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  1. Hi, when the units starts it's count down are you letting go of the button as required, then immediately pressing and holding it down when it hits zero? Do you or the owner have the units certificate which also shows the serial number, DOM and next service due date?
  2. Yes in the UK the original rigger/reserve re-packer can open and re-close the rig normally without the need of a full repack. If you've never opened a reserve container, it is a relatively easy procedure to do in order to remove the AAD. However I doubt the original rigger /packer will re-close the container if they had no access to it in the first place. If you feel you have to remove the AAD by yourself then be careful of the reserve lines on the velcro! (they can snag easily) If in doubt ask a rigger/reserve packer. Where do you jump in the UK. I maybe able to put you in contact with someone if you rigger/packer is not available. Hope this helps, Bish (RAPA Germany)
  3. Cheers DSE, I've never liked AF myself. I just wasn't too sure with the setup on the CX105. I'll set it to spot focus for the next jump. PS. great little camera, thanks for the review earlier in the year. Bish
  4. Hi folks, I'm currently using the Sony CX105 and I'm looking for information about focus set ups! Currently I'm using a .3X wide angle in auto focus, however I can see the potential for the camera to hunt for another focal point other than the intended subject! I'd be interested to hear how people set up their focus using this particular model. many thanks in advance.
  5. Nicely put. Eagerly awaiting the final standings... Many thanks for your time during the comp and keeping the world updated with what sounds like a great time.
  6. I’ve done a couple of jumps using the method shown in my profile image. The flag I’m using is made from a lightweight material which I store down my jumpsuit. Once under canopy I simply connect the lower connection point to my shoe and the upper connection point to the rear riser. Pros: 1.Reduces the risk of snagging the suspended weight. (because there is none) 2. Simple rigging. 3. If jettisoned the flag only has its own weight (and two connector links) reducing the damage to third parties. Cons: 1. Can be quite fiddly connecting under canopy which in turn leads to distraction and opens up a whole world of other issues. 2. If you connect it by the rear riser first and accidently drop the lower connection point there is a potential problem of choking that line group resulting in a major control problem. 3. A heavyweight flag may cause a control problem. If I were to conduct these jumps on a regular basis I’d use a fastex clip on the side of my thigh for the lower connection with some kind of release method in case of canopy collisions etc. I’d attach a separate upper connection to the riser which wouldn't move. Hope my limited flag jumping experience helps you. PS. Matthew Cline (above) has posted a great method
  7. Canopy - velo 90 Flag dimension - 1.5m x 2.0m made from material similar to twill. Pros – no weight under slug minimising potential snag points on landing. Cons – takes time to attach Affected performance - The flag is attached to my right shoe with a connector link and the top is attached to the rear riser below the toggle keeper ring. The canopy would pull to the right because of the force being applied the rear riser. I’ve only made two jumps with this setup. If I do more I’d incorporate some kind of release on the lower attachment point and maybe connect the upper connection point to the inside d-line. I wouldn’t use a larger flag on this canopy. I’d be interested to read feedback from anyone who has used this kind of method before.
  8. Hay Mark, If you’re referring to me as the ‘buddy’, I’ll let you use my canopy with you PC anytime. We measured my PC at 28”not 26”. To let others know I have a velo 90 with 300 jumps on the original line set and a ZP 28” PC . I fold the end cells inwards next to the slider and only use microcline rubber bands. My openings are comfortably slow. I’d be inclined to go with the advice from Chris Hayes for your next step. See you on the weekend… Bish
  9. Bish2t

    static line

    I'm another.... Whats your point???
  10. Couldn't help myself here Henny, the right name is 'Bad Lippspringe' (Germany) If people don't know it I've attached a .kmz file from Google earth showing the ditch. It's looking good Bish