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  1. I found IObit unistaller a little while ago. It cleaned out some crap that a couple other free uninstall tools missed. All those leftovers do have a tendency to build up pretty quick. Matt
  2. I read the book by that other guy who cut his arm off in the canyon a few years back. He described cutting that big bundle of nerves as the worst part of the whole experience; said it felt like sticking his entire arm into molten lava. Matt
  3. Best course is talk to the infected friend first. Matt
  4. Basically... people just say meaningless crap like "basically" all the time because they know they'll sound stupid if they say "uhhhh." Matt
  5. Have you ever found out what physical flaw a woman is most ashamed of - the one detail she thinks is just too damn ugly to be seen by anybody - and then slowly, subtly, worked on her ego until she genuinely believes in her own beauty, and is glad to show off just for you? If not... you ain't really lived yet, kid. All I'm going to say. Matt
  6. Fuck that.. Wind tunnel, and jerk off, why waste money on hooker? Do you think the guys running the tunnel would mind cleaning up afterward? Regarding the serious question: a surgery to fuse the two problem bones is something I discussed with an actual spinal surgeon. That would involve a lot of pain, expense, recovery time, etc. as well as some not insignificant risks. I can still live and goof off and work fairly normally, so I'm skipping on the surgery unless things get a lot worse for me. Keeping the hooker option open, though! Matt
  7. Fuck, yeah! And lots of safety wire too. I'm a freaking artist with some safety wire. I may need somebody else to drill the holes first. Matt
  8. I was honestly joking about ignoring the advice and skydiving anyway. I fail my written sarcasm skills. Time to look at all the other ways to fly. Ultralights, maybe. Paragliding. Stuff like that. Matt
  9. Yeah, but I'll be older too. I just wanna have it my way right now, dammit! Is that too much to ask? Matt
  10. Girls calling each other "dude"... Only way that's hot is if they're nekkid lesbians or sumthin' like that. Matt
  11. but the doctors say no. Apparently two of my vertebrae are no longer firmly attached to each other, so an especially hard opening or another bad landing might possibly snap them apart and permanently cripple me. I have to wait at least five years while the two problem bones fuse themselves together into one inflexible but stronger bone. At least five years to be sure. Maybe longer. What would you do in my place? Ignore the advice? Keep doctor shopping until you found somebody who says different? Accept the advice? Been a long time since I hung out here. Thought I'd stop by and bitch at all of ya. You're all cool people, really. Matt
  12. So I go into this restaurant, eat dinner, and order a slice of pie for dessert. The waitress sets my slice of pie on the table, along with... a spoon. I ask her to bring me a fork, and she looks at me like I'm being unreasonable, but she gets a fork. Who the hell eats pie with a spoon? Matt
  13. MF42

    Binaural Beats

    That was very annoying. I could feel the beats in my teeth and jaw. Matt
  14. vaccum vacuum Which one is correct? I can't ever remember. Matt
  15. It's just a fun movie for watching all the eye candy and laughing at jokes. If you want a strong plot and well developed sub plots, or good characterization, or any kind of depth in the storytelling... go to some other film. This one's about action, cool special effects, and laughs. No brain required. It was fun.
  16. It's either a bad joke or somebody's misplaced drugs. Either way, there's a whole lot of bad news that could happen to you if any cops get involved, and very little good. Flush it ASAP. If you have some bizarre notion that it's your duty to talk to the cops, then for God's sake don't mention anything about flying with the package. Somebody will completely freak out about it, guaranteed. Matt
  17. MF42

    Green Flash

    Thanks for the link... but I don't see an answer to my question there. Maybe I didn't understand a point in one of the entries. I wonder about this because I have easy access to a clear eastern horizon, but not the west, so sunrises are much easier to come by. Matt
  18. MF42

    Green Flash

    I've always wondered why the green flash is associated with sunsets and not sunrises. If it's caused by refraction and the horizon, shouldn't it occur both coming and going? Never seen it, but hope I do. :) Matt
  19. MF42

    Another study

    Whoah. I don't drink beer at all, and I'm certain I walk more than average. Does that mean I'm some kind of wacko pseudo-science, free energy perpetual motion machine? edit: Are sugar and caffeine alternative fuels? If so, my mileage sucks! Matt
  20. To make a long story short, you don't need an A&P ticket unless you're taking apart anything considered a complex assembly, flight control, major structural components, etc. Aircraft owners and pilots can legally change their own oil, clean sparkplugs, replace hoses and filters as long as they've been educated in the manufacturer's approved procedures. A&Ps end up doing most of that stuff simply because pilots are afraid of dirty hands, and even more afraid of breaking something they can't fix. From FAR 43 appendix A: (c) Preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance is limited to the following work, provided it does not involve complex assembly operations: (1) Removal, installation, and repair of landing gear tires. (2) Replacing elastic shock absorber cords on landing gear. (3) Servicing landing gear shock struts by adding oil, air, or both. (4) Servicing landing gear wheel bearings, such as cleaning and greasing. (5) Replacing defective safety wiring or cotter keys. (6) Lubrication not requiring disassembly other than removal of nonstructural items such as cover plates, cowlings, and fairings. (7) Making simple fabric patches not requiring rib stitching or the removal of structural parts or control surfaces. In the case of balloons, the making of small fabric repairs to envelopes (as defined in, and in accordance with, the balloon manufacturers' instructions) not requiring load tape repair or replacement. (8) Replenishing hydraulic fluid in the hydraulic reservoir. (9) Refinishing decorative coating of fuselage, balloon baskets, wings tail group surfaces (excluding balanced control surfaces), fairings, cowlings, landing gear, cabin, or cockpit interior when removal or disassembly of any primary structure or operating system is not required. (10) Applying preservative or protective material to components where no disassembly of any primary structure or operating system is involved and where such coating is not prohibited or is not contrary to good practices. (11) Repairing upholstery and decorative furnishings of the cabin, cockpit, or balloon basket interior when the repairing does not require disassembly of any primary structure or operating system or interfere with an operating system or affect the primary structure of the aircraft. (12) Making small simple repairs to fairings, nonstructural cover plates, cowlings, and small patches and reinforcements not changing the contour so as to interfere with proper air flow. (13) Replacing side windows where that work does not interfere with the structure or any operating system such as controls, electrical equipment, etc. (14) Replacing safety belts. (15) Replacing seats or seat parts with replacement parts approved for the aircraft, not involving disassembly of any primary structure or operating system. (16) Trouble shooting and repairing broken circuits in landing light wiring circuits. (17) Replacing bulbs, reflectors, and lenses of position and landing lights. (18) Replacing wheels and skis where no weight and balance computation is involved. (19) Replacing any cowling not requiring removal of the propeller or disconnection of flight controls. (20) Replacing or cleaning spark plugs and setting of spark plug gap clearance. (21) Replacing any hose connection except hydraulic connections. (22) Replacing prefabricated fuel lines. (23) Cleaning or replacing fuel and oil strainers or filter elements. (24) Replacing and servicing batteries. (25) Cleaning of balloon burner pilot and main nozzles in accordance with the balloon manufacturer's instructions. (26) Replacement or adjustment of nonstructural standard fasteners incidental to operations. (27) The interchange of balloon baskets and burners on envelopes when the basket or burner is designated as interchangeable in the balloon type certificate data and the baskets and burners are specifically designed for quick removal and installation. (28) The installations of anti-misfueling devices to reduce the diameter of fuel tank filler openings provided the specific device has been made a part of the aircraft type certificate data by the aircraft manufacturer, the aircraft manufacturer has provided FAA-approved instructions for installation of the specific device, and installation does not involve the disassembly of the existing tank filler opening. (29) Removing, checking, and replacing magnetic chip detectors. (30) The inspection and maintenance tasks prescribed and specifically identified as preventive maintenance in a primary category aircraft type certificate or supplemental type certificate holder's approved special inspection and preventive maintenance program when accomplished on a primary category aircraft provided: (i) They are performed by the holder of at least a private pilot certificate issued under part 61 who is the registered owner (including co-owners) of the affected aircraft and who holds a certificate of competency for the affected aircraft (1) issued by a school approved under Sec. 147.21(e) of this chapter; (2) issued by the holder of the production certificate for that primary category aircraft that has a special training program approved under Sec. 21.24 of this subchapter; or (3) issued by another entity that has a course approved by the Administrator; and (ii) The inspections and maintenance tasks are performed in accordance with instructions contained by the special inspection and preventive maintenance program approved as part of the aircraft's type design or supplemental type design. Matt
  21. I have very limited experience troubleshooting on the Embraer, but have personally seen a problem caused by non-standard installation of electrical components at the factory. Some genius added an in-line fuse to one wire and buried it in the middle of a bundle. That fuse didn't show up in any wiring diagrams, manuals, or maintenance log entries. Who put it there? Why? How did they decide what size fuse... etc. No answers to any of those questions. That airplane's entire system of manuals is a joke; it's needlessly complicated and an open invitation to errors. I won't be surprised at all to eventually learn this was caused by another "improvised" installation somewhere along the way. Bigtime kudos to the crew. Good job. Matt
  22. It would've looked more realistic if he hadn't held all his fingers in such a normal relaxed manner. Next time he should strap some electrodes over the finger muscles and run a small current; that would get some very freaky looking spasms, or maybe just curl the fingers up tight like a tendon was cut. Matt