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  1. You had a plane? We had to bum rides from passing seagulls! /Sorry, not really an old timer but... I just couldn't help myself.
  2. Dude. I was there on Saturday as well -- you may have seen my wife and I coming in late afternoon (my second jump, her first). Good luck!
  3. I made it out to the dropzone yesterday for a spur-of-the-moment tandem (my second -- and my wife was along and she hasn't done it before). I'm now giving some serious consideration to saving up and getting certified come next summer. The gang out at the DZ seemed to be having a great time chilling out on the ground and jumping out of the plane. Lounging about on the carpets after folding their parachutes and grinning like fools on the way in after every jump. The ride up was... cozy... But everyone was cool, even the guy who ended up sitting practically in my lap (and my tandem instructor who ended up having me in his lap). We cracked some half-funny jokes (my instructor complained about a cramp in his foot. I said it was a good thing we weren't walking down). You all know about the ride down way better than me. So I'll skip that part. But what convinced me the most was when we were coming out of the hangar and going out to the plane a diver who was coming in from his previous jump looked at my instructor and said, "Can I check your shoulder flap?" You see, my instructor had stowed a foldover tab of some sort on his rig wrong. As the guy tucked it in he commented that it would end up slapping him in the neck in freefall. There was just something about how he asked and a sense that he looks at everyone's rig who passes him as they're heading for the plane. So just to get this out there now, if I go through with this and decide to get certified then... Please ask if you can check my shoulder flap. Or my chest strap. Go ahead and ask me if you can check my chinstrap Or a leg strap. If you think it is necessary then ask if you can check my jock strap. Anything you think deserves a check before I get out of the plane, please ask me if you can check it.
  4. Thanks everyone -- I've got it well enough. Once I get to my new home DZ I'll ask my instructor for a more thorough briefing. :)
  5. I'm curious as to how AADs know where the ground is. As a student pilot I'm rather familiar with the inner workings of an altimeter, and so far as I know they measure MSL altitude, not AGL... So how does your CYPRES know your AGL height to prevent you from doing the big splat if you pass out or for whatever reason need emergency deployment of the reserve?