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    Freefall Photography
  1. Hey all, I recently completed my first ws jumps (6 jumps) and wondering what skills are next on the list in terms of practice during solos jumps etc (speed variations, barell rolls, loops, etc?) Any experienced flyer wants to share a bit of educational ideas ? :) Thanks !!
  2. Anyone here is or know a wingsuit instructor in NZ ? :) Looking to make my first flight soonish and looking for the proper training/breefing ... Thanks !!
  3. Hey all, Just moved from sunny socal to New Zealand and need to get back to jumping now :) Any advice / people jumping from the wellington area ? (I know the masterton DZ but haven't been there yet) Thanks ! Francois
  4. that would be a GREAT camera for stereo movies :)
  5. I had to stop for almost a year for different reasons (moving to another country, another job,etc) and I couldn't wait to get back to it. Now that I did it's even worst than before, if I don't get to jump one week end I feel depressed (not exactly but you get the idea!) :) I think that when you've been up there it's stays in you for the rest of your life, so hurry up and get back up there and be safe :)
  6. just a quick question for Cookie :) Is the back of the box always opened like that or is there some kind of strap-on door for it ?
  7. Could you post a video of a jump ? :) very interested in looking at it , and getting it with your box :)
  8. What kind of jumps was it for ? Any shaking , etc if it was freefly ? and side/top mount ? Thanks :)
  9. Have you tried to jump it yet ? and anybody know if there's a box for such a camera yet ? or if it can fit in a box made for another model ? Thanks!
  10. hey, am about to move from Sydney to LA in a very few weeks and starting to look for a new DZ over there... I've seen perris and a couple others, any advice on that subject ? I should stay around west holywood i guess (well mostly north part of the city), so how long would it take to get to the DZ etc ! And jumpers from LA , looking forward to meeting you :) Francois
  11. I'm wondering if all the people so opposed to mediatisation of BASE (which i understand) ever think that one day we could have good mediatisation, in the sense that it would actually help base and not go against ? Seems that Tom took all the precautions possible to make it a good thing, wait and see but don't judge without knowing !
  12. Being an active BASE reader (not jumper yet), I think you'll always have divergent point of views on the list... As a pedagogic tool to learn as much as I can about skydiving and base jumping , I'd rather read a list of accidents/incident, the causes and a discussion on what to do to avoid/solve the problem (just like the Incident forum here ....) But on the other hand, it's good for me and for other people am sure to have this list to put your head back where it should be when you have the "I want to go BASe jumping now" idea in mind ... That said, having a photo, name location etc, am not sure it really helps the purpose my 2 cents
  13. well why would you watch a p*** movie ? ;) isn't it better to do it !? hehe
  14. well if you really want to do it well , you have to perform something called "difference key" on your sequence and a clean plate (clean background image without any fg action). Once you got that you do a difference between the clean bg and the action frame, thus giving you only the action you want ... you do that for all your action frames, and put those over the clean plate ... Francois
  15. hey, I know ... another newbie post ... :/ Am wondering about my setup to start camera flying I already have a Sony HC1 and was looking at the BoneHead Optik + DBOX do you guys think it's a good combo to begin with ? The camera would be to record my jumps first, no ambition to camera fly for teams or anything yet and am mainly freeflying .. Thanks a lot ! Francois