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  1. skydivekid


    I picked an older model Hawkeye LT up second hand, and it's been great for me. I did end up converting it from an external audible to an internal audible pocket using fiberglass, and that has been great. Once it is on the helmet does not move at all, and I love the low profile mounting surfaces that are snag free, and great for freeflying as well as tandem video. The only real problem i have with my hawkeye is it is really tight to put on, doesn't flex much like my bonehead mindwarp does, and the soft forehead gets rolled under and is a pain to pull back out. Other than that it's an awesome helmet.
  2. skydivekid


    I picked up a Katana 135 demo from PD. loaded at about 1.5, Flies great and is extremely responsive to riser and toggle input. The landings are great, the katana has a long dive, sweet swoop and powerful flair to shut it down. Most of my approaches are 270 hook turns, but the katana also lands great with a straight in approach (landing out). It is pretty good at making it back from a long spot. The only problem I have had is the openings can be twitchy and sometime it starts to spin and dive. Overall a great canopy for most disciplines (camera, freefly, coach, etc)
  3. skydivekid


    I've been using a friend's cobalt 135 for the past several weeks, and I absolutly love it. It has a great dive, light riser pressure, and is extremely responsive. The openings are a little inconsistant, but the canopy is out of trim. Other than that this canopy is great reguardless of whether I'm crawling back from a long spot, or have time to set up and do a nice hook turn.
  4. skydivekid

    Mirage G3

    alrite i absolutely love my mirage g3. it was made back in 98 so it's a little older, but it's still great. the only problem i have found with it is that both my reserve is really soft in the container (PDR 160 in a M4) and my reserve flap has come open a few times while freeflying. however overall this rig is amazingly comfortable (even not being articulated) great for freefly or RW and my absolute favorite system.