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  1. I know she misses him alot....His dad is 6'4, I'm sure he'll be playing sports...I'm hoping he'll either be a NY Met...or a Pittsburgh Steeler...then maybe I can quit my job, and he'll take care of me...I think he'll be bigger than his daddy.
  2. Thank you :) He is a handsome boy...they kept telling me in the hospital how they hardly ever see such a "perfect" baby...
  3. I can't wait til he starts talking, and actually calls her grandma...wait...maybe I can, I already miss the whole newborn baby thing, and he's only two months...does that mean it's time to start planning another one??...I just want to make her feel old...but I guess that'll make me feel old too...He's such an amazing good, so happy and content all the time
  4. Well, I found out about 30 minutes after it had happend...I was sleeping, and I got a phone call. half asleep I answered my phone, and as soon as I saw the name on my caller ID I knew it was something bad...and then..."I just wanted to let you know, PJ went in about a half hour ago"..."What??? What happend? Are you serious"...I started shaking...I couldnt really understand it all, I was barely awake, it didnt seem right...though, it never seems right when something like that happens...It's so hard to wrap your mind around...I still cant wrap my mind around Bungy going in a few years ago, even tho I was there, and I saw it...I didnt know him as PJ...I knew him as Paul...I lived with him for awhile...we had some fun times...and then some really fucked up times...But, every person who comes into my life, I take as some kind of lesson in life....I hope that he had finally gotten everything straightend out in his life...I hold no resentment towards him in my life...It's just so crazy everything that has happend...It's crazy that I hadn't seen him since I was 15 and now im 22, then just a few months ago, I went to crosskeys to visit a few friends, in july...right before my 22nd b'day...and I saw him at the dropzone...he was sitting on a bench behind me...I was hoping he would say Hi first, but maybe he wasnt sure who I turned around, and became the cocky 15 year old I used to be..."Hey Paul...How're you???" and he said Hi back, and asked me how I was...and it continued from there...not much of a conversation...but it was just interesting to see, and say Hi to someone I hadn't seen or talked to in almost seemed as if he was scared to say Hi to respond to me in anyway...I'm really hoping that that was because he had made a lot of changes in his life...and that he just wasnt sure if I despised him for all the things that had happend...I don't hold any resentment towards him, and I hope he knew that...he was an interesting character...Having lived with someone for awhile, and seen their everyday routines, makes it a little harder...I'm really saddend by his passing...I was shaking so hard when I found out about him...I didn't know how I was supposed to take it...I was almost his step-daughter...I don't know...even though I haven't lived on a drop zone for awhile...I still think of skydivers as part of my family...losing someone in your family is something really difficult...and Paul, regardless of the crap we went through, was a part of my family in a sense...Maybe our see'ing each other a few months ago was a way for us, even tho we didnt talk for very long, to say "Hey, I'm ok now, it doesnt matter what had happend in the past, our lives have moved on, and things got better"...I'm still very sad about it...I had never expected to ever have to say goodbye to anyone like that, until I was alot older...but now, I've had to say goodbye to many...My prayers are with his family, and his friends...And Paul...I really don't hold any kind of blame towards you...shit happens as we used to say, and you move on...It's those fucked up things that happen in your life that either make, or break you....I learned many things from you...I'm just sorry that this is how we had to say goodbye...Not a day passes that I don't think about the skydivers...members of my family, that I've met, and lost...Blue Skies....I really hope that you had finally found everything that made you happy in life....Atleast I know everyday there will be someone saying to me..."you dumbass, don't do that, wtf is wrong with you" and give me a kick in the ass when I need it...
  5. Man...there are just some things that you just don't want your mom....and especially not your grandma to
  6. so, now her rack is getting caught on things when she tries to move it.......and theyre not very stable and she falls over from it. please, let me be the first to offer my help in stabilising your daughters rack so she does not fall over any more. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My mom sent me an email saying..."You won't believe what Vinny said"...I think it's hilarious
  7. beggin your pardon, m'lady. That's right...hehe...Let me inform you of the fact that ShopRite sucks...I mean, we have the best prices and stuff, but, the place still sucks...I was pulling a rack out of the oven that is taller than me, because none of the other lazy asses in my department would do it, I was supposed to be leaving at the time, btw....and one of the wheels got caught on something, and my first thought was to move my face out of the way, it hit my shoulder really hard, then rested in the crease of my arm, ya know, the part where you bend it...(its not my elbow, because my elbow is on the other side) at first it didnt hurt, but then it started blistering up...I should've let the damn thing drop to the ground! I probably would've gotten written up by my cow of a manager though...It still hurts ...but, those buttholes are paying for all of my medical bills, so .... pfffffffffffffffffft to them!
  8. Evidentally, you forgot to wear your glasses. Not many describe my big balding self as "cute." Still, it was good on ya to come see me, what w/ your klutzy daughter and all... I truly enjoyed your company. Klutzy?!...I am in no way, shape, or form klutzy!
  9. 5 years ago, Friday April 13th...we lost an amazing guy, Bungy, at Skydive Deland...Just wanted to say....I miss you alot, and I wish you were still here...Everytime I hear "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone", I think of you dancing around with the flower pot in manifest...You were an amazing, beautiful person, and I'm thankful I got to spend so much time with you...And I'm thankful that I got to see you one last time that morning, even tho you were teasing me!... You always made me smile when you were around... I still think about you....
  10. Princess? Not cute...Question...How long have you been in this sport? Have ya made many friends since you've gotten into it?..I personally don't think you have...
  11. You really have no couth. What exactly, may I ask, is wrong with you? "These are the people I want to see die in a fire". Who says something like that? Obviously someone who doesn't have a whole lot going on upstairs. Before you start making nasty comments about people, make sure you know something about them. My mom is an extremely intelligent woman, she has more brains in her little pinky, then you do in your entire body. Get a life dude, seriously, and grow a pair. Do the rest of the world a favor also, and learn to keep your mouth shut...Or in this case, just don't write anything... Remember when you were a kid? They teach you, "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all"...Why don't you go and repeat that a few hundred times, or maybe more. It'll help you out a lot in life.
  12. Some people never change...and they even get worse...
  13. I think we have about hmmm...700+ animals ATM...I think some of the eggs are about ready to hatch, baby pancakes, and red feet...It's so cool to have so many different kinds of animals, one of my favorites right now is the bat we have, when I saw him I got to feed him mealworms, and gave him some water, I love their mushed lil faces...then he started flying and did circles around my head...And then there's Homer, African attack goose, he rocks!...He will chase you down, and bite the hell out of you, or beat the crap out of you with his wings he comes up to almost my waist, it's good to have him around when someone pisses me off, I just sic him on them...Then there are his two friends the Embden geese Huey and Louie, they're pretty loud and obnoxious...I think out of all our animals, the only one that's like, a typical, "normal" pet, is our dog...And she still isn't all that normal, she's weird..Oh wait, there's also the guinea pigs, but even with them only one of them is normal, the rest are hairless
  14. She was born in Princeton...which is a few minutes away...and raised right on this road that we're on right now...