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  1. Hi,
    can anyone tell me the advantage of sitflying with the arms bent 90° upwards at the elbows with the hands facing outward again at 90°, compared to the "standard" method with arms streched out to the side?

    And does anyone have a link to a video with people sitflying with this technique?

    Thanks in advance for your answers!


  2. I'm gonna order a new rig tomorrow! The thing is, I have no idea what colors to choose.. I've been thinking about it for two weeks now and it's just like chosing the colors for a new couch- impossible..... I have absolutely no Idea what I want it to look like...

    Btw It's gonna be an Icon Sport....
    Any suggestions? I need all the help I can get..

  3. Thats the thing.. If you're going on holiday anyway then it's okay...
    But if you add flight, lodging, drinking, restaurants, rental cars etc.. You'll end up paying at least the same if not more than at home.
    A big plus of doing your training at home is that you get to know the people at your DZ very well because you'll be staying there for a week (at least) and good frienships will evolve from that. You'll know who to turn to for whatever question you have etc...

    I was thinking about the same thing, and don't regret doing my training at home (also it was cheaper)

    Have fun!

  4. A friend of mine started out as a video guy, did all his instructor ratings, and is doing exceptionally well!
    He just moved to Hawaii and even bought an extra pad close to the beach with amazing views which he rents out to people on holiday.

    He sent me a pic and told me I could visit and live there for free while jumping!! Yay.. Here's a pic (sorry it's embeded into a word file... couldn't get it out)

  5. Thanks for your answers guys!

    Miami: Have you heard anything about the 2KC side fx helmet? It's a bit more flexible (different cameras can be mounted) than the ff2 and looks pretty sweet..
    I read a review from someone who wasn't too happy about the overall material quality on that helmet.. But I have heard only good things about 2KC..

  6. Hi I want to get into flying camera and have just looked at some helmets. What struck me ist the cost of the damn thing...
    A new MXV camera helmet from cookie with built in cam eye, the box for a pc9, cutaway system goes for around US $860 including tax.

    Is that significantly more expensive than a similar set up from another maufacturer or would you say that thats what I have to come up with anyway for a decent camera helmet?


  7. Looks really cool, and i'ts a great idea to do a sequence pic of deployment. I've never seen it done before!

    It would rock even more if you couldn't see that the background is photoshopped. Is there any way you can cut out the jumper and his chute more neatly?

    Here is a link to the site of a friend of mine who did a sequence shot of a basejump. The jumper in that picture appears pretty small as well so you should be able to do that also.
    I can't link the picture directly... it's the one on the top right.

    I'm already a fan! I love sequence shots on a singe background! :)
    Edit: you might wanna try a faster shutter speed if possible so the outlines of the jumper will be a bit clearer. That might make it easier to cut out the jumper...

  8. Hey,

    I just did my 20th Jump yesterday. This is the way I dealt with my being "excited" during AFF.

    I tend to always ask myself (not only in Skydiving) if thoughts that come up are productive or not, if they will help me or sabotage me in what I'm trying to do. As soon as I notice a negative thought come up, I acccept and acknowledge it and then I let it go and concentrate on productive things (like in this case dive flow).

    On my way up to altitude I was constantly visualizing my AFF Program and the different procedures for abnormals.
    I got really excited and had to slow-breathe my way out of an oncoming (irrational) "fear attack" on my 2nd jump just before the door opened. Because it was the first time for me to exit the plane first, that made me really nervous. But as soom as I was in the door I was in my program- that I had rehearsed so many times mentally, and it was almost like routine.

    The good thing is that that over- excitement goes away and turns into a tingly and fun anticipation after a few jumps and as soon as you are able to relax more you'll start to have the most fun you're ever going to have. (At least I' having it).

    So here would be my step by step advice (I'm not experienced so please Instructors, you are welcome to correct me if what Im saying is BS)

    1.Get a friend from your AFF course before your jumps and do some relaxed stretching or yoga for 5-10 min. This makes the tension in your body disappear and since your mind follows your body when you get afraid, your body will be more relaxed, and so will your mind (got some of this from Brian Germains book Transcending Fear)

    2. Visualize the way up to altitude, the opening of the door, getting in the door, exiting, and the dive and landing as much as you can in real time before the actual jump (not the whole flight though ;) ). Whenever you feel you are getting scared actively relax your muscles, breathe slowly and deeply and reframe your emotion -meaning: Smile when you visualize the door being opened and smile and enjoy the tingly feeling of "wow! I'm gonna have the time of my life". Connect the door with a positive emotion. Then Jump. I always built in "smile" regularly in my dive flow (like exit, arch, altimeter, smile)

    3. Repeat step 2 in the plane.

    4. Know that with more jumps that fear will disappear. Some experienced Instructor ant my DZ even told me that he misses that feeling from time to time and to enjoy it while I still had it.

    5. What you focus on expands (In life in general)- So don't focus on your fear that much . Accept it, acknowledge it, let it go, then do what you want to do!

    Hope this helps!

    Have Fun!


    Btw. I'm 6"1 and on my first floater exits up to jump # 6 I had trouble pushing my body out against the airflow oround the plane (in the door), that magically disappeared as soon a I got used to jumping and started having the time of my life. :) Now I'm climbing out of the plane and it rocks!

  9. Hey guess what, I checked on this cool Website called "" and I actually found one! :D

    Here are some pics of the DZ from one of the guys that did a review. Seems he needed to get a permit and wait for a week or so before jumping..

    When are you moving to Tokyo? I'm in Tokyo from time to time and would love to go for a jump or two..


  10. Hi,

    my aunt lives in Paris and has always wanted to do a tandem. So now I want to give her one for her birthday. Are there any DZs near Paris? I checked the DZ section but I can't see which ones are close...

    Thanks for the help.