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  1. congats. Thats an accomplishment. I've been sober since 1999. I absolutley love being sober. More $$$$ for my skydiving. If I was still drinking I would'nt probably be jumping, or wouldnt have the wonderful woman that I am married to. And not to mention NO MORE HANGOVERS! Keep up the good work. I may be getting old but I got to see all the cool bands.
  2. I'll take that into consideration on my next jump. Seriously tho the tape has never even come close to blowing off. I'm very impressed. The quality of my films are not that great, but they are for my entertainment only. Although before I got my Pro-Trak I was able to get my freefall times. Can also hear my comments under canopy about hard openings and missed slots. I may be getting old but I got to see all the cool bands.
  3. Love that camera and helmet. I've got an Aiptek digital video cam. (87 $$ at Wal Mart) and 3 layers of duct tape on my Pro Tek, Now is that rated at 300 MPH beings as it is 100 mph tape? I have recorded my last 40 or so jumps. love reliving my jumps. Anyway it made me LOL. I may be getting old but I got to see all the cool bands.
  4. Hello out there. I have been reading for several mo. and have finally decided sighn up and post. I am an A license holder, and have passed the written test and completed live water training for my B. I am lacking one jump {figure 8, backloop, figure 8 backloop} for completion. I will get this jump done within the next 2 weeks. I have been jumping now for 3 years. I have never found anything that even comes close skydiving. Im also a rock climber and Harley rider, but they have both suffered tremendously since I took up this addiction. My Harley sits in the garage and cries because of lack of use, and my climbing equipment is just gathering dust. Only one thing has not been neglected and that is my wife. Im lucky enough to have a wonderful lady that supports me. Not monetarly, but morally. She is wonderful. She has done a tandem jump, so she has somewhat of an understanding of it. This is something that I had wanted to do all my life. So now Im living my dream. I happen to br lucky enough to live in the Big Sky country of Montana. The weather is not alwaysin cooperation but when it is the jumping is beautiful. I have been lucky enough to jump against th Mission, Bitteroot, and Bridger Mountains. Also Emmigrant Peak near Chico Hot Springs. In the three years Ive been able to jump at eight different locations in the state. Will be jumping soon in our own town which will make it nine. Have been going through all the channels to get the old DZ reopened here and are very close. Anyway just wanted to say hi and intoduce myself. Talk at you all soon I may be getting old but I got to see all the cool bands.