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  1. Hey everyone! Checking in to see if anyone has repaired their own Oxygn A3 interior lining & padding, or if anyone knows of a company that does it. After 17 years, it's time to fix it. SA
  2. Thank you, betzilla & theonlyski. I may try to give that a try. And I definitely agree with experiencing "customer service". SA
  3. Hey betzilla, I definitely understand going to the local pro shop, however, I have a gift certificate from Tony Suit. With that said, the pro shop won't do the measurements for me because I'm not getting the suit through them...they're making no money from me. On this item, that is.
  4. I'm wondering if there's anyone in the South Bay / Los Angeles area that would be willing to help me with measurements. I want to make sure it fits on the first fitting. Not real confident in my measuring skills or if there are little tricks to measuring accurately. Anyone know of someone in this area?
  5. Thanks guys. I'll keep looking at the features of the suit that I want to get. SA
  6. Hey everyone, Just checking in to see who has a Tony Suit, "Swoop Suit". I have a gift certificate & I'm thinking of getting one. I have a regular TS right now, which is 10 years old, so it's time to get a new wardrobe. What are your thoughts on it? Got pics of yours? SA
  7. Thanks, Holger. I actually found that after posting and sent them an email this morning. I haven't heard back from them, though. Thank you for that link! SA
  8. Thanks, Southern_Man. I actually did trying calling those number yesterday; they're all disconnected though. SA
  9. Thank you, IanHarrop. Now, if I can only find a phone number for them. Anyone in VA have a listing for them? SA
  10. Hey everyone, Just checking to see if anyone knows if "PEC" is still in business. I need to get my FT 50 altimeter serviced and I can't find a phone number or correct address for them. Thanks, in advance. SA
  11. Some new leg/ankle bondage mechanism. SA
  12. Oooo....hadn't thought of that! Good one! SA
  13. Hey everyone, I'm wondering if anyone out there knows if anyone makes closing pin cufflinks. If you have a link or are someone, please let me know! Thanks! SA
  14. Sorry, I thought that was basic knowledge. Food & Beverage. SA