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  1. Mike Mcgowan has posted photos on Facebook from the Celebration of John's Life event at Skydive Arizona. Link: aloha.
  2. A very gentle and beautiful spirit. Fly pain free, Laura. aloha.
  3. Reviving an old thread. I saw this article written earlier this year about Jerry by another former SEAL and teamate. Seemed to fit here. Blue Skies, Jerry. aloha.
  4. +1 Almost like a moment of silence for such a loss aloha.
  5. Yep. And now he's probably the greatest all-around player ever to lace 'em up. Hard to make an argument to the contrary. Don Although he didn't get a ton of ice time, I had the privilege of watching him play during last Saturday's game which ended up a shoot out loss to Chicago at The Joe (attached). He did contribute to tie it up late in the third. Amazing to watch him handle the puck! aloha.
  6. Actually, that record was broken (reported in Parachutist), but not by very much. Would have to check the world record web site to verify the current credit. Correct. 105 jumps in 24 hours. T/M was Luther Kurtz. Experienced pax was Angela. aloha.
  7. Clicky
  8. WINGS!!! I agree about Winnepeg. aloha.
  9. RIP. Thoughts and prayers out to loved ones and family. aloha.
  10. gravitysurfer


    Yes. Was also there when they were manifesting for 'Mile-High-Club Initiation' loads on the Ford Trimotor. aloha.
  11. Joking with you. I think there's a couple in here and maybe a couple of our LEOs would have helpful answers too. Or this forum aloha.
  12. Here >>> Firefighter Fit aloha.
  13. Hopefully, Chuck! A rest to get Franzen back to 100% and Zetterberg back in the game. GO WINGS!! aloha.
  14. Losing a ripcord usually means 'YOU PULLED IT'!!!
  15. Well, you've got a few winter months yet to heal before the spring season starts!
  16. Wendy is pretty spot on. He likely won't take to heart any threatened consequences that you give him verbally. Alcoholics don't like to be told what they should do. Especially from family members. It's usually experiencing those consequences that gets their attention. It's been my experience that the hurtful things an alcoholic says to loved ones are only a reflection of their own self-hate. They will attack those closest to them in reaction to their own self doubt and character defects. Please feel free to PM if you need. I'm blessed to have 3 years of clean sobriety recovering from 25 years of active alcoholism. Been there done that. aloha.
  17. I agree and feel your frustration. Despite that, they are still 4th in the NHL standings as of this morning.
  18. I agree with your hunch, Chuck. Though I'm hoping he'll remain close in some capacity. Maybe start a kids league using his backyard hockey rink in Plymouth, Mich.? 401(+) wins and 3 Cups under his belt? H.O.F. is definately somewhere in his future IMO. aloha.
  19. Never. Civilized society is but an illusion wrapped around our eyes to prevent us from seeing the reality. Most people, when left to their own devices will revert to their feral animal states and act accordingly. There is no reason to have any faith in humanity. All hope is not lost. aloha.
  20. ARVEL!!!! It's good to 'see' you bruddah! aloha.