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  1. Skydive the South in Tuskegee, AL, will be hosting a Flight 1 @ 2 course this weekend, 24-25Jun2017. Come out and get in some jumps and have a good time.
  2. They can be used for training purposes, at least wet water training. Find a small local DZ and donate them to their training program, then write them off on taxes.
  3. Skydive the South in Tuskegee, AL will be hosting a Cinco de Skydiving on Friday, 05May2017 with doors opening at 2:00PM central. Taco's and skydiving. Beat the summer heat with sunrise jumps on Saturday, 06May2017, Doors open at 5:00 AM central, wheels up at 5:30. Good place to jump.
  4. I took 13 years off to stay home and be a dad. Hind sight 20/20 that was the right decision. Six jumps since returning and loving it. It's surprising that the body doesn't forget how to fly.
  5. I have a Smart LPV 190 in an ICON NeXgen I5 with a good fit. The rigger commented that the fabric felt like an optimum.
  6. The same female, Cynthia Quach ([email protected]), contacted me about my rig today. Said exact same thing, that her rigger said the rig was perfect for her. My rig is made for 6' 210lbs. She put her address as 800 Pennsylvania St., Apt. 151X, Denver, CO for shipping. She asked for my bank account numbers for payment. Told her the rig would ship after cash arrived. Wonder if she'll respond.