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  1. also tried it on me. Cut and paste your Add but ask questions about what it already describes is a no brainer.
  2. Icarus 330 for daily use. Icarus 300 for acomadating LZ's And I'd still love to fly the HXP 285. In the end of the day as much as I love to swoop... It's about getting the meat down safely. All it takes is a foot plant to hurt you or your student. I've personally taken a pasenger 285 + me 225 + 50 of gear on an Icarus 330. @1.7wl swooped for days but unless I trusted both the passenger and the LZ I'd not even think of that again. As professionals we need to remember that the student has no concept of whats happening so putting them at greater risk for our own amusement is not acceptable. Currency, proficiency and conditions play pivitol roles in canopy choice. 3 years doing tandems and 5000 tandem jumps has both taught and humbled me showing the responsibility that we as instructors posess.
  3. So let me step up to the plate and say that I am the one who opened and latched the door. I am an experienced jumper and have operated the Skyvan door many times. An assistant and I lifted the door, I swung the latch the full 90 degrees, then we both shook it up and down to verify its security. We exited as normal. When we landed I was informed (to my surprise) that tree was hit by the falling door. After first checking on his status, I checked in with the DZSO/ S&TA to verify the doors current status and that I had, as I thought I operated it properly. We went out to the Van together before the next load. I demonstrated the procedure that I had used at altitude. He verified that it appeared correct. Contrary to another post, the door did suffer another malfunction that day. (one pin came loose not causing the door to fall but close) I know this because talked to the DZSO/ S&TA at the end of the day. I as the door man felt terrible about any injury sustained by a fellow sky family member weather by my own negligence or mechanical failure. So setting the story straight from the culprit. flame, criticize, what have you especially ,100 jump wonders who have probably never even been in the van before.
  4. Thanks all for your help. found some options to work with.
  5. Well as it says, I'm looking for a seat or chest mount pack to work with for getting my master ticket. Obviously would have to be one that has been set aside for this cause I've got a lot of pack jobs to do. If any one has something that fits this description please contact me. would be willing to rent/purchase. Thanks for the help.
  6. MO with op143 I have packed it with and without Vigil AAD. It is tight, but top flap is still able to "suck in" when bulk is distributed as per mirages instructions. Spectre 135 snug Velocity 111 Slightly prego Velocity 103 Perfect Xaos 27 98 slightly soft
  7. hey guys this is gonna be my first year at the boogie i'm arriving on the 8th and have just left everything up in the air till the last minute... any one interested in splitting a car? mabey a room? or know of a couch to crash on?
  8. Hey I'm a relatively new tandem instructor (250 tandems) And i have had the pleasure to fly a few different tandem cannopies Percision 365/330 Icarrus 330 and the hop 330 as everyone has said the hop tends to open nice, and have low toggle pressure. All summer long with consistent or nill winds my fellow instructors and I would race to grab the hop equipped rigs. weather we had a 95lb. girl or a 225lb. dude. Alas The winter has brought us some turbulence and I have had the end cells clap togeather on final and barely reinflate before touchdown. By far most terrifying thing I have yet experinced in skydiving. I have since personally decided not to jump the cannopy untill the nice wheather comes around again. Other instructors have also made the same call. Id rather drive a truck that gets me and my student home safe. Than somthing sporty that takes me out for months if not for good. I don't know about you guys but $40 a jump dosent pay for broken legs. Just my .02
  9. Looking at a VECTOR 2 STUDENT RIG V10. Was wondering if A rigger would convert it from static line and plastic cable student rip cord to BOC deployment? And If so if it would even be worth doing. Just Comming off student status and looking for an entry level system please advise weather I could work with this rig for a while while I get comfortable before before going all out and getting a new rig. Thanks for any info. attached is a picture of the rig.