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  1. I tried finding da kine rags... Do they still exist?
  2. Just started AFF on Monday, first Jump was supposed to be on Tuesday. Blue Skies all day long, every day, but too much wind to jump. Now it looks as if there insn't going to be a jump today (Wesdnesday) either. Tomorrow's forcast: cloudy skies, Friday: Rain.... There's 5 of us in the course, and wer're starting to get a bad mood, vacation time is running out... Please someone do a rain/ wind dance for us!!
  3. I thought (almost) everyone is afflicted with AAD Oh and btw. If you count in the flight, rental car, bunk house, food etc. you will see that doing AFF in CH might still be cheaper, even if you take the exchange rate into account. Being away from home usually makes everything more expensive. There are some very cool DZs in CH. Check them out, or check out
  4. Hey, I don't think that will be very effective. First of all your time of descent will be really short (time wise) and your descent rate will be pretty slow. Although water is denser than air your movements to achieve say a 360 will have to be far greater than up in the air or in the tunnel, where you basically just have to change your hand position. I'm not the mega skydiver yet, but I have some tunnel time and am a divemaster with padi so thats where my $0.02 are from.
  5. Damn what a spoil! Next time please don't put it in the tiltle. Unless I may make the ass-umption that you're an ass, which you probably are.
  6. Nothing, I'm just lazy, and didn't want to scroll up that much so thanks Andy! and thanks John! I'd als like to thank God, my family, my manager and the academy!
  7. Okay, thanks for the explanation!
  8. I remember reading about this, and about her making a mistake.. Whats a brake fire? And how is it usually dealt with? Btw. I can't ask my instructor, I don't have one yet.. Aff starts in April.
  9. Did my first tandem at 26, my second at 28, am doing AFF in April at 29.
  10. I banged the trojan man because I love marijuana..
  11. BTW in 24 they did a similar thing which looked pretty cool. While still at cruising altitude the killer chick blows up the cabin door from the inside with c4 while sitting a few feet away from the door. The pressure difference between ambient air and the pressurized cabin goes up to 8 PSI. By blowing the door open, she got sucked out with a big enough force to clear the 747. She landed in the desert at night with a black parachute. Of course that was mostly computer animated, but still was pretty cool!
  12. Nothings really impossible, but this will probably get you killed. Even at lowest TAS (true airspeed) you're still going at about 140kts. You wouldn't even be able to get out of the window without ending up with your body trailing along the fuselage and yourself holding on to the window frame, at that point you probably won't be able to get back in, your only option will be to let go. This will send you sliding along the fuselage towards either the vertical or horizontal stabilizer, which you will most probably hit. If you manage to build a step and a handle outside of the cockpit, so that you can exit by actually jumping you will most probably hit the wing, or if you slip you might even get "stabbed" by the pitot tubes. Weird idea dude. You might be able to do this with lots of preparation as a stunt of some sort, but I wouldn't know how you'd go about minimizing the risk....
  13. Acoisa

    Your Ideal Job

    watch it! mine is fluffy bunny trainer Get outta my backyard!
  14. Put cotton in your ear when you're snowboarding; so the wind won't get in. Or wear one of these
  15. That sounds a lot better in my opinion, now I almost can't decide. My gut feeling tells me that "conquerinig the enemy within" has a more positive impact. I think you just found the key word to replace "battling"! ....Yeah, "Conquering the Enemy Within" sets up a better vision of what to expect from the book. As a customer, I would choose a book that tells me how to conquer an enemy within over a book that reinroduces methods (in the subtitle) that I am already partially familiar with. Nice one!
  16. Definately #1! Especially if you see it in context with "Transcending Fear" Relax conveys calming down, which excludes the feeling of fear. Focus sounds more like working on and developing yourself to achieve something rather than battling your "self" which sounds kinda negative. Flow is what you want in the end. I think this is the best option because you are summarizing the path described in the book - along with the method and the goal - in 3 words that are not easily forgotten and can also serve as an anchor when you get freaked and want to calm down. Other than that from a marketing p.o.v. title #1 sounds more like the book teaches confidence and control rather than battling yourself. To clarify: What would you rather do? Relax focus and flow or battle? (does battling usually mean winning or losing to your target group?) Hope I could help, Cya this year in Germany.. Mike Btw. Thanks for your book tip! (Flow by M.C.)
  17. 2 aspirin, 0,5 litres of pineapple juice, and half a liter of water before going to bed! If I forget that I usually go to sleep 3 more times.. I get up when I feel human again...
  18. Wow! Nice one. Just downloaded it from Itunes
  19. Not really my style but check out "Come on my Selector" from Squarepusher! This Video is definately the best music video I have ever seen. It has a wicked story and the perfect soundtrack to it!
  20. Hi, nice site! I also think that the background looks a bit busy, and I would also get a non wood background for the menu bar on top. Attached is a screenshot on Mac OSX Safari.
  21. Thanks for your tips everyone and merrx Xmas! I was actually thinking of going to Eloy or Perris, also because the dollar will make it a bit cheaper for me. I will also be visiting a friend in Sebastian, FL in February and will probably only be there for about 10 days. I have the 2 1/2 weeks in April and May but it is such a long wait! It would probably be cooler to do it in April because I'd have more time to complete everything and wouldn't have be stressing myself (jet lag and all)..
  22. Hello, I'm hooked after my 2nd Tandem and want to do my AFF! I can pretty much go anywhere I want for about 2 and a half weeks to do my training... I really want my training to be good and I want to have a really solid foundation after my training.. Are all Dz's the same regarding the training or have you seen students that trained at specific places that were just better than others... Mike
  23. Thanks for the replies, I'll go check them out in February! Merry Xmas! Mike