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  1. johnboy

    Ocean Sky

    Excellent find!
  2. I'm always wearing gloves. The last jump I made without them, I had a BAD off-field stumbled landing, and the stick almost went the entire way through my hand. It didn't pierce the top of my hand, but the skin was poking up. I've grown a little smarter since being 19. Or, well, I've worn gloves ever since that jump!
  3. I lurk more than post, and as such this is a rare occasion for me to make a request from the crowd, but a friend of mine has a little girl with a pretty ugly and rare neurological disorder. He's in the Pepsi challenge right now trying to raise funding for research for her and could use all the votes he can get. Your votes would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. This song got covered and was hacked to shreds. Here's Anne Previn singing in the right way:
  5. Grateful never had to mean satisfied. I work my ass off, too, but I'm still working very hard to create some other options, too. Hang tough!
  6. Were you at the Carivale last weekend? That was some fine jumping weather, although I did finally put on a long sleeve T-shirt on Sunday for the sake of jump run. Otherwise the shorts and t-shirt thing pretty much just rocks. Why did I ever move away from here so many years ago?
  7. Nah. Need to find a chick with BIG boobs....
  8. Feeling it for you, buddy. A friend of mine just lost his 7 year old niece this morning to brain cancer. Tipping my glass your way.
  9. This is an amazing story. Thank you for sharing this. Just..... wow.
  10. Something like that....
  11. That's going to look awesome. I don't have any room above where I got this one, but dammit I wish I had thought of that! Oh well. I'm still very pleased. So you'll have to be the one that has Twardo's first jump and his first jump ship.
  12. The lace on that thing looks to be about 4-5 inches too far to her left.
  13. Yup. Wanted it simple. Da Vinci is one of my heroes and didn't want to change anything. Next one will be quite a bit more elaborate.
  14. I've been thinking about it for a long time and finally did something about it a few days ago. Not the best picture quality given I was taking the shot myself. Still like it anyway. Woohoo!