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  1. Check this out!
  2. It seems that you may have an issue that your Vegas is using CPU for (en/de)coding of video. That task should be performed on GPU. Normally on laptops there should be setting that which apps are using CPU (integrated) for calculating things and which are using GPU (video card processor). You could also try to disable integrated graphics processor from device manager and then try how it goes.
  3. Nice and funny video, but I think it was pre-recorded (well, recording afterwards is not possible either :) ).
  4. Thanks! I think we here in Finland are lucky to have unlimited/uncapped/fast LTE/4G networks with fixed fee (~20€/mo).
  5. Hi, this might be interesting to you:
  6. There was one in Finland. Please check out the report of the accident (report is in Finnish but summary in English starting on page 9) resulting 8 dead.
  7. From what I heard is that Sandisk quality is poor. They advertise their cards as "Class 10" speed, but there are few sectors on cards that do not perform that well (and that has caused GP3Black lockouts).
  8. CX410 is OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) camera, so not (most probably) suitable for skydiving.
  9. AFAIK FAI rules say you cannot use GoPro in competition:
  10. Thanks, now it works. I tried this very briefly, looks great! Special thanks for doing this as an open source, I believe this will benefit whole community.
  11. Hi! says 'invalid captcha' when I tried to sign up. And no, there is no visible captcha. Tried with Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
  12. They've done it already:
  13. Hi, i think you should contact Aerodium ->
  14. Did someone see video stream and skydivers at the same time and can confirm that it was live?