate, logging top speeds on fast dives, and/or if you neglect your logbook as I do. I've also found it to be more accurate than my wristmount Alti3. Howdy Hoooo!