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  1. Is a commercial DOT medical considered equivalent or exceeding the requirements of an FAA class III? I haven't found any literature, manufacturers recommendations, or USPA guidlines that explicitly states that a DOT physical will work as well. If this were the case it seems much quicker, cheaper, and if you're clean and only dealing with historical non-record related incidents easier to go the DOT route.
  2. I assume this thread has died, but I wanted to add that I am having some issues with the FAA and a class III renewal. I called a USPA board member for information on how to go forward and was informed that a DOT commercial drivers medical should suffice by manufacturers standards and may in fact be picked up by the USPA after February's meeting. Let's be honest, yes there are some TI's that run a very tight ship well within honest FAA regulations, but I personally know TI's that party hard(way out of wack with FAA) and yet they work hard, and they are some of the best, safest TI's I've ever met. The FAA class III medical does not take into consideration well run DZ's with instructors that can draw a line between work and fun. For those of you that want to get all self righteous with me now, go and turn off the beer light first.
  3. I know this is an old thread but I'd love to see the hail shot. Is it gone for good?
  4. I've got a panasonic pv-gs 180. It's a nice camera but the cam eye that I already have does not plug into it. Anyone have schematics for either the cam eye or the wired remote for the panasonic, or both? Geeky DIY