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  1. I am sorry for been stubborn with you guys... I guess you are all right. I am going to bay a PC camera. Thank you all for the help.
  2. First of all I want to thank you all for your replays though I fount the most of them quite hustle than helpful.... So, to end this up I do have spoken with an experienced camera flyer in my DZ, as far as concerns the safety issues we run them again and again and everything is O.K. He sagest me as "davelepka" to bay a PC, but the thing is I don't want to spend money yet. First I want to see if I like it, if it suits me, gain some experience if yes and then I will invest in more professional system. Voila.. Is there anyone now how can really help? Again thank you all for your time.
  3. Hi everyone, I want to start taking some videos of me and my friends. For that I decided to use my Sony DCR-DVD108 at least for my first steps in to camera flying world:). I mounted in my helmet and everything is ok..well its a little bulky..but I will use it to learn and then I will bay a PC probably.. So, my main question is what kind of lens should I use, .5, .45, .3 e.t.c.? And also is there a difference between the eBay cheap lenses and the others? Any help will be appreciated Blue Skies
  4. not much respect ! why? Because I'm trying to find a way to getinto the sport? yea right. ok . I'll stay at home. are you satisfed know?
  5. I just mention free soloing to let you anderstant that I'm not another yahoo...And you made a hole story from it!!! Watever...
  6. whats the mater with you people ? you dont read well? every body whants to tell his crap... and not realy answears.. 100 is in meters. I'm sick of you... Ok! That ends here. THANK YOU EVERY BODY FOR YOUR HELP..
  7. Why do you need exact info on a paticular jump if you aint doing it?? ------------------------------------------------------------ Because that’s the highest “safe” please for my first jump (if I’m gona doit) wauu.. im so honnered speaking to one who think his a bada$$,NOT!!! ------------------------------------------------------------ I didn’t say I am a bada$$...But I want to see yours (a$$) if you ever decide to climb even 10m without a rope!!! I dont need info that you think your hardcore if you think so, you wouldnt post here in the first place then you should be out doing your thing.. ------------------------------------------------------------ Now…How told you that I thing I’m hardcore? If you thing so ..its fine by me!! Either you smell bad or just like beeing on your own.. ------------------------------------------------------------ Yea…nice one.. I did solo BASEjumps the past 5 years do you know what that mean? It means nothing... ------------------------------------------------------------ Exactly!!! And thats the only thing in your posts that gives you my respect. You dont want to know how loong delay you can take off 240ft? ------------------------------------------------------------ No I don’t…240ft its to low for me…Don’t forget that I’m a newbie.
  8. Thats what I'm trying to gain knowledge..and skills! Thanks
  9. thing youre smart? youre full of know what.
  10. Dear Stefan, I'm seriously doubt if you read the whole post. So I'm going to repeat it again for you. I am just doing a research. I didn’t say I'm gona jump. I am doing hell scariest things than base. The last 5 years I'm climbing solo (do you know what that means?). So if I see that I'm not ready I won’t do it. That simple....ha? Take care
  11. I register in when I was in SD for a short period. I am located in Greece.
  12. The truth is that I'm trying to get in the sport by myself because from where I came from even skydiving is not widespread at all!!! yeap! I have about 160 jumps know as a civilian and a few when I was in the army. I’m trying to gather some info before my first jump from everywhere I can… I know its dangerous..but don’t worry! I wont try anything unless I’m pretty sure I’m gona make it … alive..
  13. Thanks NZflygirl what was good enough..
  14. 1. Pilotchute choice - 46 2. your exit speed (poised or running) - poised 3. how clean the object is (underhung, bulges or outcroppings) - its a bridge clean 4. slider (which you should NOT have on for anything this low) - slider off 5. impact site: water, trees, landable ground - small but clean landing area a. do you need to open high to be able to fly out to a landing area? not realy b. if water, do you have a boat to get you, or can you easily swim to shore (if so you can take a longer delay) - No water 7. aerials (sounds like you don't have much experience, so I would personally advise against this one) - no I dont have much experience 8. multiway (again, my personal suggestion would be to wait a while before you get into these, but not everybody does) - I will consider all this and see what its safer for know. Can you tell know how many sec approximately?
  15. I am new in the sport, and I would like to know to jump of an object of 100 meters how many seconds can you delay? thanks
  16. Hi there, I have no idea of base jumping and I'd like to know what means the number that is posted after the word "BASE". Like BASE293 for example. thanks
  17. I am looking for 150 sq/ft and a friend suggest me the "onyx" from Parachute shope. But I know nothing about this canopy... If anyone knows something....? thanks