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  1. my favourite mashup http://www.hardtofindrecordsrecordstore.com/mp3/MR148118_1.mp3 this clip doesn't really do it justice, weaved so sweet. guaranteed floor-filla!!
  2. often its the other way round -edit to add sometimes but went for often but what do I know
  3. please tell me you're joking. kill 'em all and let god sort them out?!? Without WW2, skydiving probably takes another decade or two to get going. True, though not something I thought of when posting. I find it hard to see any 'positives of war'. 'advancements in technology' ? Sell that to the families of the millions who have died. but what do I know
  4. please tell me you're joking. kill 'em all and let god sort them out?!? I've never met a Tuaran though worldwide meeting with an ET, a global recognition of contact would do something towards making us realise that all we are, in fact, despite our differences, is one big global family. See it from an inter-galactic perspective. I bet the ET's when they fly past the third rock from the sun don't see us as anything other than ONE. Humans, being, sharing a planet. That is probably why it is kept from us http://www.disclosureproject.org/ beam me up scottie
  5. Maybe it's different in the US, but in the UK you're obligated to advise your insurers when you receive penalty points on your licence due to a motoring offence, and your asked about this upon renewal. Failure to declare could/would result in your insurance being rendered invalid. And of course it'll go up but what do I know
  6. "I'll figure it out when the time comes" doesn't seem a very sensible plan for a high speed mal?!? That being said there's footage somewhere (skydivingmovies.com?) of I think a russian jumper with a pilot chute in tow. He goes onto his back, reels it in then back on to belly and deploys his reserve. Probably not recommended, I think he was an experienced jumper with a fair bit of altitude. but what do I know
  7. The way the graphs are used is typical of junk pseudo science. They show a small subset of data and jump to a conclusion they want to reach. Showing a line graph pointing down and surmising "well, diseases were on their way down anyway therefor vaccines did nothing" is not science. Also, that assumes that data tells the whole story. The dude has an agenda. How do I know he didn't cherry pick the data? Maybe infection rates for polio, small pox, etc in other countries were going up before vaccines hit? Would he show those graphs? I doubt it. I really find it laughable the ways in which people don't trust science. They drive in their cars, use their air condition, cook eggs on teflon pans, watch TV, chat for hours on their cell phones, type away on their computers on the internet.. all brought to us by men and women in white lab coats using this little thing called Science. But vaccines? Oh man, the white lab coat dudes are idiots or are all bought and paid for by Big Pharma and they're putting poison in our bodies. Drink green tea instead, because that's what the Chinese did 2000 years ago and they knew more than we do today. It's BS. You are generalising and lumping anything that doesn't agree with your conditioned thinking into one big folder you've classed as wacko BS. This dude has an agenda - why yes, he does, he's trying to balance the counter arguements you choose to believe which are also promoted by people who have an agenda. Do you think anybody doesn't? I think you'll find those graphs echo what happened in other countries. It's not that I don't trust science but I'd still count the ethyl mercury that vaccines contain as poison, no wonder rates of autism in children are rocketing. And throw your Teflon pans away as soon as they're scratched as they're leeching poisons into your body. but what do I know
  8. Can you elaborate on why you think those graphs don't mean anything? Doesn't look to me like vaccines should take the credit. Also could you clarify - those graphs were plotted with figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Commonwealth Department of Health and Human Services - are those the "crackpots on the internet" Or are you referring to my 2nd post which quotes US health department figures? Or are they both crackpots Nataly glad you're feeling better
  9. Not aimed at the OP, rather a public health announcement and risking (again) this thread going to speakers corner.. I am not convinced that vaccinations even work, as the link to the graphs I posted earlier suggest. Further - A 1989 study by the US health department that documented 170 measles outbreaks found that 89% of infected persons had been vaccinated.. .. a 20 month study released in the same year of whooping cough incidences in Nova Scotia showed 96% of victims had been vaccinated.. ... a South Australian Health Commission study of 7 years of data on whooping cough released in 1996 - 87% of victims had been vaccinated. .. and what about the mexican doctor who in April this year revealed that two of his colleagues died from swine flu - after they'd been vaccinated. If FACTS like that don't stop and make you think then carry on - It's your body - do what you want to it, but at least do some research and make your own mind up rather than letting a man in a white coat who's been brainwashed by the pharmas tell you what's best for you. At least stop to find out what's in them - you do know they're cultured from cells of aborted fetuses and brains of monkey right? Mmmmm.. monkey brain. but what do I know
  10. Baxter and all the pharmas are a bunch of money grabbing crooks. Public health and wellbeing is not the reason for their existence they just want £$£$£$£$ For anybody that hasn't already I would urge you to at least consider the facts here's a start - http://www.vaccinationdebate.com/web1.html watch jane Burgermeister on youtube wake up!! but what do I know
  11. They're all down the student union bar and forgot to feed the meter first but what do I know
  12. where do you think they get a lot of their 'news' from..?.. ....AP. (as well as PA and reuters) I will give that the stories on all these sites are nearly word for word when they do get them out Exactly. A large proportion of news 'reported' by the mainstream media is copy from the wire news agencies often repeated verbatim. Our press may be free, but it's not unbiased, nor lazy but what do I know