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  1. reading this i got curious how big they build these things, from wikipedia: The world's largest turbines are manufactured by the Northern German companies Enercon and REpower. The Enercon E112 delivers up to 6 MW , has an overall height of 186 m (610 ft) and a diameter of 114 m (374 ft). The REpower 5M delivers up to 5 MW , has an overall height of 183 m (600 ft) and a diameter of 126 m (413 ft). now thats a huge wind turbine!
  2. hey, it's florida, it could be worse: three strikes and you're dead!
  3. from the interview: "it’s not worth doing if you can’t film it"
  4. as a resident of florida and in the construction industry, i am pretty positive that the law states ANY construction site trespassing qualifies as a felony. you should be able to find what you are looking for here: good luck! p.s. that doesn't mean you WILL be charged with a felony.. just that they can charge you with one.. and if you are climbing around a tower with a rig on, i'm guessing you would be if caught
  5. in florida trespassing on any construction site is in fact a felony, be careful. gary, if your profile is correct you might find what you are looking for here:
  6. I read about a study that showed music can INCREASE your reaction time, specifically rock and metal.. I don't happen to have the study at hand either, read it in a magazine.
  7. Not trying to be a ass, serious question here... What about jumpers that are deaf? Wouldn't listening to music essentially be the same in that you aren't going to hear anything going on around you? Though with music you might be jammin to the tunes and just not paying much attention to your surroundings. Either way, probably not the best idea.
  8. Chuck Norris is so bad ass his tears cure cancer. To bad he never cries. Never!
  9. That is just disgusting.... Why do I keep having to check this thread for new pictures?
  10. That movie is great! I think it was made really well. His mate is the best part of the movie, reminds me of one of my buddies. It's hilarious when they are in the backyard throwing stuff at the first zombie they see.
  11. Haha, that sucks! That is the exact same shirt I have. The shirt that I wear that really pisses off the cops is my Officer Friendly? shirt. It's got a cop in full armor with an assault rifle and says "OFFICER FRIENDLY?" under the picture. My shirt that says "Cops are assholes" doesn't go over well either. I'm not a big fan of cops obviously... I've been fucked with way to many times when I WASN'T do anything wrong. *Millions of dead cops! Bigots and thugs! On a rampage in the name of drugs!*
  12. Yeah I get that a lot also. I actually got that from a few people on the forums. I get all kinds of looks when I wear my Millions of Dead Cops shirt also. These guys are some good buddies of mine: Recycled Ruins. Pretty good shit, they'd appreciate it if some of you all checked it out. They are pretty fast and loud, influenced by a lot of the bands spoken about here.
  13. Some of us (me) tend to get way to drunk at places we should not. So by drinking light beer I am increasing the amount of time it takes for me to get to the "to drunk" level and therefore possibly avoiding it all together.
  14. Thanks for the info, I'll have to see if they have any Florida dates planned!