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  1. jbrasher

    Buddy jumps

    I had a lot of trouble doing C&Ps and short delays, I'd always look for my ripcord and roll. Because I wasn't giving up and everyone was getting tired of me on my 48th jump I went to 7,500' with Zeke Lenn for a harness hold. He spent the jump stopping the spin I was trying to get going and I pulled at the correct altitude. My log book says: "Harness to harness with instructor. Released from student status. WOW!. " He signed me off to solo status and I spent another dozen or so jumps figuring out how to stop the spin :-) They weren't common I don't think.
  2. jbrasher

    Selections by Mike McGowen

    Yes, and even comes with Mike's autograph :-)
  3. jbrasher

    Selections by Mike McGowen

    Got mine already
  4. From Gypsy Moths: If my memory is any good (?) I remember the jumper also broke his leg/ankle landing the multiple canopy shot by landing on a fence.
  5. jbrasher

    2013 rap With Manley

    Pat - I bought a Strato Star (first square) and made my first jump 1976-03-21 with rings and ropes. Did 2 jumps and had a slider put on; rings and ropes where too complicated for my poor simple brain :-)
  6. That all depends :-) 20 was pretty high but it really depended on how big your landing area was and how good a spotter you (or someone) was. You spotted for the round reserve. Landing tips: Good medical coverage (although I really never needed it until I started jumping squares)
  7. Well Pat you;ve been busy today Here's a picture of Timne Broadwick taken about 1977 in Elsinore. The girls she's with did a demo into Chino airport for the airshow that Tiny was the guest of honor for. She was around 83 at the time and thought everyone should be paid to jump.