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  1. I'm currently looking into purchasing a HD cam (Sony HDR CX6) and remember being told a while back that hard drive cams cant be used as it doesn't like altitude or the opening shock. So i was looking at getting a HD Mini DV version. Is this true? As the model i'm after is memory stick, does the opening shock cause any problems? Thanks
  2. I recently jumped a 1000ft with 15(ish)mph winds down the wire, even had a 180, and it was no problem thanks to a decent track coupled with pulling low... But slider down i would of climbed down
  3. Heres my tattoo,
  4. In the Valley, Dam, Norway,
  5. Matt123

    Balloons to BASE

    Please tell me your missing an 0...?!?
  6. Wasn't that impressed, Moon went a bit orangy...
  7. Matt123


    Way too go Coco! Cya soon!
  8. Matt123

    Very cool image

    Haha, firstly, when did this turn into a competition?! And yeah i thought that too actually, but its still a nice shot, and went handheld, so holding onto the rail with the other hand doesn't leave me with any spare hands!?
  9. Matt123

    Very cool image

    Heres a nice addition, Swiss Dam...
  10. Check out the BASE dudes website, theres some balloon jumping there...
  11. Yeah, only 1 in 4 apply sounds about right, i remember it being a slight anti-climax upon receiving my BASE number earlier in the year as i knew it didn't really reflect the actual amount of BASE jumpers that completed it before me, and as rough estimates put it to around 5000 jumpers with all 4 objects completed, then it shows that the vast majority are not interested for whatever reasons...
  12. I average 50 mins for my 1000ft, but my firefighter buddy can do it in 20 mins...
  13. *YAWN* Is this you?
  14. Thanks ppl, a friend got back to me and told me he had used a 7 month old stale rig with no problems, which reassured me. As for the PC, i never leave that stowed anyway as to not stretch the pocket, just stow it prior to jumping...
  15. Quick question, due to the majority of my jumps being slider-up, I've not used my slider-down for six months, just wondered what you thought, should i repack? I ask cos reserves are done regularly and i was thinking maybe i should apply that to my BASE rig...? Thanks