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  1. Nzaerosports sent me a Safire2 125 linemap. Problem solved, I think. Looking forward to groundlaunching her.
  2. I have a Nzaerosports Daedalus gls 125. Need advice on lineset or reline. I was informed that it is based on a Safire 2 planform, but there is no 125 size with Safire. Can I still use a close sized Safire 2 line set or do I go for a reline ? Anybody done this work? Really need advice. Thank you for your help.
  3. I hate gloves. However thin they are (my instructor recommended golfing gloves) NZ winter jumping got cold, I wore wollen cheap ones to hold on to the metal bar outside the plane. In freefall I take them off, shove ´em in my suit.
  4. Stiletto (or any other canopy) 190 size at 1.2 wl is not the same as to 120 size at 1.2wl , is it.
  5. Counter-productive is the word. You nailed it. Since there are realistically no sweedwings manufactured by skydiving companies that can be flown by skydivers themselves under 1000 jumps, (Daedalus GLX) and Xbrace skydive canopies are expensive to buy, most flyers skydivers or paragliders will end up buying Gin, Ozone, etc. might as well strat with steering with the brake toggles and experiment with trimmers. It takes time to know what your canopy can do in the beginning. Somehow the topic has shifted to noobs. All I said is that good instruction is absolutely necessary and should not be replaced by a gear that is supposed to be safer. When I started, there were no speedwings available. No choice. Not an issue of smart or not. What I´d like to ask those of you who started in a similar way, Sabre or whatever, isn´t it because you had your limitation with your ability and the canopy in the beginning, and later you switched to a dedicated speedwing and you are better and the canopy does what you want to do. Because of that, you are thinking people must start on a dedicated speedwing? But, yeah. Somehow paragliding companies can produce lower priced canopies with sailcloth and Xbrace, and does make you wonder why? I see there are no GLS (sailcloth Safire) anymore. So no entry level wilngs. PD could have made a Sailcloth Stiletto and that would have been great! Only if they can compete with the pricing of Nano.
  6. Well then let me tell you first to go stuff yourself, Cos I just told you my experience. Can you read?
  7. Agreed With your skydive canopy, Use longer risers and a Gin Yeti type harness and you have a weight shift harness hooked in lower and wing span spreads out more. Canopy trimmers. Do we really need them? and/or can we really use it optimum?
  8. That's because it is. Why would you fly canopies that are designed to perform in clear skies in areas where turbulence is highly likely? You can argue it all you want. It's like using skydiving gear for BASE... it can work, but it's a really bad idea and we shouldn't be telling newbies anything else. Not arguing. Just talking realities. Your reality is as skewed as mine. Noobs have no business flying other than on a small practice hill. In that situation, I reckon you can ground launch practice on whatever you like really. Skydive reserve, base canopy, paraglider ... Free country isn´t it? You are going to fall down a lot, perhaps break a bone or two. Like I did when I started snowboarding. Like a new snowboarder, you know shit about equipment/ technique/ mountain. Noob-boy-wonder should be aware that you can kill yourself. This isn´t something you should be doing without instruction. I think it is more dangarous if a noob thinks he is safe because he is flying a paragliding company wing. About skydiving canopies. Well if you are skydiving you are flying in areas where turbulence is highly likely. Example - when you are preparing to land and close to the ground. Big trees growing at the LZ, buildings near by, dust devils, thermals off the hot tin roof and asphalt, you name it. Have I ever heard of people complaining that a skydiving canopy is not designed for flying in turbulance? No one is giving me convincing facts why a skydiving canopy is sub standard, "because it is?" R U talking to a dumb child or you don´t know? You choose when get on the load, don´t you? Considering conditions like crosswind, down wind, velocity, turbulance, etc... Pick a paraglider for example. I have a UPS Ascent2 which is a DSV1 very stable, but I wouldn´t dream that all paragliders must be stable because they are designed to fly under all conditions and will not collapse. You go DSV2, 3 whatever, you are trading stability with agility. Nothing is perfect, Set your own standards.
  9. I agree, On a paraglider, it´s pretty quick to re-inflate when it collapeses hitting turbulance. You got a pretty big surface to keep you up there, too. Plus carrying a reserve increases survival chance in a normally a higher altitude paragliding flight. Don´t really need an air-locked canopy for a paraglider. Interesting you mentioned about the ability to absorb turbulence. I´ve ground launched a Triathlon once, and felt it was pretty heavy - meaning it resist to change headings to inputs compared to other non air-lock skydive canopies. It might be a good one to groundlaunch if you don´t fly too close to the ground and with plenty of space to land, low wind (so you don´t get dragged) on a hot day.
  10. Rubbish, VB. Why don´t you give us a logical reason? From starters, you don´t have the definition right. Speedriding Speedflying High wind soaring. Some canopies are better than others in different situations. TBH, I reckon you need a few wings. I don´t know adjustable front trim you find on paragliding company designed wing is good enough to cover all the situations. Guess what? There is no such thing as a speed wing. If you are on skis and your style is more ski orientated, you will choose a 8-9 m wing. Why? you want to stay on the slope more and taking off is not so difficult with the ski speed. I wouldn´t be using a skidive canopy for that. If you are foot launching you have a lot of canopy choice and most people (ave. weight) will be flying something 120 sqf size and over. You go bigger, you won´t be able to fly so close to the hill. Anyone who fly a skydive canopy with excessive toggles input risks stalling especially if it´s a Xbrace. So yeah, if you are a noob-boy-wonder you are safer with paragliding company made wings. Go bigger in size and on sunny days you can even soar on a skydive canopy. Some people think it´s more dangerous to fly close to the ground, but I think different. If your canopy collapses, and any canopy can do that regardless of paraglider or skidiving canopy. You have altitude but not that much to re-inflate. I do think some canopies are more resistant, and/or recover better, like a Air-locked Triathlon (Big Air - skydiving canopy) or Gin Bobcat. From my limited experience of ground launching canopies, They are all canopies. What (skydive, paragliding) is a speed wing or not is argument is bollocks and is missing the point.
  11. You lost me there VB. You can´t jump a GLX from a plane but you can with a GLS (it´s a sailcloth Safire or crossfire) People have D bag deployed a paraglider from a heli. People use skydive reserve (Raven?) for Base. Really depends what your definition of speedwing is. It´s just a name.
  12. Point taken. What I would point out though, and maybe refresh your memory, is that the first of the paragliding company made speedwings (ie: Nano) were PD Stiletto copies. Some still are based on this design but the last 4 years we see more development incorporating crossbrace and GLX types of wing as well as mini-paragliders. Like I said, there are no inferior gliders. Just inferior pilots. Also meaning, a sensible pilot will choose the wing to fly in different conditions. If I wanna do high wind soaring , I´d probably pick a Bobcat. I wouldn´t use a GLX and do a barrel role. I use a skydive parachute based design because I fly with my rears and a Yeti harness for harness turns. Using a brake toggle type of flying (paraglider speed wings) can make you a noisy toggle pilot. There are lots of other details to go on about pros and cons, but my point is that I felt you were making a generalization that skydiving gear for speedflying is sub standard. I read some other posts of yours and you seem like a sensible person, so it didn´t make sense.
  13. quote: Below 15kts at the top is NOT strong winds. The difference between 3kts headwind and 0 is HUGE. :unquote Sincerelly, that is YOUR experience IMHO If you are 100kg (heavy guy) and/or flying a very small wing and/ or not good at take-off (cant run down a hill, etc) I can understand this statement. personally I go for nil ~ 5 kts conditions and will not fly if it´s over 10. I´m not into high wind soaring. And there will be more wind velocity gradient and a sudden 3kts change from 12 to 15 is a killer for me. Which brings me to point out that a lot of paragliders get into speedflying because they can fly when the wind is too strong for a paraglider. I fly with my rears, which you cannot do with paraglider designed wings. For me, speedflying is an endless swoop. That does make me think that we shouldn´t be treating high wind soaring and swooping the hill in the same "speedriding" name. This is where choosing the right wing for the right job applies.
  14. +1. Two fatalities just came to mind. Can´t really agree with this statement. A beginner should not take off in strong winds. A beginner should be carrying a radio-shack quality wind meter and pick something under 7knots. less capable gear? Less capable pilots, not picking the right site, not enough take off practice, no training from instructors. What´s he doing with a slider on anyways.
  15. I got one too. It sounded genuine but considering he went for a Katana 107 and then at the same time wanting to buy my Safire2 139. claiming it´s a present for his dad. I paste the email I got from him. I really appreciate your respond, I am an oceanographer and am currently at sea at the moment, I located in pacific CA, and i want you to know that am okay with the canopy status and also the conditions of the canopy and the asking price as well, I am buying the canopy as a gift for my dad as a surprise for him, he wont know anything about the canopy until they get delivered to him, i can only pay through pay pal as i don't have access to my bank account on-line as i don't have internet banking,but i have my bank account attached to my pay pal account and this is why i insisted on paying you through pay pal, kindly get back to me with your pay pal details if you don't have PayPal account yet,it is very easy to set up at your bank and get it set up, after you have set it up i will only need the e-mail address you use for registration with PayPal so as to put the money through so i can proceed with the payment and after the payment has been done, i have a pick up agent that will come around for verifications and to pick the canopy after i have made the payments for the canopy. So I will need you to provide me with the following information to facilitate the making of the payment. 1.Your PayPal full name. 2.Your PayPal Email Address. 3..Your phone number. Once again ,I will like you to know that you will not be responsible for shipping. I will have my pick-up agent come over as soon as you have receive the payment confirmation.