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  1. FWIW, I have a 308 with a PD126 (not an OP) with a Crossfire2 139, easy enough to pack, but the main tray is definitely getting on the pregnant side of things.
  2. Speak to your DZSO. If they give you the same answer, move to another DZ. Where do you jump? Pm me if you'd rather not say.
  3. I think its beneficial to try and just enjoy the journey. No matter how good you get, you'll always have jumps that don't go right or just present new challenges, getting through those with all the "ahaa!" moments is what keeps me thirsty. Sounds like a bit of tunnel wouldn't hurt (it never really does!), but just try to stay current, and talk it out with your instructors. Relaaaaaaaaaaaax! :) blank
  4. Did you check to see if the RSL pin was fully seated in its socket? It's possible to partially close the shackle so it appears correct at first glance but will disconnect under load. --Mark I think thats the point, even though you're "sure" its right, things happen. Pull your handles. blank
  5. Also clear the excess material from between the lines before laying it down. It was tongue in cheek. Shake dont flake! blank
  6. There are so many different tips/techniques you'll hear along the way, and in my experience, most were more of a hindrance than a help as it just over complicated an otherwise simple task. I'm assuming you're ok with the basics (running your lines, quartering your slider, cocking pilot chute etc) The S-Fold got me (and probably most new jumpers) for ages too, I was too concerned with making it exactly the same size as the d-bag - which I later found was basically impossible. The common theme with all the different techniques you'll see and hear is to be gentle with it, don't apply much pressure as it will just explode out the opposite side. Less is more, relax, etc :) blank
  7. Seen a few around my dz. Had an early iteration myself. The price reflects the quality. blank
  8. I had a similar thing going on during my AFF. My instructor noted that when I was trying to drive forward, I wasnt getting anywhere - footage revealed my legs too far apart and effectively not creating a platform to drive off. Positive pressure on the shins is a good way to stay aware of your legs. You just need feedback, and for me, that was a game changer. It did a few things for me: stopped backsliding or breathing in a formation (be it a 2 way or 20way), and kept me driving into the center. It made flying my legs a lot more intuitive (turning, stopping, side sliding etc) and it made me much more aware in tracking - less delta, more flat. That's just my experience so take it with a grain of salt, but find your feedback and that will unlock it. blank
  9. Why aren't we talking about exit seperation relating to groundspeed on jump run? That's the obvious issue here. Unless it was at 100kts, thats way too little time between groups. blank
  10. I just dont get how that happens. It's a simple procedure with minimal steps. Look and locate right, look and locate left. Peal and punch right, peal and punch left. I practice my EPs at least 5 times per jump. That means after just 200 jumps I've practiced my EPs 1000 times. I'm genuinely curious how someone can practice something that often and still get it wrong. Was there some unusual circumstances, like they attempted to pull both handles at the same time or something? Do they never practice their EPs on the plane? (I see many people who don't.). Don't under estimate stress. It's a humbling beast. Have you had a chop yet? blank
  11. 100% RELAX.... Also, adding to your huge grin when you're hanging out the door, exhaling through an exit works wonders, and I still do it. Especially on a challenging jump. A big, slow, PHFFFHHHHHHHHHSSSSHHHHH........ Enjoy the journey, there's nothing quite like it :) blank
  12. You're going to stretch the fuck out of it anyway. They all end up XXXL. blank
  13. Watch this video. Clearly shows all the randoms (letters) and blocks (numbers) in the FS divepool. Should clear it all up for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2B4S3lGf54 blank
  14. I run a Vigil and honestly I never felt great about the lack of mandatory service. I think it's healthy to get these components looked at periodically even if it's just to confirm that "yep, it's all good, keep jumping it". Will happily be sending mine off during the my next repack. blank
  15. I don't have the experience to comment on the canopy, but perhaps define "giving you grief". Are they saying youre unsafe by how you fly it? Or that generally they think its an unsafe canopy, despite your skill/behavior? blank
  16. Here's a photo of both my Viso and Dekunu side by side on my wrist. Obviously the Dekunu is larger, but as has already been said, it's packing a huge amount of tech too :) blank
  17. I guess there is some lag in the sensor detecting and processing a speed change large enough, which IMO isn't a bad thing. If all it does is make you sure to pitch on time as opposed to run it low, no harm, no foul. Also, from PC to open canopy, 1250ft seems... excessive? PS - it's Viso :) blank
  18. Optima2. I run an Optima, and a Solo with the same freefall alarms in my other ear, but the addition of multiple profiles and canopy alarms on the Optima (even if youre not doing HP turns) is invaluable. For an extra $80(? Or not much) I'd get the Optima. blank
  19. Are you asking if you should buy a different canopy, or container? Buy the canopy that suits you, and a container that suits the canopy. If that cubic measurement is accurate, it'll be tight AF. Why would you want that? blank
  20. Except theres only about 5 people on the planet who can seing a golf club properly! blank
  21. At your level, these are questions that you absolutely must ask and clarify with your instructors. Going into your 2nd jump with a cloud of information is a good way to make the wrong decision. blank
  22. +1 With great power comes great responsibility! Regular booties will be totally fine. blank
  23. Thanks for the input.. you seem to be one of the only other people that seem to know what we're talking about. It doesn't happen on every jump and will pretty much clear itself prior to releasing the brakes. It just seems more happy overall when it's in full flight. Maybe it doesn't matter, but what is the DOM of your Spectre? DOM 2009 ~500 jumps. FWIW, the trashier I pack, the better it opens - God help me when I get onto something more twitchy! - Do you do anything extra in your pack jobs? Rolling the nose, excessive flaking etc.. blank