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  1. ... Or they just know better man... I have no doubt that you, nick, Kurt, jay, jc, can all jump in those winds but its more a matter of should you. Very rarely do winds that high remain steady and even if they do turbulence off obstacles and jumpers of lesser skill ect will always b an issue. Just yesterday I sat down on 14-25knots (1500+tandems)... All other Tis (all lesser experienced Tis) jumped. The winds were 19-28knots when they actually took off and 32knots on exit. The load before I sat down I literally dodged a fucking dust devil.. I have jumped in those winds before, and paid, but now I hope I know better. I've hit hard many times... Sorry if this is coming off brash but iwas disappointed with my team for not even backing me up at all, but ego always will hurt. Bottom line is would you take your mom/grandma in those winds? There are people who get lucky their whole career, but it only takes one time to get ur ass handed to you. If Tis don't jump then videots don't, up jumpers unfortunately have to learn on thier own, but hearing some guy say he'd jump in 33mph winds with a nice hard hook is not who I think they should learn from. That's the only reason I replied... Peace "We didn't start the fire"
  2. wow dude. maybe in another 5000 jumps you'll change your mind... and shame on a dzo or s&ta who will let you jump in 33mph winds Either you work near an ocean or just really flat plains but believe me bro your asking for it, even the best canopy pilots in the world wouldnt jump in that shit, I wonder why that is? "We didn't start the fire"
  3. Everyone has a story... the question is are the lessons learned from the stories fallable as well? Ineveitably mans perceptiions are fallable, but that does not mean that the lessons learned from those stoiries are also. "We didn't start the fire"
  4. None of us understand everything... God is understanding itself. "We didn't start the fire"
  5. You and Jakee are funny sometimes! I wonder if you have shared a beer together or not?? Or near beer in your case Ron? anyway, I dont know to be honest Ron, Im not yet caught up and obvioulsy im on a complete different time zone than most of you, and I work all the time, so, I guess im saying I need some more time to give the attention needed. Not that my opinion counts for anything, but, it seems I am in this thread at least a little, and it is something we are all passionate about, so, I really want to be involved in what you guys are saying, but need some more time. You know how it is!! I cant help but wonder what would happen if we all met at a boogie somewhere? I know for me, I kinda like my anonymity! But, all things change "We didn't start the fire"
  6. well, either you have been "lurking" for a very long time, or you have had some experience already on open forums! I dont like jump numbers because I very seldom post in the skydiving part of this site, as my thoughts there dont mean near as much to me as my thoughts here. Plus, I am way out of my league experience-wise, nevertheless, the profile is now changed. It was about time anyway I guess... so... I understand that. But faith is more than just beleiving, it is an action, a step. You use "blind" faith when you jump, as you dont know if that will be your last or not. You may try and lie to yourself, but the truth is the moment you leave the door could be the last few minutes you spend on earth. No worries, its just the truth. Accidents happen to even the best. Debating whether or not God is real must be a college level argument, but, understanding faith is a matter of truth. It must be a college level thing, because most atheists I know are very educated and intelligent, and they use many of the same analogies. Flying spaghetti monster? I didnt even hear that until I came on here. The point is that for me an educated mind is far from my pursuit, but a mind of truth is not. Not saying that an educated person cannot find truth, but you used an observation, and so did I. Just because someone is educated does not mean he knows or speaks the truth. I disagree. either something is true or it isnt. There have been plenty of institutionalized people who never get out. Doesnt have to be the prison we know, but perception in general. We think this is the way because we were born into it. High school, college, job, marriage, kids, life, old age, death... obviously there is more, but, the truth is that we dont have to live by this world system. Sure we have to understand it in order to escape is evil ass clutch, but the perception we are born into does not have to be the one we leave with. Although, in my observation, it usually is. There was a stat, not sure if its true or not, but they say some 90% of muslims who are born muslim, die muslim. And Jesus breaks the chains of oppression and reveals an entirely new perception of life. One that I will testify for until I am gone with all my heart. Why? Because I get a greater heaven if I convert someone? Not at all. But because it is the truth to me, and that is what many dont understand. No matter what, if you are sincere and you ask me anything, I will speak the truth to you. Now, if I feel a trap, I will let you know and may choose not to "give you my pearls". But, if you dont mind my saying so, you seem genuine, and I really like genuine people. Good. But a true statement is that our thoughts will often accuse us, deceive us, and betray us. In my search to know the desires of my heart, my wants, I found that without a doubt some of my thoughts have been downright evil. It is easy to hit an adversary, much more difficult to love them. Is there more an upside to rage or to love? Yet plenty of "good" people throughout the ages have followed in the footsteps of rage more than love. Not only was the claim made by a human, it is the human that carries the power of the mind, and the heart has power over that. I understand your perception, but if the one true path in my heart is a path of love, then I will stand for that truth with a very clean conscience, as all my hope is in the power of love, not in the intelligence of the mind. And, "no one can know the mind of God, but we have the mind of Christ." Being right about the one true path is not what is important, as even if a mind is convinced he has the one true path, that is not enough to grow in the spirit of love and life. For me, its that life is nothing without love, and no amount of human intelligence, so far, has been able to unite us with their educated ingenius minds. As unification is not an ability of intelligence, but of wisdom. Wisdom is humble, loving, kind, generous, powerful, good, true, ect... and everywhere. But, it cant be taught, it must be revealed, so that no one can boast. Do you believe that loving one another is an irrelevant truth to the unification of human life on this earth? The Gospel, not the bible, is full of wisdom, but again, it must be revealed. Yup, maybe. Seems pretty miraculous by design though, if your looking anyway. Many people live their entire existence with "shit happens". Nothing at all wrong with that, but, it is the only perception they will ever have. Jesus was a pretty powerful figure even if you just look at his influence historically. It is possible, that he was even more powerful than you or I, and he may have known something that went much deeper than what we have been oppressed into accepting as the only truth. That is, he may have had the keys to free us from the prison of this world system and bring us closer to a heaven on earth. I had to re-visit this one. If one day you have the time, id really like to know what messages in the gospel were bad messages? You may have no idea! "We didn't start the fire"
  7. Apparently Why dont you go join a community of salamanders and find out for yourself? Or go ask the godfrogger?? "We didn't start the fire"
  8. Same question I have pondered. Genuineness is about being fair to your conscience, exploring everything in your own mind. The power of faith is underestimated, as it is not a power of ours, but of Gods. The question is how is not having faith an expression of being able to deal with a "difficult reality" more so than having faith? Hard is hard and faith doesnt change that, nor does not having faith. My Sunday morning devotional from Oswald Chambers; it seems to fit in this discussion. yeah, I said what I said because Jesus, and his apostles had great faith, yet they still had to endure the hardships of this world. Everyone has to go through the furnace to be forged in the spirit, but I know you already know that! "We didn't start the fire"
  9. We arent good enough. What was revealed to me is it is our desire for more and more that takes our hearts further away from the truth, that life itself is the miracle and is more than enough. An amputee is not dead, no matter how much pity you may feel for them. I know several amputees. I personally have experience with chronic health problems and have had several surgeries to try and help. My body will persih, so will all of ours, but "life is more than the body". Many people have overcome challenges and in turn have become inspirations to those around them. There are a few skydivers on this website who have faced challenges most will never have to endure, and many of them have found great peace. God is not unjust. Here is a parable of Jesus that I for one found great revelation in. Many use this as "proof" of hell, but it is written as a parable and therefore contains a spiritual secret that can only be revealed... that God is a just God, and you have no one to pity but yourself. 4So he called to him, 'Father Abraham, have pity on me and send Lazarus to dip the tip of his finger in water and cool my tongue, because I am in agony in this fire.' 25"But Abraham replied, 'Son, remember that in your lifetime you received your good things, while Lazarus received bad things, but now he is comforted here and you are in agony. 26And besides all this, between us and you a great chasm has been fixed, so that those who want to go from here to you cannot, nor can anyone cross over from there to us.' You listened, but im afraid you didnt hear. Have you even read the parable of the prodigal son? I suggest you read it first, then get back with me.. Luke 15:11-32. Your analogy does not reflect the truth of the Gospel. Even if one cant accept the truth of the Gospel, he should at least know it. But, I guess thats why us christians are here right? "We didn't start the fire"
  10. Its awesome that your circumstances allow you to do that! When im not contracting, im not on these forums either, but I guess I have to make a living somehow, hopefully soon it will be in skydiving. I agree with this more than you may think. I will admit, I do deny myself things that may obviously be looked at as missing out. Thats one of the worst things about a revelation of God, is that others think you are missing out, and that alone is often a reason people cannot or will not believe. Jesus wept over how little our faith was. Its like a prisoner is finally released after years in captivity, but when the door is open, he would rather stay in prison. To me, thats a bit sad, but, you cant prove to me that is not true either. Yup, for me it was about getting more out of life at the time. I came to that revelation years ago, and it has allowed me to experience a wealth of travel, culture, philosophy ect... skydiving is the greatest community I have found that encompasses an extrodinarily vast diversity of people, with all sorts of incredible experiences and perceptions, all united in similar desires. Skydiving grows on people, and you dont have to be a jumper to be a part of the scene. So, yeah, I wanted to fly, but I was completely unaware of everything skydiving was going to offer, other than the sky... and pleasantly surprised. There are all sorts of different motives for skydivers. For me, its not everything, but sharing a sunset jump with good friends is priceless. Tell me about it. there are things you will learn, and you are held accountable for your words here. Sometimes intent is mis-understood, or even deliberately altered, but I find if you just speak the truth, how can you go wrong? Dont worry about being right or wrong, just speak the truth and let the cards fall. These forums are going to be very addictive for you, especially if you have to work outside of skydiving. God is spirit, life is spirit, life is in us and all around us. Spirituality for me is in that connection. Like a rain drop in the ocean, God is everything to me, and I dont mind saying that because for me, it is the truth. I want more of God, not the world, but I also am very appreciative and extremely humbled by what he has revealed so far. If it is a pursuit of religion, then I agree, as I believe it is a waste of time for anyone to try and earn there way into heaven. If it is understood that Jesus reveals that heaven is within you, and you have actually experienced powerful revelations associated with that truth, then I cant in my own conscience accept that I am wasting life. There is an incredible difference between earning your way into heaven, and heaven revealing itself and pulling you closer. Just out of curiosity though, have you read a gospel? No worries. That doesnt mean you arent on the path to him, and it doesnt mean you are either, just stay open, the reason your undecided is because you dont know. There are many different beliefs on these forums, but there is only one truth in your conscience. You have to be fair to that. Truth is about what is true to you, not what others think should be. This is a great place to hear different perceptions of life, if your listening anyway. "We didn't start the fire"
  11. Sorry man, I didnt say that. I was quoting someone else, but, I still stand by my post. Welcome to the forums by the way Time is not life to me. I dont feel that time missed is the same as time lost, and have a lot to be thankful for without needing more. For me, life is very spiritual, but why would you assume it is less fulfilling? I am interested in hearing your thoughts about making the most of life though? If you have time anyway. "We didn't start the fire"
  12. Much more than fair enough! "We didn't start the fire"
  13. Agreed. I had a hard time with Job. I could see myself being one of the "foolish" friends giving bad advice, and to be honest, I didn't see much wisdom in that book until I read the gospel. The entire book of Job is summed up in these words of its author... He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. "We didn't start the fire"
  14. In your perception, not in mine. "We didn't start the fire"
  15. Same question I have pondered. Genuineness is about being fair to your conscience, exploring everything in your own mind. The power of faith is underestimated, as it is not a power of ours, but of Gods. The question is how is not having faith an expression of being able to deal with a "difficult reality" more so than having faith? Hard is hard and faith doesnt change that, nor does not having faith. I believe it is a true statement to say that there is a death beyond dying, and a life beyond just being alive. "We didn't start the fire"