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  1. adventurechick

    Buying a used container

    If you shoot me the serial number, I can look up all the options it has and the current pricing. You could figure out depreciation from there with how many jumps/condition etc.
  2. I would love to, but I'll be flying home to be with family over the holidays. Shoot me a mesage if you need a 4th sometime else! Love 4-way :-)
  3. adventurechick

    need advice for my AFF level 3

    Do you have a wind tunnel near by that you could practice your body position in? Take a few deep breaths before exiting, listen to your instructors, and rock it out!
  4. adventurechick

    Freestyle in tunnel

    Go to Sean MacCormac. He'll be in the perris area the next few months. His coaching is simply amazing. If you are really interested, I'll pass the contact information along.
  5. adventurechick

    Cool pictures needed

    Photos Taken By Kazu Oyama :o)
  6. adventurechick

    Elsinore Bunkhouse...

    I slept there one night. I just put my rig next to my bed and my bag, and no one bothered it. It's inside a building and only skydivers are there... I had no worries.
  7. adventurechick

    question about a weird pain

    Maybe go to your doctor and get everything checked out just in case.
  8. adventurechick

    When is someone going to hit a plane in FF again?

    Who has hit a plane in freefall?
  9. adventurechick

    Z-Hills for Thanksgiving boogie

    If you're coming from Orlando, I can give you a ride!! Let me know!
  10. adventurechick

    Thinking about BASE

    Ok, I'm sorry, that came out wrong.... I was just wondering if high places existed that one could use a main and reserve. I do know that BASE rigs are real rigs, I'm truely sorry.
  11. adventurechick

    Landing patterns

    Whenever I've gone to a new dropzone, I will ask for a briefing and ask to show me on a map places to avoid and I'll always ask if it's a left hand or right hand landing pattern. The DZ's have always been helpful!
  12. adventurechick

    Which Way to go

    Personally, I enjoyed doing all of my AFF at one site because all the instructors watched me along the way and were able to help me out more so on different levels because they knew and saw my progress from level 1. Once you complete your AFF, you are still on student status until you have 25 skydives and completed your profiency card for your A license. I will continue to jump at my home DZ until I reach my A license because I still am a student and my instructors know my progress and can help me work on things that I need to get done... So to answer your question, I would do your AFF at the DZ you plan to be your home DZ. You could knock out your AFF before you go to Hawaii too..