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  1. try posting an ad on craig's list. i have a truck i haven't used for two years because of gas prices, perhaps someone else out there has a car or truck they'd rent for cheap. if you're going through a car rental agency, try telling them you belong some sort of group (USPA or ABA) will get you another 10-20% off. there's also a lot of local rental agency like eagle or advantage that rent cars CHEAP. you won't find them listed on or Try I just checked there rates, for 19days you can get a car for $419
  2. What are the requirments for the high altitude jumps? Looking forward to this boogie, can't wait to get out of the cold New England weather...
  3. There's a full moon on Feb 20th, any idea if there will be any night jumps on the last day of the boogie?
  4. Heeeey I resemble that commen! And you bet I'll be there, gotta earn my dignity back after my last showing.
  5. I took Scott Miller's canopy course yesterday. Now I'm confident that I can hit the broad side of a barn. looking forward to Dublin!
  6. It was great and by far the most memorable jump I've ever done... even if a stupid tree jumped right out of no where and got in my way Thanks to everyone who contributed film, sweat and time to make this thing happen so dang well. I can't wait for Dublin. See yallz there!
  7. QuoteDon't worry you'll fit. There is a catwalk that runs through the middle of the bombbay. We'll probably have 2 jumpers on either side of the bombay and drop straight down. Quote Just to give an idea of how roomie it's gonna be check out some pics AIR DOUG's posted from past B17 jumps AND
  8. You now have 4 official jumpers, count me in!
  9. I just heard about two pilots who colliding under canopy at 300 feet. This supposedly happened last week-ish (April 10, 2006). Apparently, both pilots will be okay, they landed under one canopy. The way I hear it is... one person walked away, the other was seriously but not critically injured. Does anyone have further details,. how the collision occured, the size of the canopy they rode in on, the condition of the pilot in the hospital, or which DZ?
  10. eek

    Skydive DeLand

    I've only jumped at 5 different DZ. I enjoyed my experience here so much that I enticed my entire family to come down and jump (All 8 of them). There are a lot of international teams that train here. Don't be intimidated by that fact or that the truck drivers have over 1000 jumps. If you bring positive energy that is what you'll get in return. Safety appears to be important to the DZ, but I've only jumped at REALLY relaxed DZ in the past. I do know that pin checks are drilled into everyone heads, seatbelts and helmets are worn up to 1000ft. If not, someone will definately let you know. With the exception of one AFF instructor, the AFF staff was great which is very important for a first time jumpers experience (Thanks Nikki, Crossman, Christine, Bob, Yuki, Dag, Scott, Ray) The store does have a rent to own program which is nice. Also really nice is that there are alot of manufacturers nearby and the DZ will do everything to schedule a demo for you. Landing area is large, free of obstacles, and well marked/easily visible. The facilities are wonderful. The restaurant/bar is full service. There is even free internet access. There are three places to pack, 1 A/C, 1 cooled by fans, the other is outdoors under tent. There's also private rooms with tvs and plenty of crawlers if you're going to do any team work. During the busy season it may become difficult to get up as much as you'd like. A few weeks back there were 8 international teams, a number of fun jumpers, a few AFF and tamdem jumpers. Made for a crazy day. I was still able to squeeze in 7 jumps. I was hoping to do 10. There's plenty of coaching opportunities. Skydive U is located here. There's a wind tunnel nearby. There's a canopy course you can take.'s Florida. Which means in the summer it's gonna be hot. This also means only the die hard jumpers will be jumping and you can jump all you want. (at least they put out water coolers to cool you down and keep you from spontaneously combusting). Being FLA, it also means you'll be able to jump almost everyday, even if rain is in the forecast. There's typically a North to South wind at the DZ. What else? There's a bunkhouse, a trailer park and tent city on the DZ. The DZ also has showers. Scenery is nice, you have a great view of the beach. The staff are great and diverse which makes jumping here that much more fun. There's plenty of staff with interesting backgrounds from the US. But, there are also staff from S. Africa, Iceland, Japan, Australia, Denmark. Be open, respectful, serious about safety, and wear a smile and I'm confident this will be your favorite DZ. They fly 4 different planes including a supervan which is a ton 'o fun to jump out of. The DZ is a busy place. Which is fine, I like the excitement new jumpers bring and atmosphere of it all. The only problem with this is, the store has hired some staff that aren't jumpers OR the best at math. I caught a number of errors on my account. I seriously doubt they were intentially, and they were all were quickly remedied, but just be aware of this. There's plenty of DZ choices in central Florida. Check 'em out, but I'm sure you'll be comeing back here (or Z-hills) again and again. Lastly, pay with cash if possible. There's a fee for using credit and the debit machine regularly causes me problems.
  11. eek

    Skydive New England

    I jumped my first jump here aprox 10yrs ago. Different owners now, different instructors and a much better atmosphere and it's great to see safety is priority #1. The people were great. The student landing area could be a bit smoother, and the wait between jumps was horrible. But the views were great, the vibe was awesome, the people were all very nice and it didn't matter if you had 10 jumps or 100 jumps. The snack bar had a good selection. The bathrooms were clean, plenty of parking and tenting area. BRING A LAWNCHAIR!