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  1. Infinity all the way, the owner Kelly Farrington, is one of the best in the industry in regards to gear, attention to detail and he is there working at the shop every day. I have such a great respect for him and the team there and how well everything is made. Highly recommend hip articulation and floating laterals and love how secure the main and reserve pin cover flaps are. Good luck in your search!
  2. Pilot 188 will fit well in an I-45 if it is ZPX. Typically a regular Pilot (not ZPX) will pack one size higher. PMS #449 TPM #80 Muff Brother #3860 SCR #14705 Dirty Sanchez #233
  3. Definitely the black sheep of my fam... but I have the best stories! I'm the baby and the only female grand-child PMS #449 TPM #80 Muff Brother #3860 SCR #14705 Dirty Sanchez #233
  4. Wanted to share my husband's edit from the week.... much more fast paced and excellent editing, enjoy! PMS #449 TPM #80 Muff Brother #3860 SCR #14705 Dirty Sanchez #233
  5. You are spot on! We would paint the darkness with our lights and look for the crazy creatures, such an amazing experience! Thanks for watching my Tiger Shark vid, too!! PMS #449 TPM #80 Muff Brother #3860 SCR #14705 Dirty Sanchez #233
  6. Hey Asshole, Thank you ! Muff Muff!! PMS #449 TPM #80 Muff Brother #3860 SCR #14705 Dirty Sanchez #233
  7. Thanks so much for watching, everyone! I highly encourage you to try out these dives one day... simply breathtaking! PMS #449 TPM #80 Muff Brother #3860 SCR #14705 Dirty Sanchez #233
  8. Thanks for watching :-) PMS #449 TPM #80 Muff Brother #3860 SCR #14705 Dirty Sanchez #233
  9. Non-skydiving related, but thought you guys might like my latest video. Just came back from diving in HI with pelagic creatures and manta rays at night! Enjoy Blue Skies, Gail PMS #449 TPM #80 Muff Brother #3860 SCR #14705 Dirty Sanchez #233
  10. 20! PMS #449 TPM #80 Muff Brother #3860 SCR #14705 Dirty Sanchez #233
  11. I did my first jump at 20, then started my AFF immediately after that. I did pay my own bills, but I didn't exactly let them know until I had about 25 jumps.
  12. Our company (Velocity Sports Equipment) built a mock Infinity for the SF Bay Tunnel. If you're on the west coast you could try that!
  13. We made it! Velocity Sports Equiment (makers of the Infinity harness/container system) To Infinity and Beyond!
  14. The Main and Reserve were from Precision and were 270's. Felix also used a Cypres, L&B products, and his rig was made by Velocity Sports Equipment, makers of the Infinity Harness and Container system. Feel free to send Kelly Farrington a congratulations PM (KellyF). This was a great day!
  15. About 4 years ago I broke my ankle, foot, and leg and was non-weight bearing for 4-5 months. I ended up picking up guitar, volunteered at an Improv comedy club, took improv lessons, volunteered at the canoe shop, got a job picking stitches in a rigging loft and even traveled a bit on crutches. Enjoy the time, take the time to make new friends, learn a new hobby and seize the moment!