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  1. I'm a part time jumper. I have 30 jumps circa 1998-2001 and another 30 jumps circa 2008. I never got a license. What would I have to do to jump at your drop zone?
  2. I'm curious. When I started jumping in '97 I seem to remember a 30 foot pea pit. Another in 2001 was also around that size. The last few DZs I jumped at didn't have them. Are they a thing of the past?
  3. So does this mean I could shorten my own pads if I didn't affect the integrity of the straps?
  4. Beezy Shaw had this to say in 2005 about getting out of linetwists on an unbraked main:;#1861474
  5. I expect this could be very effective to call 3 weeks after the tandem to say we are going to delete the video due to hard drive space reasons, if you don't want a copy it will be forever lost.
  6. I'm curious. Do the students view the footage before they leave the DZ? Before they purchase? Do You call them later to remind them you have the footage or do they call you because they remembered you shot the video?
  7. Are you drilling them on their arch and PLF?
  8. Get a job, thats what I'd do. Pay your own way and live your own life.
  9. I have the same question after watching the movie. Of course they were opening much lower than any skydive I have been on, so that may also have been a factor in how it sounds on the ground.
  10. Milo


    Here are a couple of books, The Parachute Manual volumes 1 and 2 will make for some light reading when you get some downtime and seem to be a prerequisite for all the courses. Here are the courses that I know the web address of. and I'm not a rigger but I think any skydiver can benefit from learning as much as they can about our sport and the history and current science of our gear.
  11. Hey! You're not failing, you're learning! It sucks to have to pay for another jump, but it's only money. And for some of us it's worth it. I was not a fast learner, but I sure did have fun.
  13. Hello, Since Tandem jumps seem to be the way most people become exposed to skydiving, I am interested in how your dropzone views them. Are they a one time point of income, or are you able to capitalize on their exposure? Do you call them after the jump and try to get them to come back? Thanks. I only had 5 options for my poll. Do you have a better poll question that makes sense at your dropzone?
  14. clicky :
  15. I'd also be interested in how it handles with minimal input, does it fly straight with hands off the toggles? How much control do you have by shifting in the harness? Lots of new stuff for you. Be safe. Did you buy one of those self packing canopies?
  16. I'll ask you the same thing I asked Alge: How many times have your L&B items broke? If it fell off in freefall would you really expect anything to not need repair? That is not even a question here! They have great customer service! I think they replace shit that they should not, they go above and beyond what they should for replacing things. I am just wondering why they dont inprove the product so the same shit doesnt break over and over. Like there housing's and battery cover's as an example.
  17. How many times have your L&B items broke? If it fell off in freefall would you really expect anything to not need repair?
  18. There is a classified ad for a Vector 3 v348 container with an Rmax 188 reserve. The UPT sizing chart does not suggest an Rmax 188 reserve for a v348 container. Is this a good fit? Or something that would give my rigger fits?
  19. Congrats!!!! You started with a PLF and are here to talk about it. There has to be beer here somewhere.
  20. My father once told me: Never be good at a task nobody likes. You will be the only one assigned that task and you will never move on because nobody else wants to do that task.
  21. Does she know how to pack yet?
  22. I voted yes. I figure the US's military history with Germany the fewer German marksmen, the better.
  23. How much are you paying for it? I'd jump a 20 year old container, but I wouldn't pay much for it.