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  1. coolmankc

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    So up in the cold north, its cold- so my girlfriend and I migrated south for the weekend to jump. I went through a lot of websites and reviews thanks to finally settling on The Farm. I was not let down, infact more impressed and having more fun than I could have planned. Did all of the AFF levels on one weekend with awesome instructors, the most affordable program in the COUNTRY, and great weather (yes they control that too)! My girlfriend did her second- and favorite tandem jump. She too, absolutely loved the whole weekend. Instructors (both AFF and tandem) are safe, thorough, and are always keeping things fun and exciting. The DZ is easy to spot from above with many outs, though the weather was so tame you probably wont need them. Go for a day- or stay the whole weekend like I did. Unmatched safety, hospitality, and fun. It's easy to get to from Atlanta and the airport- no kidding all you have to do is follow ONE highway all the way there! (The road changes names and numbers but you just stay on it and you'll be there in no time.) No cons really, but you definitely want to bring some grub just incase- no worries as just down the street there are plenty of options (Cowboys has tasty breakfast sandwiches and Zorbas has tasty everything.) There is also a short 3 minute? bus ride which is actually a good time to meet people or catch up. Lastly cost, real kudos to the DZ for prices that reflect a love for the sport over a love for money. Great place!