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  1. How's going Marko, I can see Darren flying V Power. What did you fly and did you docked? Was it at the FinFlock or later? The canopy looks like Petra, so I suppose is much faster than Leila under the same WL's = easier for WS pilot. reg. j. Back to Poland... back home.
  2. "As far as this video goes...a wingsuiter flying flat, viewed from a highly-loaded canopy descending at a rapid rate does not suggest the wingsuiter is flying "up." " With all respect DSE, where do you see a "highly loaded canopy" as the reference point? the person with the camera is wearing a WS without collapsed arms either leg wings which are huge brakes against "rapid" descent of the "canopy". neither I doubt that the WS flyier filming the flaring WS guy is under Velocity to create such an visual illusion of climbing up the WS flyier. He went up for a limited time and height but he did. best regards jps Back to Poland... back home.
  3. would that fit under the suit? any examples? have anyone tried something like that in reality? j. Back to Poland... back home.
  4. Hi, Occasionally from time to time 3/4 times a year in a nice cracking location at the sea cost are organized some jumps. It's not a DZ normal operational place. Due to the fact, that literally there is mostly water surrounding the airfield, life vests (provided by the organizer) are mandatory or let's say required. As we jump WS with zippers it is not really possible to use them. I figured out that it would be much more handy to have an old (cable) type of a WS (i.e. Ph2 or similar) to wear the life vest. the back straps of the vest can be routed via the cable wing attachment. However with zips it is not really possible. Routing the vest straps via harness holes interfere with the handles. So do any of you guys might have some sort of idea what kind of life vests/floating devices could possibly be used without much restrictions or safety issues (i.e. limiting movement or accessibility to safety handles) in that sort of situations? Any (serious - not bath duck type etc.) ideas? regards j. Back to Poland... back home.
  5. Hi, looking for the same info. Has anyone got the measurements of the D-bag? reg. j. (I send the question but didnt get the answer) Back to Poland... back home.
  6. it seams that it was a BASE rig Back to Poland... back home.
  7. what about Stane from basetroll.com who made it? regs j. Back to Poland... back home.
  8. from the mechanics perspective, don't you think that putting pressure on the rears you start to have some sort of semi ridgit (not pinned any more) connection from statics point of view? Off course the amount of force translating by the rears to the hands and body is much less than thrugh the fronts, but still there is some changes in the statics (even slight). So it might have some influence in to the performance other than aerodynamics. regs. j. Back to Poland... back home.
  9. thanks, but it is pretty old thread, isn't it? maybe some new info would be useful as some of the guys could change /adjust theirs opinions. thx janusz ps. I seriously considering buying 105 or 95 right now Back to Poland... back home.
  10. contact to IPC, Most of the AFFI's are USPA and PAI (Parachute Association of Ireland) rated AFAIK. There is plenty of them to do the course. Recently during long week jumping there was plenty of AFF's done. The only and really only problem which I can see is the weather ;) usually wind and low cloud base is a problem. http://www.facebook.com/skydive.ie FB page that's the closest to Dublin. There is also one in Northern Ireland (Wild Geese) but not sure if they can do AFF as per USPA. good luck with weather j. Back to Poland... back home.
  11. That's why I made a PFC rating. And apparently jumping on the same DZ in Ostrow. but no demo fleet so far - starting to sort it out. j. Back to Poland... back home.
  12. Shall we all read the very first post? there is nothing about an age, condition or airworthiness of the canopy, there is a concern about the seller and possible scam. There is a question if skydiverek as a seller is a legitimate person. Moderators should react on off topic rigging discussion j. Back to Poland... back home.
  13. there is the same risk in buying in Poland as in US, I cant see lil difference. if you talking about person with nick Skydiverek http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?username=skydiverek;, he's been here for ages so I dont think there is any risk at all involved in buying any goods from him, although I never bought myself from him. just my opinion janusz Back to Poland... back home.
  14. did you contact Atair Slovenia/Stane about that? I'm not sure but asked once on the phone he said yes to me. But I didnt finalize as I changed size to smaller one. j. edit: Roq would do that AFAIK. Back to Poland... back home.