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  1. Two Irish gals are walking to their cars after work and are getting ready to meet up with their boyfriends. As they are walking, their bf's approach and one guy has a bouquet of flowers in his hands. One girl looks at the other and sighs and complains "Oh gosh, he's got flowers again!! You know what this means!" And the other girl says "Awww it's so sweet of him to get you flowers, but why are you so aggravated" "Well, it means that my legs are gonna be all up in the air again this weekend" So the other girl responds "why, don't you have a vase?" heehee
  2. Good question...maybe a real man could handle it.
  3. Kitty you look beautiful--just FYI.
  4. How many screws? A plate? Whud you break? I'm a poet and didn't even know it! Heal fast!!!!
  5. I've jumped at the Farm a few times but usually jumped @ SDA. I broke myself, so I haven't been out since Sept.
  6. Yah, it is freeeeezing! But, this weather is freakish and maybe, just maybe, we could get a 70 degree day?
  7. When are you planning to be out again?
  8. WHAT!!? YEAHHH. OOOKAAAY!!!! I am doing quite well, thank you!
  9. Ankle is doing great, Don!! But, not cleared yet 2 jump. Be back in March . How are you and Jean doin'?
  10. CONGRATULATIONS TO IAN AND ANNIE!! And that is a ring that every girl dreams of
  11. Danny--I remember when you came over for Thanksgiving dinner two years ago. You brought with you a bottle of wine and that big boisterous laugh and flashy smile. Anyway, as a normal Lino tradition (*cough* nuance), we always eat late, and you kept teasing Mama Lino and the Lino ladies about how late it was..yadda yadda yadda. Well, around 8 that night, FINALLY dinner was ready. Mama Lino puts the turkey on the table, and you did the honor of slicing that bird.... AND IT WAS RAW!!! HAHAHA. You never let us forget about that and gave Ma a TON of shit for it! We told that story at the table this year. I missed you lots.
  12. Choi Kwang Do is a unique martial art based on scientific principles (moves that do not damage the joints) and developed to promote optimum health, fitness (lots of cardio in the drills) and self-defense, not winners in sports competitions (no one competes). I highly recommend it because CKD is a MA that is usable in various situations where an individual is being attacked. As for training with guidance from a book, there is much lacking there--instruction from a professional can help build a solid foundation and help one from developing poor form from the start and prevent injury from poor form. And, the MA is not just for self defense, but to build a child's self esteem and integrity--There is a tiny tigers program offered at many CKD dojangs for children age 3-6, and I highly recommend it. Part of their code is "To always do my best and never give up; to obey my parents and teachers; to be courteous and always use my manners, and to NEVER misuse what I learn in class." Please check out the website for more info
  13. Don't forget your friend who picks up "off" jumpers.. I have no idear what you are speaking on Don. None
  14. I've got a few....I can email them 2 u JesSke. Some....are not appropriate for public forum. HAHAHA!
  15. I want to go this year too--whattya say you sexy lil' Kitty?
  16. hope you can make it!!! We do have a both in the full throttle so come find us. Now If I could just find a ride
  17. ME ME ME ME--uhm quite possibly. Not 100% sure--working out the details . I'm so excited--I hope I can go *crossing fingers*
  18. Walt apples. Stop obsessing over penises. Work on scrubby dubbin ya penis.
  19. Happy birFday Hammie Ham Ham-mity. YO YO YO it's ya BifFday so get scrunk!