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  1. parasale

    Sony Alpha NEX Series

    how much does the mod service cost? thanks. why no one mentions the cost?
  2. parasale

    Nex 5 shutter release mod

    can you post some pictures? not sure what exactly you are talking about. how are you triggering the shutter? thanks
  3. dude, reply only when you fully understand the question. who asked about the digital stills? Read the new Vector ad. It says the magnet they use can affect loop recorders. I just wanted to know if that include miniDV camcoders.
  4. parasale

    MiniDV Tapes and Magnetic Riser Covers.

    because you didnt understand what the question was. where did I say digital camera? I am clearly asking about a miniDV camcorder? what part of this dont you get it?
  5. parasale

    MiniDV Tapes and Magnetic Riser Covers.

    Does anyone know if MiniDV tapes are affected by these magnets?
  6. Analog or digital, tapes have magnetic layers.
  7. Does anyone know if our camcorder (tape) get affected by these magnets used in new Vector riser coveres? Maybe video guys from Deland know more about this?
  8. parasale

    Canon EF-15mm question

    I was wondering if this lens is totally encased. does the front element go back and forth when it focuses? (like canon 28mm and 35mm) or is focusing done internally (like canon 24mm).
  9. parasale

    Agonizing between 15mm and 10-22

    let me ask. (canon 15mm fish eye) does the lens rotate when it focuses? or is it done internally? i know sigma changes its length when it focuses but the lens does not rotate. Thanks