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  1. These pics are of my slider grommets immediately after quartering the slider. As you can see, they are about 3 inches offset. I have asked numerous, "gods of all things packing," and just about as many riggers and everyone says it's not a problem. Although it is a problem wrapping the tail and keeping the grommets together, as well as keeping everything together when I lay the main on the floor, other than that... nothing as far as flying or flaring, yet! Any opinions or experience with similar configurations? Thanks
  2. You have a gift my friend. Not only a gift of articulation but a very distinct gift of insight. That was a great article. Thank you for your insights!!!!!
  3. You might notice in their above description they say "built to fit average body size," twice. I'm sure that is not by accident. Take my word for it, they are built to fit average body size. I am not an average body size and but I took a gamble and got a size above mine and it fit good. I need to loose to weight so they will fit great (he said :) ) Great customer service and quick delivery. Great product ... if you're big...beware get the next size about yours
  4. Exactly, like Gravity Mole's post before me, I placed and paid for my order early November (Gravity Mole's in September)2013 and my card was also charged a second time Dec 13 and I also never saw my order. All of my emails were disregarded but I was able to speak with a female after one of my many phone calls were not answered or returned and the female promised that my order would get started soon. This never happened. It also appears to me that the web page has been taken down. I can also find no working contact information. It is readily apparent that these crooks had no intention of filling these orders and in a last ditch effort to rip folks off, attempted to charge their customers cards twice. When I spoke to the aforementioned female and informed her that they charged me twice she acted as if this never occurred before. Given Gravity Mole's review this did occur and it appears that it occurred by design. Don't do business with these thieves!! Trust me, I am pursuing criminal charges in this matter. A thief is a thief and has no business in our sport!!!!
  5. I found a great manual in the previous forums regarding the Neoxs. (Below) I have a full understanding and total user ability now that I have read this manual. Good luck http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=4084391;search_string=Neoxs;#4084391
  6. Thanks for posting that Owners manual. It is a life saver!!!
  7. Did ya'll seriously work from that, "Quick Reference?" If you did, your good!!! It will take me sometime to figure that thing out. Is there a more detailed manual that you know of or is the Quick Reference guide as good as it gets??? Thank you for your time. Quote
  8. Your brother is in my prayers my friend. May God bless you and your family in these times of trouble.