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  1. I wear my cam on every aff jump and have found it a great learning tool for me and the student
  2. I love it ..I will be using this..
  3. yes its in aracibo (sp) i think they are jumping a cessna or at least they where last time i was there..dzo Jason good dude!! great boogie to!!
  4. I enjoy doing Tandems as well as AFF .but you can get burned out..
  5. I have both strong and sigma ratings and jump both but I prefer the sigma for comfort..had a cutaway on a strong do to bag lock other then that strong is a work horse.. anyone have problems getting bruises on the rt inside thigh from strong?
  6. Chaoskitty Goofyjumper fmmobley Jessie07 Lauraliscious Littleskycrab MicDuran monkycndo Namgrunt & Nannerbanner NWFlyer popsjumper Rkymtnhigh Skinny Shrek Skydave Thanatos340 The_Don & Jean Tmaricle55 Turtle Yardhippie Bill K. trapperdan
  7. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Reply To -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How does it effect your family life? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Depends on you and money. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Reply To -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How does it effect relationships? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Depends on you and money. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Reply To -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How does it effect your career? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Depends on you and money. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In Reply To -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When do you/can you stop? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Depends on you and money. Seriously, it can be construed that simply. If you're married, and not financially stable, then your spouse isn't going to be too keen on you racking up debt to jump. If you're not married, then it's a matter of how much the growing (or receding) relationship means to you. There's a saying in the community: AIDS--Altitude Induced Divorce Syndrome...of course, this humor draws on reality in some cases. Personally, when I would go back to work on Mondays, after a weekend of jumping, I was less and less motivated to get anything done. Work simply didn't draw me the way it used to (it was a good job too). LMFAO how true!!!
  8. I was there... blue skies to Danny,Bob Yall will be missed.. Danny was always willing to help you out..He help me out and was always fun to jump with and drink..