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  1. It doesn't add up because you do not have all of the facts. You are only privy to certain pieces of the puzzle, and therefore, you cannot connect the dots. That is perfectly understandable. The answers are quite simple actually, but I leave it to the parties directly involved to put their personal lives out there for all to evaluate, if that is their desire. It is not my place to do so. Thanks to those of you in this community who have offered your help and support. 9
  2. Hi this is Scott's girlfriend. i have to post under this name because i do not have an account for myself. I'm deeply offended hurt by all these comments being made. From the beginning of all this, from the time his hysterical mom called my mom to say he was dead, to the time we found out he was alive, all i tried to do was help his grieving mother and find his body so we could get the closure we wanted and needed. The information being posted on here is inaccurate and i think needs to be clarified. i had broken up with him the week before and on monday we had talked about working things out. i was supposed to go see him tuesday for his birthday, but i was not able to and we got in an argument and he left, but he only told me he was going basejumping. He never said anything about going on vacation or anything like that. Scott has contacted me and we have talked and he has also talked to my mother. He told us he had left because he was angry and hurt and just wanted to get away. Can we all be grateful and praise god that he is alive and well? i don't know why people feel it's necessary to start pointing the finger at anyone other than who is at fault for the whole "hoax", this mike guy. these past three days were the hardest, most painful days i've ever had to go through. and please don't judge until you've had to go through something even close to the same thing. just remember, scott's alive and that is what we all need to be thankful for. i know i am. thanks, Bre
  3. As I introduced myself in a previous post, I am a personal friend of the Kirk family. After witnessing what the Kirk family has gone through in the past week over this fiasco, I am disgusted by those of you who would even consider turning this into something his girlfriend orchestrated. The Kirk family was in constant contact with Scott's family throughout this entire ordeal. They went to bat for Scott and his family, until his family could arrive in SoCal. Shame on all of you. 9
  4. Hello, and yes, I do know the Kirk family. Jamie is the older brother of Scott's girlfriend. HE WAS NOT with Scott at the jump; the information he gave out on the news came from an anonymous email sent to Scott's parents. We are still looking for the body, and we are appalled to have learned that Scott did not die in the jump and could have been administered emergency treatment had his fellow jumpers called 911. 9