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  1. Mate I'd love to wear one but the only time I'm in the valley I'm jumping. I'd hate to give the TOOLS probable cause. But count me in for a XXL.
  2. I would SPPEK up if I could see the PPPicture...
  3. Feral you fucking mincer. I just sent you a subscription to the Australians Womens Weekly. Thought you could use some tips on finding the inner you and all that shite plus there's some great baking tips. Hurry up and escape already. Matt.
  4. Mate love the suit and tie. Where was it when you came to my wedding party. Instead it was old pants sewn back together with dental floss Brilliant. Now all you need is some of my hardware from the day after and you'll look like a real 'ard cunt. Just like Rob.
  5. Neil ya big queen. There's a bunch of motorcycle shops in Auckland that stock this stuff and their prices will be higher than online US stores but if you factor in shipping back to NZ you might just want to go for one of the local options. Matt
  6. You'll need more than that mate.
  7. That's the nice thing about these forums, we can discuss topics such as this as a way of working through issues which do affect people and not just ourselves. As I stated earlier, I'm not passing any judgment on anyone for what they do and I do appreciate everyones perspective. However just because I don't have any children doesn't mean that I can't have an opinion about how I would feel if I did. I have distinct memories from my own childhood which include my parents. My parents through no fault of their own helped shape who I am today. I am grateful for the life and the freedom they gave me but in that same breath I also know that if my father had been replaced by another, life would've been a lot different. This sport we love so much has certain factors built into it which make it appealing to all of us just knowing that our next jump could be our last gives me pause to make sure I'm doing what I want and that it makes my life better. Me jumping doesn't make my parents lives or that of my wife better but it does for me. It would just suck if you last jump was just some kind of sucky BASE jump. We've all had less than stellar jumps for whatever reason. I just hope we all get to realize when we've had enough. It's a great thing to be a survivor. If we've been here long enough, we can look back at our mates who are no longer with us and if we could ask them if that last jump was worth it, what would be the answer? Keep up the good work people, stay safe out there but don't let those easy jumps fool you. And just for the record if my kids told me they wanted to grow up to be meth cookers or Elephant poachers I may elect to steer them in a slighly different direction. I'm quite sure that in 10 years I'll still feel the same way about those 2 subjects. Matt
  8. Mate, we all know that life will eventually run out for everyone. And a lifetime of cool experiences making tons of friends is truly one of the greatest aspects of the sport but really, do you believe that if you had a young child and were killed jumping that your child would be able to grow up and appreciate the life you lead. This very child could indeed be turned against the sport you loved so much especially when you factor in the brainwashing from step-parents which is highly probable. Everyone just keep doing what you're doing. All I'm doing is laying it out the way I see it. The life we lead is a gift that we have for a short time. Use it wisely. Making concessions to our lives for the benefit of our families isn't giving in to unreasonable pressures, it's just about sharing ourselves with the people we love, for as long as we can. That's why I don't make bombs anymore or vacation in Tikrit or surf in Israel or swim with stingrays. Just choices I've made. It's all good.
  9. BASE 736 your points are indeed direct, succinct and to the point. However airdog is obviously unable to grasp the concept of elective pastimes. This inability to grasp this concept makes your valid argument totally irrelevant. As a jumper with more than enough jumps under my belt and having lost friends that did have children I can fully understand the choice to not jump once you have kids. Given the nature of this sport and the knowledge we have for how quick the shit can hit the fan do we really believe that that last jump we do, that finally kills us was really worth it even though we've left behind children that will be raised by someone else? Some will say that it was worth it and that they will never change what they do. The reality is that BASE will eventually kill all who participate. Skill, time in sport, knowledge, luck and all that shit will eventually forego everyone. Just check the list. Anyone who thinks that their last jump will be worthwhile needs to re-evaluate their commitment to their family. The name of the game is knowing when to quit. Plenty of people who have more jumps than me have packed it in for different reasons but chief among them has been for their children. If you elect to have kids should you not therefore elect to be around to make sure they grow up to be the people we want them to be? I'm not here to pass judgment on anyone who is a parent and a BASE jumper. If that's what you do then I wish you much success. I just know that for me not being a parent but knowing that in the future I will be, the thought of leaving my kids because of a life that I chose to pursue and given the nature of it, would be truly distressing. I have a choice. I won't live in a bubble. Life is risky but anyone who tells me that BASE jumping is safer than driving a car or getting killed in a terrorist attack in California is out to fucking lunch. I've seen the death and I've picked up the pieces. The clock is ticking. In thirty years time I hope I will be able to say that I survived and was able to tell my kids and grandkids about it. Shit, maybe they'll be BASE jumpers too, I hope so.
  10. In the first pic it looks as though your cat is about to take a dump on it. Might want to move it to a safe place coz once you get cat shit on'll never be the same.
  11. Boot camp's a breeze mate. Confidence in yourself is key. The reality is if you are in good enough shape to BASE and can read, write, drill and shoot you'll probably have fun. Once you get to the fleet...well that is something you'll have to deal with again. Best of luck and enjoy the memories. Matt 3RD BN 11th Marines 1st Mar Div 91-96
  12. Nice one Wildy. Looks like your Mum and I won't be enjoying your life insurance payout just yet eh? But when we do we're gonna have some fun but don't worry mate I'm sure Douggs will be along for ride too, giblets and all. Take it to the streets mate. Matt
  13. Rather...appocalyptic... All you're missing are, say four horsemen a ouple of plagues and a river/fijord of blood and you've got it. Brilliant.