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  1. Thanks for all your answers! Btw. Zee I have one of your Pictures as my Desktop image (most expensive backround pic of all times- but I love it).. it's the picture of a girl exiting a white sikorsky heli...
    What camera and lens did you use for that shot?

  2. Quote

    Most people on my DZ slice open the remote for D70s/D80 and glue it back together at an 90o angle. The D200/D300 remotes already are at 90o. The D50/D70/D70s/D80 are (also) jumpable with a modified IR remote but that is somewhat of a hassle, wouldn't recommend it.

    I was planning on using a D200/300. The remote port is on the front of the housing and I think the plug would stand out at a 45° angle away from the camera (see picture). Thant shouldn' be too bad.. What do you think?

    I just called my buddy and he was using a D70 and said that the port was not at the front of the camera like on the D300 that's why he had problems using it.

    But since I will only start jumping camera this summer Do you think the d300 or 200 will be too heavy for me as a beginner?

    I think it might... maybe it would be better to find a used D70 to start out with and try to modify the plug like you explained.

  3. Thank you for the pictures..
    Thats a really nice solution! Unfortunately I wont be able to fit 2 cams on the top mount, but I think I'll just experiment and try to find a workaround to somehow stow the cable so I can keep on using a Nikon ;)

  4. Quote

    Can Nikon take better pictures?
    Do you have a bunch of Nikon lenses already?
    Yes the D70s/D80 plug stick out far, no right angle plug available.
    Why to make it even more complicated than it is (like getting Nikon)
    It is your choice of course, but it will be more difficult to use it for jumping.

    I've used both an early DSLR (10D) from Canon and a Nikon D200 for concert photography. For me the Nikon is far easier and more intuitive to operate. I really like the way the user interface is designed..
    My Lenses and D200 were stolen from my hotel room so now I can spend some insurance money on a new Cam..

  5. Is anyone jumping a top mounted Nikon on a camera helmet (not flat top pro)?

    If yes could you please post a picture of your setup?

    The reason I'm asking is that I'm about to buy a new Nikon which I also want to use for skydiving later on. A friend told me that the way the Nikon remote cable plugs in to the camera provides a potential snag hazard for the lines. That friend now jumps with a Canon even though he prefers Nikon.

    Since I'm a Nikon guy I'm interested to see how you guys worked around this problem.

  6. I understand what you mean..
    I think it is legitimate though to point out where -with the greatest possibility- the jump originated from.. considering that golf course is right underneath the downwind of jumprun for Eloy....

  7. Wow....

    I just posted an answer to a thread in the incident forum last night regarding a military training fatality.

    It was nothing special, just an observation I had made and anyone could have made if they had spent some time at SkydiveAZ last week..

    It got deleted!

    No explanation, no moderator pm, no trace of my post....

    Lets make a new forum: Cloaks&!

    Silly... :S

    Lets see how long this post stays online....

  8. I meant pricy in comparison to other tunnels.

    I've booked some hours in Eloy and I'm paying $900 an hour with coaching!!
    Ifly Hollywood $ 975/h off Peak
    Skyventure Colorado $ 675/h off peak /$800 peak
    Ifly San Francisco $ 720/h
    Perris $700/h
    Gas to/from Perris $ 15

    So basically doing 1 hour in the Perris tunnel will cost me $715 including fuel to the DZ and back( with my small Eco friendly car).
    One hour of tunnel time in LA costs $975 thats $250 more per hour!
    Spending $250 (12 Jumps) more on something I could get cheaper just an hour's ride away is what I call pricy..

    You're so right: the math doesn't lie and dude if you start thinkng like that you'll be broke pretty soon! :P

  9. Thanks for the feedback on the cameras!

    I just got a helmet from a friend of mine which allows for side mount and top mount. But just in case I also want to go for stills later on I'd like a camera that I can also put on the side of the helmet..

  10. Hi, I'm interested in getting a used Sony Pc series camera which I also want to use for skydiving (naturally after I have my 200jumps :).

    People at my DZ told me to get either the PC 105,106,107,109, PC 5,6,9, PC 2, or PC 3.

    In your opinion which one of these cameras has the best video quality and is the most durable. Or which one would you buy and why?

    Thanks a lot for you answers!