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  1. Hi,

    a friend of mine will be spending 6 months in Vero Beach, FL and I'm planning to visit him there for 2 Weeks in Feb 07 and doing my AFF at the same time.
    Are there any decent DZs around that have good AFF training- and is it possible to get licensed in those 2 weeks (also weatherwise).

    Thx for the info,


  2. If you're starting from scratch and get a chance to do go to Europe, do so. Almost all the major airlines have initio programs whrere you'll be sitting in the copilots seat of a 737 or the A320 Family and start earning a good amount of money within 2-4 years.

    The only barriers are:
    1. You need to pass the (tough) screenings- but there are schools which can prepare you.
    2. You will need a work permit or maybe even citizenship of a european country.

    I know Qantas in Australia do the same thing.

    Check out (professional pilots job network)!

    You'll find all carriers worlwide, their demand of pilots, and how they recruit and pay you etc. on that website.

    It's a cool job, good Luck Dude!


  3. Ok, thanks for the info guys!

    @ Alex: I'd appreciate your tips on places to stay.. looking for someplace decent nad not too expensive. I plan on staying 1 or 2 nights.



  4. Hi,

    I'm thinking of doing some tunnel time before I start my AFF in Oz in November. Since Kuala Lumpur is on the way I would like to go to their wind tunnel. I searched the forum and read that they have a decent tunnel but are entertainment orientated.... Can the wind tunnel there be recommended for an absolute beginner trying to learn aff basic skills?

  5. Quote

    I really feel like saying "welcome to America, sorry you had to leave mother russia behind".

    I'm still a whuffo (Aff starting shortly) but I do get and have been around the world a lot...
    If he's really from Russia then you two have major cultural differences on top of your personality differences. That starts with the American " personal space" thing I got taught back in elemantary school when I lived in the States. Russian people for instance tend to have less problems with that.. etc.

    I'm just trying to say that some of the "weird" behavior and attitude you might see might originate from growing up with a different mindset and in a different culture and is not necessarily meant to be offensive. That behavior just might cause you to close up out of whatever reasons (you might think it's uncool, agressive, annoying..).
    And who knows maybe he's trying to resolve the conflict in a different way than you would and he's asking himself why you're avoiding him.

    Go talk to him about it and try to be open!

    On the other hand: with increasing population the percentage of assholes in this world tends to remain the same (total number of assholes rising constantly), he might just be one of them...

    edit for clarification

  6. Quote

    I have been told a lot about Geoff Mundy and how the training he provides Is first class. This has got to be good for the course having him there. I hear he has come up with another way of teaching AFF, which from the videos i have seen of students seems to teach alot more before the student heads out 'to the big world' on their own.
    I jump alot with a uk jumper who was trained by Geoff and he praises him everytime the course is mentioned.
    I have seen first hand the quality of skydiving thast is coming out of this course, i feel the students on it come out knowing alot and have a lot of respect for safety.

    Just wondering...

    What does Geoff do differently, why is his method better/safer?

  7. Quote


    already got a plan in place to do my A in Oz

    Out of curiosity, where in Oz do you plan on doing your training?

    Oh, and one reason to get into the sport: the people are, on the whole, lovely.

    Had planned on going to Toogoolawah after seeing all the positive feedbacks in the dz section and them having good priced packages... do you know that dz? or can you recommend it?

  8. Thanks everyone for posting and Pming...

    Seems I have to ditch logic for once and just go for it 'till i have fun doing it. B|

    @robr basically my "home" dz has a pilot & I need to invest some extra money for a stl rating and add some taildragger experience.... But in time I will definitely to get into jump plane flying also..

    @chrisL: sounds familiar... scary, it doesn't quite want to let go of me

    @LisaH: LOL

  9. Hi.. might sound stupid but here I go...

    After doing a Tandem last year I kinda don't know what to think...
    I don't have the typical "jumped once and got hooked" thing going on, also can't say if the jump was positive or negative for me just really fast and loud... Still can't stop thinking of skydiving but I don't know why.. Never was the adrenaline junkie type ,and working as a commercial pilot kinda gets you thinking and acting on the conservative side for most of the time...
    I have a month off at the end of the year and already got a plan in place to do my A in Oz after doing some tunnel time in Malaysa ( cash is being saved). But somehow I don't know why.. I can't really imagine being a skydiver..what fascinates me though is seeing the fun people are having on videos, the community, and flying birman suits.
    I read around in the forum a bit, ad found stuff like "skydiving isn't for everyone" and so on. How do I find out if it's for me ? Another tandem... AFF right away? Did anyone feel the same before starting off? :S

    Edit: spellling