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  1. Okay Guys...

    I did 12 jumps this weekend and tried to improve my body position and followed your advive not to do anything fancy with the packjob..

    The openings really improved! I thought it was a packing issue at first but I think really focusing on a better body position made a great impact on the openings.. Some were still off heading but the turn was a lot smoother and not as abrupt...

    thanks a lot for your help!!


  2. Hey Everyone!

    Thanks for all of the input!

    Ill try some of the stuff you recommended this weekend.

    If something works out, I'll let you know..

    I think the problem is packing related.. because when I had it packed for the first couple of jumps in Eloy, everything was good.. It started behaving weirdly after I was packing it myself..

    Thanks again for the help.. and I'll let you know what it was... (it took me 40+ packjobs to isolate what made my Stiletto open hard.. but I found it in the end)

  3. Hey Guys,

    I just recently bought a crossfire 2. I had it packed for the first 10 jumps or so, and the openings were great. Then I started packing it myself an I am now getting consistent 180's to the right- right after the slider comes down.

    The openings feel like a brake fire- I've always counteracted the turn with rear riser input.. so I don't know how far around the turn would actually take me..

    Does anyone have some tips how i can avoid this?

    I am currently rolling the tail 4 times and have tried different things for the nose l+r 4 cells tucked in next to the middle cell, just leaving it there.. etc..

  4. I jumped a silhouette 190 up to 200 jumps and have made my last 150 jumps on a pilot 168.. All these jumps have been in the last 18 months...
    I like the pilot, it's nice to fly but I'm looking for a canopy with less front riser pressure because I'd like to use them more on canopy control excercises.. which is almost impossible on the pilot 170 due to the extremely high FR pressure..
    I just got a very good deal on a stiletto 150 which my rigger/ instructor said would be okay for me to jump..

    Are there any alternatives to the stiletto that I should consider?

  5. I recently purchased a Neptune Altimeter and was happy with it so far, until this happened:

    In 1500m (5000ft) I am on my back watching a friend who couldn't keep up with me on a freefly dive due to stability issues.
    My altimeter showed 1200m shortly thereafter my audible alarm set at 1100m went off while I was doing a transition onto my belly, I then again checked my Neptune (on my belly) and it showed 1200m again I waited for 1100 m (3600ft) to show and pulled.
    Under canopy after rear risering towards the DZ (2sec) my Neptune showed 512m. Deployment is logged at 470m in the Neptune's Log. (500m = 1640ft)

    I had a similar jump 2 jumps later where I was logged as deployed at 1900ft.

    My usual distance between pull altitude and logged deployment are around 250-300m (1000ft).
    My sequence is 1.pull altitude- 2.wave off- 3.pull.

    I have the neptune on my left wrist, so it is in a burble when on my belly and in direct airflow when I am on my back. I also have the protective housing mounted- without the glass cover..

    Other than on this occasion my neptune seems to be working normally

    I am pretty conservative when it comes to pulling.. these are my first two low pulls, and I don't want to make them a regularity.

    I have been using the neptune for about 30 jumps. Prior to that I had an Altitrack and never had similar problems.

    Any advice?

  6. I wanted to order one of their fusion helmets (AUG 18th 2008 and only one hour time difference) ... they didn't reply to my Email up to today so I ordered a Tonfly Helmet...

    Giovanni from Tonfly replied very quickly, my new helmet should be here in a week. :)


  7. The photo is great.. Nice light, good composition, unusual background...

    The background makes you wonder what will happen next because the setting is so unusual.. The photo tells a story.. which is the most important thing a photo should do.

    I Love it and think it's a great cover photo!