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  1. This event looks awesome! I will be in Israel and would like to go. Are any other Israeli skydivers going? Any suggestions on how to get there?
  2. I did my very first AFF Jump with Dennis at Skydivde Greensburg about 7 years ago. He was a great teacher and AFF partner, patient and fun to jump with. Thanks, Dennis, I couldn't have done it without you! Blue skies, Samantha
  3. Gary was my FAVORITE person to do AFF with. He would always give me a quick look over the student's back and his expressions were priceless. He was a great instructor, leader and friend. No matter how many jumps you had, 0-10000, there was always something you could learn from Gary and his lessons will live on in the generation of skydivers he taught. Fly Free, D-6969! SJ xx
  4. hey everyone, my ride fell through- anyone heading from la to perris tomorrow evening? would REALLY appreciate a ride and happy to pay for it :) Thanks, Sam 215-499-8181
  5. I lived in a trailer next to Chip my first real summer as a skydiver. He was the ultimate coach, mentor and friend- never too tired to give advice, and always looking out. I am grateful for the time he spent making everyone around him better, safer skydivers. Chip, give Paul a big hug for me. Fly Free. Love, Sam p.s. I still have your book! I'll make sure it gets in the right hands.
  6. Is anyone flying into ONT? I arrive 9/10 at 10:30 pm and leave 9/14 at 7 pm. would love to share a rental car or get a ride! Thanks!
  7. hey everyone, I'm in B-school at MIT and looking at the adventure travel industry for possible careers. Most of my friends are taking the traditional route to ibanking and consulting so I was hoping someone here might be in the industry? Would love to hear your experience or advice! Cheers, Samantha
  8. Its been five years, Paul. Still miss you and think of you often. hope you are having fun up there, say hi to charlie! love, Sam
  9. There are stars in the sky, so far away we only see their light long, long after the star itself is gone... And so it is, with people that we love their memories keep shining ever brightly though their time with us has passed And the stars that light up the darkest nights, these are the lights that guide us As we live our days, these are the ways we remember Charlie, I am counting on you to be the brightest light of all, guiding us now as you have always with love, Sam
  10. hey anyone ever jumped there? i see there's a dropzone listed but the website isn't working. thanks in advance! -S
  11. hey, was just in costa rica and found a little hang gliding place in Jaco. Turns out they also have a small plane that they let people jump out of over the beach. wish i had brought my rig!! check out their website: beautiful place, cool pilot...definitely recommend it! -S[url]
  12. hey, i am travelling in bolivia and saw on that there is a dropzone there. has anyone been to it/know anything about it? any info out there would be awesome! thanks, Sam
  13. does anyone know the name of the company or the website where i can find the official pictures taken...the ones for sale in the hotel lobby? thanks so much!
  14. thanks for the responses... last week I decided to take the plate that was already on it and turn it sideways (as I had seen done) so that it would be wide enough for both cameras. I mounted them similarly to the picture posted by andy man and only five jumps later, had what i believe was an excess break line snag the helmet. Holy scary! i made 600-700 jumps on the old setup with no concern at all so to have a snag after only five makes me very nervous. I think it snagged in the gap between the side of the helmet and the plate...any suggestions on how to fill that in? I taped it for now but there must be a better way... thanks!!
  15. hi, i've been jumping a flat top pro for a while with a canon rebel mounted to the front and a sony pc 101 mounted in a dbox on the top but i was wondering if it was possible to mount them both on the top without turning the still camera vertical. Has anyone done this? do you have pictures? the weight on the front is starting to bother my neck so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! thanks everyone!! S