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  1. I also did my first nightjump a few weeks ago. It was a great experience. The funny thing: there has been a lot of unexpected wind so i couldn't make it back to the dropzone and had to land in a huge corn field. But it was a very soft landing. Sebastian
  2. See that is what I meant. You don't even listen. Thats why I deleted my comments, doesn't make sense to post when you have less than 500 jumps.
  3. ok, you have a point there. but i believe that a lot of the expereinced jumpers tkink that they are perfect and know everything. that's why they do stupid things and get hurt. there is a way to learn and practice hd with a minimum of risk for both jumpers. when you are linked you are close to each other and you'll realize your forward and backward speed. and i know how to control my speed. when the distance gets too big you should stop hd and do transitions to sit. but i also know that most of you guys will never listen to jumpers with less experience. it all depends on your personal skills. some people are more talented and learn faster than others. the guy that jumps with me has 500 jumps and he wouldn't jump with me if he felt that i couldn't control myself. of course you need a lot of experience. but if you want to do it you have to start someday. but that's my opinion.
  4. Hi, I have now 150 jumps and i also started doing hd jumps together with another guy. We exit the plane linked and as soon as we are stable we release our link and try to fly in front of each other. it works pretty good. and whenever someone gets unstable we do transitions to sitfly and then go back into hd. Sebastian
  5. thanks for telling me your opinion. i also believe that it is possible to achieve skills and experiences within a lower number of jumps if you take every single jump to improve certain skills or to learn or try something new. some of my friends that startet their education at the same time have done numerous jumps (actually as much as i did) and still stay at the same level - because they did not try anything new or asked experineced skydiver to teach them sitflying or rw skills or something like that. sebastian
  6. You are right, i totally agree with you. With my experience i would never claim to be a camera flyer.By collecting more experience and improving step by step my skills i will try to become one in the future
  7. In general i would agree with you. 100 jumps is not much. I made the mistake to start jumping with camera with only 50 jumps. Now the camera is an inherent part of every single jump and to tell the truth i don`t want to miss it. unlike the other students that started at the same time their skydiving education, i took every single jump to improve my skills in freeflying, jumping with others and to get used to the camera and the different aspects concerning safety during the opening sequence. Nevertheless it has not been the right way. thanks for your advice, i think you are right. first of all you should be able to do camera without any wings. Sebastian
  8. I`m more a freeflyer than anything else, so I think booties won`t be the best choice. But i have to confess that until now i`ve never tried any booties. I think especially for a rookie like me booties would be an aditional thing you have to care of before and during your jump (as written in a previous post). But it is good to hear the different opinions from all the experienced skydiver in this forum. Thanks
  9. In general I´m filming my own jumps no matter if they are with or without other jumpers.But I would never take the risk of filming tandems without enough experience. What i like to do is filming my jumps and collecting nice clips so that I`m able to produce short video clips that show the best stuff with amazing music in the background.
  10. the 250 jump mark is it a rule or a kind of advice?
  11. hi there, on my home dropzone (it is the most popular one in germany) you are allowed to do video with an experience of 100 jumps. as i will stay in the us for an internship i`d like to now how us dropzones handle this in general? thanks sebastian
  12. I´m planning to buy a video suit. So maybe some of you could tell my if you prefer booties or not and for what reason. thanks Sebastian
  13. Hi I'm planning to do an internship in the USA. I don't know how airport security personnel will react when they have a look at the radiograph of my baggage as I would like to take away my skydiving equipment. Do you have any experiences in this case? Sebastian -> SKYSPORTS