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  1. ... Or they just know better man... I have no doubt that you, nick, Kurt, jay, jc, can all jump in those winds but its more a matter of should you. Very rarely do winds that high remain steady and even if they do turbulence off obstacles and jumpers of lesser skill ect will always b an issue. Just yesterday I sat down on 14-25knots (1500+tandems)... All other Tis (all lesser experienced Tis) jumped. The winds were 19-28knots when they actually took off and 32knots on exit. The load before I sat down I literally dodged a fucking dust devil.. I have jumped in those winds before, and paid, but now I hope I know better. I've hit hard many times... Sorry if this is coming off brash but iwas disappointed with my team for not even backing me up at all, but ego always will hurt. Bottom line is would you take your mom/grandma in those winds? There are people who get lucky their whole career, but it only takes one time to get ur ass handed to you. If Tis don't jump then videots don't, up jumpers unfortunately have to learn on thier own, but hearing some guy say he'd jump in 33mph winds with a nice hard hook is not who I think they should learn from. That's the only reason I replied... Peace "We didn't start the fire"
  2. wow dude. maybe in another 5000 jumps you'll change your mind... and shame on a dzo or s&ta who will let you jump in 33mph winds Either you work near an ocean or just really flat plains but believe me bro your asking for it, even the best canopy pilots in the world wouldnt jump in that shit, I wonder why that is? "We didn't start the fire"
  3. Slam. Liquidation sale. Im way out of my league. To the OP... what he said. "We didn't start the fire"
  4. What about Spaceland?? Its located in Rosharon, just about 30 minutes outside of Houston. Great DZ/facilities, Huge landing area, excellent fun jumping scene, and world class freefly teams. Surely that has to be more than 5% aye? "We didn't start the fire"
  5. Sweet info guys, thanks! Thats just what I needed. "We didn't start the fire"
  6. I will be in the Netherlands in mid Februrary. I understand weather may not cooperate, but this is the only time I can go, so, I will just hope I can jump there and do what I can in the meantime to enusre I am legally ready. There are some questions I have though and I am having difficulty getting in touch with any of the DZ's from where I am. I dont have my logbook or any gear and I dont want to mail my book through the Kuwaiti postal service. I have around 300 jumps and a USPA 'A' license and I know some DZO's who could vouch for me, but am I just screwed here without having the physical logbook? Can someone fax the pages, or send a copy of loads I was manifested on throughout various seasons instead? Thanks in advance for any info. "We didn't start the fire"
  7. Hey I used to work for KBR! "We didn't start the fire"
  8. Its a fairly significant difference. Im sure someone will chime in, but I believe your 150 packs something like a 135 would. See, your in the same boat Im in, and since im always at work lately, I have nothing at all better to do with my time besides this website, so ive read alot of reviews on all the canopys I am looking at. Of course you will find that demoing canopies is the way to go and the industry has made it fairly easy to do so believe it or not! But seriously, if you havent flown the safire2, definitely demo one before you make up your mind. For my taste, it was much more fun to fly. Sorry pilot lovers. The pilot is still a great canopy for our jump numbers though. "We didn't start the fire"
  9. around 200 on a pilot 1:1- and about 15 on a safire2 1:1. around 40 saber2 same WL. flew enough 7cells to know I definitely dont want one. I really liked the safire better than my pilot. I saw a significant difference in the "zippiness" in relation to us beginners and how we approach canopy flight. Both the pilot and safire have great openings, but do snivel at times 800-1000ft (may wanna keep that RSL connected!), depending on your packjob. All this is very redundant, and this is only my very uneducated .02, but, another thing to keep in mind is that the pilot can be ordered with ZPX fabric, giving you much smaller pack volume with the same size canopy. edit to add: also the pulse has a thinner type fabric option, but I have not flown that canopy yet "We didn't start the fire"
  10. Yeah, heaven forbid something comes off sounding "preachy". Dude, black snake moan is a good movie... unless your easily offended. Calling a movie like BSM a preachy movie is just ridiculous. Plus, the music in it is raw soul and sounds great. "We didn't start the fire"
  11. I wouldnt worry all that much about leaving/ammending your current lifestyle for someone your willing to take a chance on... Havent you seen Good Will Hunting?. Its not a bad thing to at least try to explore the outer parameters of your own comfort zones. A big jet-setting lifestyle (minus the cash expenses) could be very exciting. Coincidentally, what does he do for work and what country is he moving to? "We didn't start the fire"
  12. did you tell him? "We didn't start the fire"
  13. yup. Thats what I see alot of as well. That, and alot of reading through shit just to get the substance. Its one of the bummers about Dz.com, but you know you love it. "We didn't start the fire"