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  1. Less talking, more flying.
  2. I have flown my Lotus 130 a number of times. I would only fly this canopy on a hill as friendly as mine though. It's an enormous, outrageously steep hill, and it is mostly soft sand. That said it is still pretty difficult. Without lots of headwind it's very tough to get enough airspeed to fly, and once airborne it's a matter of flying in deep brakes to get separation from the hill. I usually only get a couple seconds of full flight at the very bottom of the hill in time to flare. Less talking, more flying.
  3. I like that! I very much disagree with this... this is a part of what a Coach does, but the pre-jump instruction (TEACHING the objectives of the jump, TEACHING the non method specific portions of the first jump course. Post jump it is the job of the coach to review the skydive and immediately apply any additional instruction needed to make the next jump successful> I'd personally say teaching is a pretty big role of the coach. And while being able to give accurate feedback is a one aspect of being a coach, I would disagree it is the MAIN aspect of a coach. I don't think I worded that very well. I more or less meant that in air, that is the job of a coach. My comments were directed more towards the flying abilities of a coach, not the teaching abilities. It goes without saying that a large part of a coach's job is to prepare the student for the jump. This entails teaching the skills that are required to complete the jump, but just as importantly to get the student mentally prepared and ready to succeed (confident, excited, and sure of the dive flow). Less talking, more flying.
  4. I wouldn't say that a coach course will make you fly any better, but it might just increase your in air awareness. I think it's very important to be confident in your own abilities before taking the course though. The flying on coach jumps really isn't very demanding (no more so than simple RW jumps). The major difference is that your focus has to change from yourself to your student. You need to be sure enough in your own skydiving that you can go from climb-out to break off without thinking about what you're doing, it has to be instinctive because your focus needs to be 100% on the student. How can you tell if a students hips are symmetrical if you're concentrated on your fall rate? I think that the requirements for flying camera and coaching are similar. You must be confident skydiving with a giant distraction (capturing "the shot", or in the case of a coach capturing the student) The main job of a coach IMO is to be a human video camera, to mentally capture the jump and then to be able to articulate the events accurately and constructively on the ground. Less talking, more flying.
  5. sry man is jus the way i tipe. U can tel me more about skyfallin? Base jumping is a lot cheaper than true skyfallin since you don't need all that fuel. It's not really any more difficult so that's the route I would advise a beginner. Believe it or not a two or three large (45 gallon or larger) trash bags taped together works pretty well as a parachute. Much more economical option compared to buying a rig. Less talking, more flying.
  6. No more flowers and chocolate. I'm just going to start pushing girls down when playing Wii. Less talking, more flying.
  7. I am curious to learn further details regarding the whole situation, and what led up to this point. There is no question that the force used on the student was absolutely uncalled for, and should not be tolerated by any means. The student posed no immediate threat to a large group of fully armored and armed policemen. (Unless skipping is a threat) The police reported that he struck the horse (clearly did not happen) causing injuries, and assaulted officers during this exchange (also, did not happen). The fact that they are lying about this is enough for me to venture a guess that they know that they messed up big time. Less talking, more flying.
  8. moto89

    Moto89 Rocks!

    Haha thanks guys. These are the things I do halfway through a case of beer I guess. Maybe had I seen your thread a quarter of the way through the case I could have played a little better, but thanks nonetheless! Alex Less talking, more flying.
  9. Thanks, I haven't played blues in ages but it's fun. Might have to give a go at some more. I am indeed a HUGE fan of Leo Kottke! One of my all time favorite guitarists. That's the kind of fingerstyle I normally play. I'm actually working on Vaseline Machine Gun by him now, great song! Less talking, more flying.
  10. Just invest in a Doritos dispensary on the block. You'll be wealthy. Less talking, more flying.
  11. I would have filmed a second take since I played this one so poorly, but I don't think my roommate would enjoy a 2am Monday morning jam quite as much as I do. I really don't play the blues much at all, so apologies on the skill level, but here's some improvised skydiver blues for you. Less talking, more flying.
  12. And what a fine job they did for operating in the dark! Less talking, more flying.
  13. Regardless of what your instructor said, the USPA would side with you on this one. Less talking, more flying.
  14. Naked jump. Although I will warn you from my 100th, 10 degrees Fahrenheit plus 120 mph worth of windchill on your naked ass is colder than one might imagine. Less talking, more flying.
  15. I was meeting my dad for dinner tonight, and for some reason or another he decided to head to the restaurant a solid half hour before we were supposed to meet. I get there to find a nearly empty joint, with a particularly hawt young waitress talking to my dad. And I mean HOTTTTTT. Immediately she starts busting my balls about making him wait. She was definitely flirty right off the bat. I order a beer from her and while she is grabbing it my dad straight up tells me "I've laid some groundwork for you man, what do you think?" I think she is hot, so thanks I guess. So she comes back and we start chatting a bit since we are one of her two tables... she asks me about some things that I can tell my dad has already planted trying to make me sound cool as shit, "So how many years have you raced motorcycles for? You're a skydiver? That's so cool, I've always wanted to go....." We chat for a few minutes and she takes our order. She came back about 100 times and grabs a seat next to me and keeps talking to me. Then my dad brings up that she is also a massage therapist and just graduated from massage school... which I am 100% stoked about. We talk about that for a bit, and things are going pretty well. I'm keeping her laughing the whole time, and she's actually turning out to be pretty funny/interesting herself. This is where I thought he was gonna kill it. He motions her to come over and asks "Christina, I'm an old fool here, so humour me. Do you by chance have a significant other?" to which she replies no while smiling towards me. I could have died of embarrassment. She looks back at him and says "Why? Are you gonna be the middle man to get me with your son?" And smiles at me again. The next time she comes back my dad tells her that I've been really stressed out lately and he thinks that I could use a good massage to make me right. I was mid-figuring out a smooth way to ask for her number or leave mine when she leans over to me, pulls out her pad of paper and says to me "Well how about this? Massage or no massage you should hit me up sometime here, here's my number." She keeps coming back as we finish our meals, talking and flirting some more. We say our goodbyes after the meal and she gives me a real big hug on our way out. Now my dad's pure genius of wingman tactics kicks into full gear. We get out to the parking lot and he "forgot" his keys and phone on the table and asked if I would go get it for him. Well played dad, well played. I went to go get them for him and talked to her some more while I was in there. I told her if my memory ends up like my dads that my trivial pursuit career is done for (somehow trivial pursuit had come up earlier in our convo). She suggests that we get together for a night of trivial pursuit since she's confident she can take me due to my inherited memory issues, and other fun while we're at it. Thank you dad. This will not be forgotten come next father's day. I hope that I am half as smooth as you are when I'm approaching 70. Less talking, more flying.
  16. This time I don't hate to say this: Bounce Bingo anyone? Less talking, more flying.
  17. Hate to say it, but bounce bingo anyone? Less talking, more flying.
  18. I suspect it is a case of you over thinking things. My best bet is that on an AFF jump where you have things to focus on you will not think about breathing once, and it will just happen. Less talking, more flying.
  19. It gives you wiiings. And chainsaws. Less talking, more flying.
  20. I believe the video you are speaking of is an Air Force static line jump. I'll see if I can find it. Less talking, more flying.
  21. Be careful about reaching up to grab your risers early in the deployment. I injured my right thumb when it was whacked by riser slap, and I'm certain that I am not the first person to experience that. Less talking, more flying.
  22. Fuck my life. I ruined that booty call for nothing then? Less talking, more flying.
  23. Rules of the game are simple. Pick a phone number from your contacts (preferably of the opposite gender, but that's your call), and text them "When am I going to hit that?" From here post your results. Mine. (I think I'm totally getting laid) To a girl who I used to boink, then quit talking to. Me: Hey when you gonna let me hit that? Her: ?? Me: I'm asking the questions here. Her: No shit Me: So? When? Me: I'm taking the silence as you heading over. Right? Her: Nope Me: Where is the tapping happening then? Her: Why are you acting like an asshole? Me: I'm sorry. I thought I would do better with the women if I acted like that. Her: Nope now leave me the fuck alone I'm fucking tired and in no mood to deal with this immature bullshit. Thanks goodnight Me: I'm sorry. We'll talk later. I hope you have a nice night for real. Her: Yea... Me: Hey one question before I let you go? Her: What now? Me: When am I going to get to tap that ass? Her: Fuck you Me: So that's a yes? Kthxbye Her: No that's a no. Now leave me the fuck alone. Less talking, more flying.
  24. Can someone please move this to the bonfire? I could have sworn I posted it there. Although I guess this is a little relevant to rigging, with the bondage and all.. Less talking, more flying.
  25. Here she is: Less talking, more flying.