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  1. I heard from J-bro and Rabbit today... I'm losing too many friends and some even getting stabbed for stupid b.s. A VERY bummed Brian. MUFF MUFF... Muff Muff!!!
  2. Although I'm not much of a fan, "High speed dirt" by Megadeth IS a song about Skydiving. Dave Mustaine used to jump regularly until the birth of his son. til later...have fun and love each other...muff...muff... Muff Muff!!!
  3. I dunno if ya heard yet Mark, but Darrell will be taking care of the Muff Stuff. Here's a link to a story about Johnny and the rest of us Assholes an outdoors writer did a few years ago. I'm not that great on computers but I'll try to post the photo that went with it. Muff Muff!!!
  4. I'm really gonna miss him yelling on the plane. I'm really gonna miss him. My heart is broken. Muff Muff!!!