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  1. tfasbend

    Aerograd Kolomna

    My home DZ since I started skydiving a year ago. Last November I jumped two days at Eloy, and Kolomna does not lag behind in terms of manifest and load organisation, communication, and infrastructure. This winter they started year-round operations on weekdays and weekends, a new restaurant has opened, and with global warming there is a definite improval of wintertime air temperatures. Kolomna is home to a number of the best formations in Russia and their jumpers are regular - and successful - participants at skydiving events abroad. During summer season you will meet foreigners from as far as South America, benefitting from the low prices for jumps (USD 16) and AFF courses. With announcements in Russian and English and widely English speaking staff there are few language hurdles. Problematic is the transfer from the Sheremetyevo airport in the north of Moscow, so if you have a chance, book a flight into the nearby Domodedovo airport! Visa and registration is a challenge typical for Russia, and not related to the DZ as such. Being a Moscow resident I can't say to what extent DZ staff are actually involved. They probably send an invitation for presentation at your nearest Russian consulate, and then help you to get your registration stamp upon arrival. Talking to foreign skydivers at the DZ last year I don't remember any critical remarks in that respect. Several bunkhouses and a small hotel are available at the DZ, and all year round they organize evening fun, ice hockeying in winter, BBQs, music and so on. Visitors usually spend most of the evenings at the DZ or in the nearby town of Kolomna. Moscow is a two hour drive away and best visited on a weekend day before departure. I love the place for it's friendliness, cosmopolitan atmosphere, and high standards in the sport.
  2. Folks, great assistance and many thanks out to all of you. I don't mind playing around with the risers as long as I feel I ought to, and that it's not some silly mistake on my side. By the way I jumped the Sabre1 very early in my short career, and it's true I am not keen on going back to the WACKS and the blue stripes left and right of my cherished parts. At least my wife didn't like them. Thomas Sancta Maria spes nostra sedes sapientiæ ora pro nobis
  3. This summer I bought myself a new Sabre 2 170. A beautiful canopy but with a strange opening pattern: - soft, smooth opening during the initial part - slider remains in the upper third of the risers - left and right end cells remain closed So each time I have to get the slider down with a serious front riser input, and it requires 3-5 equally serious pumping movements with both brakes to open the end cells. I jumped the new canopy about 15 times, and it was the same each time. So I am curious, if PD designed it that way - why?; or if not, what can I do about it? Increase the slider hole diameter? Maybe somebody can give advise. Thomas Sancta Maria spes nostra sedes sapientiæ ora pro nobis
  4. I am a German living in Moscow, took up skydiving fairly recently, home DZ Kolomna, Russia. I will be jumping in Eloy on Nov 14-15, staying at the bunkhouse. If somebody wants to chat I'll be happy to meet. Manifest will know my whereabouts, name is Thomas Fasbender. Looking forward!
  5. Just want to tell you how crazy I am about this skydiving. God, why did I have to grow to 49 years of age until I find that absolute heaven on earth. Falling through a clear (or cloudy...) sky, contemplating the landscape below, preparing for the pull, that great lift upward, the slider control (will it come down or not...), the gentle swinging, the graceful curves and landing ... with a rollover or smoothly, what the heck. I always thought gluttony or sex was the ultimate carnal pleasure, but no. Whatever the number of jumps I am destined to complete, I thank the heavens for having let me into this. Thomas, Moscow Sancta Maria spes nostra sedes sapientiæ ora pro nobis
  6. Is there a list of wind tunnels somewhere? I am primarily interested in Western Europe. Thomas Sancta Maria spes nostra sedes sapientiæ ora pro nobis
  7. I also found and ordered with them. Thanks for all the good advise anyway! I talked to the Stupino shop owner over the phone and their prices are not lower than in Moscow, and here it includes delivery. The stocks in Kolomna are dismal, don't understand why, they miss a good business opportunity. Otherwise it's a great DZ and a place one likes very much to be. Regards, Thomas P.S.: katzurki - what's YMMV? Sancta Maria spes nostra sedes sapientiæ ora pro nobis
  8. Reply to Katzurki: most things are available in Moscow, right, but then you have to drive from Kolomna to Stupino for one piece and then to Selenograd for the next, and then you find out they ran out of it ... and then on to Dmitrovsk ... I am living 14 years in the country and I still find it's easier to drive to a well-stocked shop in the West. Sancta Maria spes nostra sedes sapientiæ ora pro nobis
  9. Is there any place in Amsterdam, Holland, where I can buy skydiving gear (misc: altimeter, helmet ...). Amsterdam is the only town in Europe I will be visiting over the next months, and in Russia the stuff is rare, rare, are. Rgds, Thomas, Moscow Sancta Maria spes nostra sedes sapientiæ ora pro nobis
  10. Hi, weather in Central Russia until late September - no problem, in August even hotter than in Europe, sometimes. They are right now building some accomodation at the DZ, check with their website (available in English) for details and contacts. Transport Moscow-Kolomna (120 km) is possible by public transport (railway, bus), but you will want to stay at or near the DZ because transferring will cost you 2x2 hours a day. Better stay out there and drive into Moscow once for sightseeing. And everything, food accomodation, etc is much cheaper in Kolomna. The atmosphere at the DZ is very open and friendly, they have lots of foreign skydivers coming there and will receive you with open arms. A visa you will need, check with a specialized tourist agency or the Russian embassy in your country. Costs is difficult to guess, but with flight, visa, accomodation, food and jumps you better bring more than a shoestring, even if jumps are only 14 USD. Rgds, Thomas, Moscow Sancta Maria spes nostra sedes sapientiæ ora pro nobis
  11. Hi - my name is Thomas, I'm a German living in Moscow for the last 14 years. A guy from our embassy, skydive trainer himself, got me hooked up with this sport. Yesterday I did my first intro tandem and immediately booked a licensing course. At Kolomna Aerograd DZ outside Moscow. Only thing, I am already 49 but physically still fit. Anybody out there who started that late in life, or even later? What's the usual age ceiling for regular skydivers? If any.. Rgds, Thomas Sancta Maria spes nostra sedes sapientiæ ora pro nobis