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  1. Sick_Of_It_All

    Felony tower jumping?

    as a resident of florida and in the construction industry, i am pretty positive that the law states ANY construction site trespassing qualifies as a felony. you should be able to find what you are looking for here: good luck! p.s. that doesn't mean you WILL be charged with a felony.. just that they can charge you with one.. and if you are climbing around a tower with a rig on, i'm guessing you would be if caught
  2. Sick_Of_It_All

    Howdy, new to the forums and the sport.

    Yeah I think I do... My family and girlfriend are worried. I've pretty much been an unguided slacker my whole life. They've never seen me so motivated and determined to do something, EVER! I'm planning on shipping out to Coast Guard boot camp early next year (long waiting list). I've done nothing but work and party since I got out of high school 6 years ago. Nothing excited me, didn't have any desire to go to college to get training for some job I didn't want to do. So I figured I better get serious and do something and be responsible, yada yada yada.... and all that junk. Well now that I found skydiving I'm working as hard as I can to make it happen before I go so maybe I won't have to. I'd have to get permission to skydive from the Coast Guard, that doesn't sit to well with me.